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25 August 2011 @ 10:04 pm
How much can be airlocked these days?  
Well, it looks like Blood & Chrome may just kiss itself goodbye at this point.

Honestly, I'm not at all surprised judging by the state of how the network is being run lately. From the blatant mistreatment of Caprica to what they've done to Eureka, I don't really have high hopes for this new BSG prequel since it really doesn't look good from where I'm sitting. While I admit to not being incredibly enthusiastic about the new project, still harboring bitter feelings to the network for canceling Caprica after all their talk about being behind any BSG project 100% (lies, all lies), it's still pretty crappy all the same. Quite frankly, I don't think Syfy has any interest in anything science fiction anymore. A few things sure, but they're never long-lasting and they just end up getting canceled midway anyway. What's the point anymore?

Perhaps I had rose-tinted glasses back in the day but, was Syfy always like this? Or has it just gotten worse over the last several years?

Oh, and it seems that Kripke is trying, and failing, to become a multi-tasker now.

Motherfucker, you are not Joss Whedon. Sit your stupid ass down and go back to the show that you abandoned. Fix that shit first before moving onto something else. -___-
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kaiyotekaiyote on August 26th, 2011 05:33 am (UTC)
Hmm... I don't really have that much experience with Syfy things, but weren't they total assbutts about Farscape? Or... something. IDEK.

lol, but with Kripke? Yeah... my first thought was: BUT YOU'RE GOING TO CAST MISHA AS THE MAIN CHARACTER, RIGHT!? :P
Renée: Misha Collins. IDEK.rogueslayer452 on August 26th, 2011 05:49 am (UTC)
I'm not familiar with that, unfortunately. I started watching the network more frequently when BSG was airing. Though they did cancel several shows that just started out during that time too, so idk. It just seems that these days they are less about taking chances and having less actual scifi in their programming.

LOL IF ONLY RIGHT? But nah, he has to fix SPN first, then get Misha onto his own spin-off, and then do whatever the hell he wants to do next.
kaiyotekaiyote on August 26th, 2011 07:54 am (UTC)
Ahhhh, I'm not really familiar with it either but my mom was totally crazy about it, and I think I remember her complaining when they canceled it? And maybe they didn't even tell the show they were canceling it, so it ended on some huge cliffhanger or something? I might be making this up though. :P But yeah... :\

Misha can go guest star on like... every show ever while that's happening, lol XD
Renée: Claire. No ordinary girl.rogueslayer452 on August 27th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
sabaceanbabe just gave a quick rundown below of what happened and I'm starting to remember now. My best friend used to watch that show and expressed her feelings about it being canceled, although I didn't recall it until just now. *facepalm* But it really makes it clear on their handling of things. :/

So, Misha can be like a Mark Sheppard? Guest-starring in anything and everything possible? Make it a contest between them or something, hee. Although Mark is winning by like thousands so, lol
philstar22philstar22 on August 26th, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
Sci-fi (I refuse to use their new ridiculous name) is idiotic. They have always been that way, they have just gotten worse. They don't care about the audience they have, they want a more mainstream audience (even though they are not a mainstream channel). I am totally not surprised by this. They are all about the original movies and wrestling. They are cheap to make and I guess there must be some people watching them.

At least they haven't killed Sanctuary yet, and Alphas is pretty good. So there is still some sci-fi there.
Renée: BSG. Number Six.rogueslayer452 on August 27th, 2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
I feel like I need to brush up on my Scifi Channel history because I wasn't an avid watcher until I started watching BSG religiously as I did, and then got hooked onto other things. Though being disappointed by this network isn't something new for me, I've never really liked their system of things (esp the prolonged hiatuses they do, BSG suffered greatly for that and Caprica got canceled because of their mishandling and lack of support behind the show in general) They really don't seem to care for its audience. Which is very sad because I used to think SciFi was one of the rare networks that did. Oh, how naive was I. I mean I'm sure they did for a time, way back in the beginning, but times have drastically changed.

They are cheap to make and I guess there must be some people watching them.

Especially if they have some well-known actor in them to get people watching. Aaron Douglas from BSG is on an original movie tonight, and in the previews they have him saying "let's get the frak outta here" which is to lure BSG fans to watch. Just for him. I did the same thing with Misha for Stonehenge Apocalypse, but it's just a ploy.

Yeah, there is still some scifi in their programming. But clearly not enough. :/
Kevin Jonesmulder200 on August 26th, 2011 08:04 am (UTC)
I think when they first started out, they cared but now? It's all about making a quick buck! Sad.

And I don't even know what Deadman is and they want to make a show about it. Good Luck, Kripke! You're gonna need it.
Renée: Cara. Archangel.rogueslayer452 on August 26th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
Who cares about quality scifi when you've got things like SUPERGATOR VS DINOCROC and all those horribly bad movies? :/

Based on what Kripke has done on SPN, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything spectacular. I don't know much about Kripke other than SPN and quite frankly I think they're just taking a risk here, either it'll do well for whatever reason or flop horribly because....well, it's Kripke.
The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop...: John and Aerynsabaceanbabe on August 26th, 2011 02:01 pm (UTC)
I haven't trusted Skiffy since Farscape. The bastards made this big announcement about having renewed Farscape at the end of the third season for an unprecedented 2 years and then halfway through season four they announced that they were canceling it as of the end of season four. After the showrunners had written the entire season with the knowledge that there would be one more after that (which they also had mapped out). So instead of two solid seasons of coherent story, we got one more season with an epic and horrific cliffhanger and months during which we didn't know if we'd ever see anything to resolve that cliffhanger. I almost didn't start watching BSG, I trusted Skiffy so little after that fiasco.


I still miss Farscape.
Renée: Six/Gaius. Your destiny awaits.rogueslayer452 on August 26th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
Oh wait, now I remember this. Stupid SciFi.

This is why I'm glad that RDM decided to end BSG on his terms since he didn't want the show to be suddenly pulled from underneath him like this. But unfortunately for others shows, like Caprica and of course now Eureka have suffered the same fate as Farscape all because of the network being assholes, it makes me wonder if they'll survive or just need to get ready for an early execution. :/
I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexylove_jackianto on August 28th, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
'Motherfucker, you are not Joss Whedon. Sit your stupid ass down and go back to the show that you abandoned. Fix that shit first before moving onto something else. -___-'
At this point I don't think even Kripke could fix Supernatural unless they pull a Dallas and have season six be a dream of something.
Renée: Dean/Castiel. Between us.rogueslayer452 on August 28th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, just from how badly they fucked up the show is beyond repair at this point. I don't think even Edlund could do anything to salvage what little dignity the show has left. :/
I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexylove_jackianto on August 30th, 2011 04:45 pm (UTC)
'I don't think even Edlund could do anything to salvage what little dignity the show has left. :/'
Sad but true D: