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25 January 2009 @ 02:43 am
BSG: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" Episode Review + Meta  
Battlestar Galactica 4.12 "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

In Ron Moore's directorial debut, this is more than just fancy camera-work and film-like cinematography, it is also preparing us for what's to come regarding our beloved characters and the shit that's about to go down. We're beginning to see the subtle gathering and splitting of two sides, one that wants to allow the rebel!Cylons to join the civilian fleet in hopes to become more than just the backriders on this endless journey of finding a planet to call home, and the other that wants nothing to do with those Cylons and thinks that Adama is becoming too blinded by this so-called alliance. We see Gaeta becoming influenced by Zarek's activism especially during the Quorum, and the threat of there being a mutiny amongst the fleet.

The relationship between Laura Roslin and Adama has grown immensely, and in the end of the episode we have established that they are, in fact, together. However Roslin continues to lack her treatment for her cancer and Adama, desperate to have her back in the office of presidency, tries to convince her but she's not hearing it. What will the mutiny do to their relationship and what could possibly happen if they are knocked from their positions of power? Only time will tell, and that means within the next eight episodes we have left.

The boundary lines of trust have been drawn, the shades of gray are getting darker. Who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Who are the true enemies here? Will the humans stay or will some go with the Cylons, if nothing else? One thing's for certain: in Battlestar Galactica, the more intense and darker things are, the better it is.

The Lines Are Drawn: "If there's one thing we know about human beings with certainty...they are masters of self-destruction"

I've noticed there's a mixed-bag of reactions to this episode, some that liked it and others that weren't as thrilled with it because not much happened. That's understandable, because not much did happen in terms of action and of omgwtfrakness as we're used to seeing. Some characters were missing in actions and some storylines that just didn't conclude to many other things, like with Tyrol and Nicky for example. But despite that I felt this episode shed light on the issue surrounding those who aren't involved or don't like the idea of Cylons tagging along with their fleet. It's never going to become definite that they are going to be welcoming to the Cylons, naturally, but because of the discovery that Earth had been nothing but waste and loss of hope, the threat of Cylons among them to do whatever they pleased is definitely frightening to those unaware of the truce made between sides. And imagine being one of those people aboard Galactica or within the fleet, discovering that Adama and the military are blindly trusting the Cylons despite everything. How would you feel, how would you react to the situation?

The thing is, I understand both sides, which causes major confliction and fear on my part as a dedicated viewer because we have beloved characters on both sides of this soon to be mutiny within the human fleet. Gaeta, for instance, having joined the ranks of Zarek's activism and influential part of gathering people to "correct the government" to "right those wrongs" that have taken place.

First, the desperation and hopelessness among everyone has risen to suspicions and doubts and worries regarding their entire survival, which again is understandable given their situation. But by creating a mutiny would lead to such disasterous results, and we all know the outcome will not be pretty. Going against Adama's command, the threatening and possibility of kidnapping and murder, that's not a revolution. It'll be a bloodbath. Gaeta's intentions may be in the best interest of the people and where they all stand, but in this episode he executed his position rather...bitterly. Him going to Kara and presenting all those examples, which had absolutely nothing to do with the initial problem at hand and were completely irrelevent, was like asking to be caught up in a fight. Begging, in fact. I know most character have gone over the deep end, but this is Felix Gaeta we're talking about. He does things for the right reasons, and most times always gets the short end of the stick it seems. Then again, he had one of his best friends kill herself because of such the loss of hope, loss of everything, that perhaps it's all getting to him that someone has to do something to maintain order.

Tom Zarek. I've always been intrigued with Zarek, not only is it Richard frakking Hatch portraying him, but his charismatic way of wanting things for the people and by the people and how he started off as a political activist to the extreme thus being labeled a terrorist by the Colonies, imprisoned, and then suddenly came to rise as the Vice President of the Colonies. Now that things have gotten less organized, he feels like it's his duty to fix it, thus starting a revolution. However we know how that turns out if he's in charge of something, most times it never goes as planned. This will no doubt fail miserably as we've seen in the previews that Gaeta is shocked and angered by the means of "murder" that somehow Zarek sees as appropriate in their little group.

So yes, while this episode was mostly for characters and not so much getting towards the "good stuff" as some would say, it does begin the preparation for what's going to happen. Who will go on what side, who will survive and who will perish? One thing's for certain, it will not end well and even some characters will die in the crossfire or for their attempts in this so-called revolution. Much like the Cylon civil war, the lines within the human fleet have been drawn as well.

Laura Roslin: Seeking peace of mind or a slow suicide?

From these last two episodes we've seen Laura Roslin spiral down into a pool of despair, mainly because of the prophecies regarding Earth had been, in her and other's view, false. I have more thought regarding that, though I'm worried over Laura refusing her cancer treatment and what will become of her in the end.

Apparently because of the reveal that Earth is nothing but a wasteland there are those that think Laura's visions and the prophecies had been a farse, that everything they've come to believe and follow through had been a lie. However, if they take off their blinders from wallowing in self-pity and hopelessness they will see that everything had not been for nothing. Remember, people had believed that Earth had been a simple myth, that there was no planet out there called Earth and that the prophecies were just rubbish. However, they did find Kobol and the Arrow of Apollo, they had followed many parts of the scriptures which had come to pass during their journey....and yes, they did find Earth. Devastated and nuked as it is, they found it. So as far as I'm concerned, Laura had been right on the money.

Now yes, the prophecies do say that a dying leader would lead the human race to the promised land, to salvation and start anew once again. But nowhere did it say that Earth would be that place. In fact, Earth might just be that landmarker like all the others, pointing into the direction in which they will find their salvation. And because she is refusing her medications, her body is slowly wasting away bit by bit, therefore is still that dying leader. It's just in the midst of all the madness and despair of realizing that their hopes and dreams have been crushed, Laura is wallowing in self-pity that her destiny had been for nothing. Which it hadn't, because she had a personal and spiritual growth from when we first met her, and her growing relationship with Adama as well.

My wish is to see Roslin pick herself up once again, realize that she is just being ridiculous and try and fulfill her part of the story and destiny as she was meant to. Especially if she discovers the truth of the Opera House, which I hope to be mentioned and revealed sooner than later.

Memorable Moments from the Episode:

++ Because I knew this was RDM's directorial debut, like ever for the whole series, I was prepared for something new we hadn't seen before, whether in filming or something else. This episode definitely had a different tone with the filming style, from the panning aways and closeups to the angles and the fadeouts. See, I'm not much of an expert on such things but I do find them interesting nonetheless. And even if people weren't kind of "meh" on the content in this episode, at least RDM made the visuals worth it.

++ I love Kara. I love her snarking and sarcastic comments, I love her bitching and being funny as hell while doing it. Despite Katee's one short scene in this ep, she was simply awesome in it. So was Alessandro in that scene. It's the Kara versus Gaeta bitchfest! It's also funny because it seems they have this on/off kind of thing between each other more recently. It's not a solid friendship like Kara has with Helo, it's more of a "hey we're soldiers in a war, I may not like you much but we have to get along just because it's protocol" kind of thing. Still, gotta love Kara.

++ "So I guess a pity frak's out of the question, then?" Highlight of the episode, really. Gaeta can be just as snarky.

++ Gaeta. Just, oh. Gaeta. *shakes head* They really like torturing you like this, don't they bb?

++ I'm so confused over the Caprica-Six and Tigh relationship, him holding her hand while looking at the baby monitor in sickbay. Like, since when were they all cuddly together like that? I don't even know. Oh well, but seeing Caprica-Six was nice, even for that one scene. And it was cute.

++ I liked the closeups on some of the crew members, like with the doctor woman in sickbay as Caprica-Six was talking about Cylons creating children together to perserve their entire race, and seeing her quiet reaction, because without saying anything we all know what she was thinking at that moment. Foreshadowing, people.

++ Lee looks hot in that suit. Just saying. I HAVE THIS THING WITH GUYS IN SUITS, M'KAY?!

++ ADAMA/ROSLIN FTMFW, AMIRITE Y'ALL! FINALLY AFTER FOUR SEASONS THEY ARE GETTIN' IT ON! WHEEEE! (although I do still believe they did it on New Caprica, but that's neither here nor there at this point, hee) It may be bittersweet given how lost and desperate they both seem, Laura wanting to be alive and Adama wanting her to return to her post as President instead of letting Zarek be in charge. Still, it was a squee-worthy moment. :D :D :D

++ So, Nicky is not Tyrol's son but Hotdog's. In a way I can see why they did this, eliminating the child factor in having just Hera and Caprica-Six's baby be the two to lead into the new generation of God's children. However I guess, timeline wise, I don't know. It kind of seems abrupt in a way, so I'm not entirely sure how to feel about it as a whole. But seeing as how Nicky was the only link Tyrol had to the human fleet, he has nothing left to associate himself with them anymore. Which like someone else said, is pretty sad considering.

++ Also, the Four have joined with the rebel Cylons on the baseship, or just Tyrol and Tory, while Anders and Tigh are still on Galactica?

++ Gaius going against God. See, at first he was all non-believing in any particular god, and then he started to have faith and went into his lovecult preaching the word of the One True God...and now he's speaking against the Almighty God, ranting in anger, getting everyone riled up. I find his character development over the years intriguing. And yes, his "fuck this shit I'm gonna have a cigar and I don't give a flying fuck if people are beating each other up" made me lol. Oh Gaius, never change bb.


++ Which yes, if anyone wants to have further info about the music and such, visit Bear McCreary's blog or friend the syndicated feed because he is so informative of what he does for the show, descriptive and there are many different levels of awesome of which he is. Srsly.

Overall: I did like this episode, because it was appropriately dark and depressing (which is normal for BSG, but it's getting darker and darker as we get closer to the end) and while yes nothing exciting or shocking happened the drama in which is rising for the shitstorm to happen in the next episode was nice to see, if painful to watch because of characters going against each other. It's the "calm before the storm" kind of an episode, where we see where characters are and the next we'll see how they'll end up, if most survive it that is.

BSG is just so amazingly awesome, and yet so depressing. It is not a happy kind of show, folks. This show is just as realistic about times of war and desperation as you can get, particularly for a scifi show. And it's getting darker by the episode, which is to be expected because that's its mood by default. But much darker than usual, so if you see me bawling in a corner, I'm either crying because it is so awesome or crying because it hurts so much. Or possibly both.

Yeah. Theories post to come next. I LOVE MY FANDOMS SO SO MUCH!
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Renée: Six. Luxuriating.rogueslayer452 on January 25th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)

Thanks so much! :D I love writing them, too.
♛ part-time maenad: bsg; she chose me over all menradon_ on January 25th, 2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
a) his blog has a feed? COOL.
Renée: Gaius/Six. Passion.rogueslayer452 on January 25th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
a) It's totally awesome. He's very informative with what he does with his music, what inspires him about a particularly scene and whatnot. It gives a different perspective on what happened on the show. The thing is, if some people don't get a chance to watch it until sometime later the feed updates with Bear's comments on the recent episode the night of the new airing. So yeah, otherwise it's all good.

♛ part-time maenad: bsg; because they're prettierradon_ on January 26th, 2009 02:03 pm (UTC)
a) feed = awesome, since I don't have to google for his blog every single time after watching the episode hurhur. /fail

b) BRB CRYING. ;____;

Okay, anyway, a more coherent response to your post:

re: Gaeta and the uprising
I think his actions in the episode were mostly motivated by the events in the webisodes. He was further reminded that one can't trust the Cylons because they are able to worm their way into your confidences and then backstab you (ie, exactly what happened between him and the Eight on New Caprica), and because he's suddenly woe-is-me emokid who's all bitter thanks to his peg leg, the feeling has been amplified into wanting to lead a revolt against Fleet!parents (who coincidentally want a more cohesive alliance w/ the Cylons, which is at odds with Gaeta's sudden ~revealations~).

Ultimately, it does shed light on the still-existent us-versus-them mindset. As can be seen from Gaeta, Zarek and their supporters, they are still distrustful of Cylons as a whole (lol I think nicole_anell hosted a discussion on Cylons a few weeks back), despite the fact that some of them can be good (ie, Natalie-killer Athena, perhaps the F4 - or rather, the very fact that the F4 could have a chance to sabotage the Galactica based on their positions and they didn't). Even with the alliance w/ the rebels, the very basic (and I admit, rather strong, but somewhat outdated given what has happened thus far) argument of "hey, they nuked us" still pervades consensus, and thus a "my side, your side/humans good, toasters bad" thinking prevails. Simultaneously, from the wtf!baby ultrasound and Caprica's little flailfest over her kid, there's also the same notion of "us" and "them" as Caprica is only concerned about the continuation of her species, and in that, the idea that since Cylons *can* procreate, they really don't need humanity at. all. However, this can easily be refuted as a) hasty generalization, b) duh, why would she care about humans since wtf!baby's a Cylon-Cylon kid and c) Caprica still trying to be a good soldier of the ~Cylon Nation~ (which sounds like another cover band or the name of a compilation CD featuring electronica).

Him going to Kara and presenting all those examples, which had absolutely nothing to do with the initial problem at hand and were completely irrelevent, was like asking to be caught up in a fight.
It was not irrelevant, it was meant to clear the room of possibly Cylon-sympathizers. Notice that when Kara leaves, a bunch of pilots followed her out? Therefore he's sure that whoever's left is pretty much anti-Cylon.

Also, Gaeta has the unfortunate tendency of gravitating towards men of power (ie, Adama, then Baltar and now Zarek) and mostly ending up for the worse thanks to his man-crushes.

Cookie if you read all that. And apologies for spelling/grammar errors :/ Firefox/LJ spellcheck doesn't work for me.
Renée: Six. It's good to be a Cylon.rogueslayer452 on January 27th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)
Oh, it's definitely continuing the Us versus Them scenario that still exists within the fleet, and considering after all that's happened in the recent episodes, including those webisodes, it really builds onto the tension between the crew that despises the Cylons. It's that reminder that even though some of the main characters, Adama and Roslin respectively, have allowed this alliance to happen not everyone is going to agree, and that will lead to consequences either way.

Simultaneously, from the wtf!baby ultrasound and Caprica's little flailfest over her kid, there's also the same notion of "us" and "them" as Caprica is only concerned about the continuation of her species, and in that, the idea that since Cylons *can* procreate, they really don't need humanity at.

I find this interesting because, even with joining forces with the fleet, both sides are still wanting to perserve their own race. Because with the little hope that's left and the lines of trust not entirely secure, it's all they have. Though yeah, we can probably dismiss it as Caprica was all so giddy and pleased that Cylon/Cylon copulation can take place after all those failed attempts. It just sounds like she's saying "oh look, we don't need humans to survive, we have our special little miracle here!"

I am so anxious to see it all played out. Friday, why don't you come around any sooner? Srsly. *le sigh*

Also, Gaeta has the unfortunate tendency of gravitating towards men of power (ie, Adama, then Baltar and now Zarek) and mostly ending up for the worse thanks to his man-crushes.

I lol'd, but sadly it's true. Poor Gaeta, getting in way over his head.
jello: six's halojelost on January 25th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
Loving the reviews!

It looks like Zarek's getting some character development, and Gaeta ... well, at least Gaeta's getting more plot to himself!

I swear Baltar just does whatever he can to stay in the spotlight. That's what makes him so much fun! Sucky about Head!Six though; I'm sure it was cut for a reason.

Speaking of which, now that Caprica-Six is allowed to walk freely, you'd think the two would finally meet up. I think Baltar's not on Galactica, but still, we haven't yet seen that reunion.
Renéerogueslayer452 on January 25th, 2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks, bb! :D

I'm really liking that Zarek and Gaeta are getting more stuff to work with, and this revolutionary mutiny pact they're doing together, while it will end badly, is interesting to me.

Yeah, I'm sure it probably was the save time or whatever, though there are times when I wonder why they cut such awesome scenes out. I just want some head!Six/Baltar scenes, dammit!

Is Caprica allowed to walk freely aboard Galactica? I'd think it'd be too much of a risk considering, though with everything that's happened I wouldn't doubt she would've been released. Oh, and Gaius is still on Galactica, remember that little hideout for his lovecult? Yeah, that's where he does his wireless sermons. But yes, I do wish that he and Caprica would meet up again at some point, perhaps he would have a few words to say about her and Tigh. LOL.
The Large Purple Weed: Gaetatracy on January 25th, 2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
Lovely meta as always, bb!

On Gaeta.. I don't think it was his intention to pick a fight with Kara, actually. I mean, obviously he was doing his damnedest to provoke her, but his somewhat haphazard arguments that, like you said, had nothing to do with the problems at hand -- I feel like it was merely a ploy to get her out of there so he could rally all the other pilots against Adama (dear lord this actually did come out as Obama at first.. >.<). And I assume that's who he meant when he told Zarek at the end that they had support.

Roslin -- oh no, Laura, it's refreshing to see you so refreshed, but seriously, don't do this for too long. :( I, too, hope that finding out the truth of the opera house will get her back in gear. It has to, or at least something has to, because there's no way the writers are going to let such a consistently kick-ass character go out like this.

LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D :D :D And Gaius! hahaha omg, it scares me sometimes how much I love these characters in this show.

I thought they did away with head!Six (which came out as sex, wtf, self) in the deleted 4.0 scenes? Dude, bring her back. D:

Hurray for theories post! ALL UR FANDOMS ARE BELONG TO ME!
Renée: Kara. Lost all hope and reason.rogueslayer452 on January 25th, 2009 11:02 pm (UTC)
HEE! ADAMA AND OBAMA! Well, "yes we can" is our "so say we all" so, not too far off, y/y? XD

Yeah, he was definitely just trying to push her buttons to get her out of the room. Of course he had to anticipate her pushing his buttons as well, because she's Starbuck and that's what she does, so that's also probably why he wasn't reacting as much. He knew his plan: rile her up to leave. It was effective, though I'm worried about his stance with Zarek and going for a mutiny. Because in the previews he doesn't sound too happy with Zarek's plan for whatever to commit murder, even if there's Zarek's justification for it. Oh Gaeta.

ITA about Roslin, and of course everyone is in such a state at the moment that her withering away is part of that. But something'll happen soon to get everyone back on track for survival. We need badass!Roslin back in power again!

OMGINORITE? I am so invested with these characters that with this being the end of the series I honestly don't want anything bad to happen to them. Even though something always does, because it's BSG. Heh.

Evidently they didn't get rid of her, they've just been cutting out her scenes (where she was on Earth in "Sometimes A Great Notion" and in this ep with Baltar). BRING HEAD!SIX BACK ON OUR SCREENS NAO NETWORK PPLS, PLZ KTHX!

The Large Purple Weed: Kara! :Dtracy on January 25th, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
Wheee, yes, YES WE CAN!

Poor Gaeta bit of way more than he can chew. He's so idealistic it breaks my heart sometimes, like in the webisodes, and again now. Throwing in his lot with Zarek, what was he thinking? He's been in the CIC this whole time and should know that Zarek's going to do things he's not comfortable with. :(

Yes. Also some hair, kthnx.


YES WE CAN! YOU'N'ME, BB, YOU'N'ME. <3333333333333333333
Renée: Six. It's good to be a Cylon.rogueslayer452 on January 25th, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC)

I love him, but there are times I just wanna thwap him upside the head and go "dude, what are you thinking?" Idealistic in such a time, wanting there to be hope when things have gone awry I can understand, but he's definitely getting himself way over his head with this.

Hehe, bald!Roslin is not as effective as awesome!hair!Roslin. XD


:D :D :D :D