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22 September 2013 @ 01:55 pm
Get your fandom meme on.  
Since I saw it all over my friendslist the other day, here are three fandom memes, which I'll answer in the comments to the best of my ability. If you've been with me for a while you know which fandoms I've been in and talk about a lot, but if you don't you can easily check my profile. This is also my attempt to get more interactive with you guys, so have at it! :)

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you:

My favourite character:
My least favourite character:
Most attractive character:
Funniest character:
A character I would kill off/remove:
A character I would bring back:
5 ships I like:
A random thought:
An unpopular opinion:
My canon OTP:
Non-canon OTP:
Most badass character:
Pairing I am not a fan of:
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):
Favourite friendship:
Favourite thing about the canon universe:

002 | Send me a ship and I will tell you:

When or if I started shipping it:
My thoughts:
What makes me happy about them:
What makes me sad about them:
My favourite scene with them:
My least favourite scene with them:
The biggest challenge to their relationship:
Things done in fanfic that annoys me:
Things I look for in fanfic:
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
My happily ever after for them:
What I think will happen with them in the future:

003 | Give me a character and I will tell you:

How I feel about this character:
My unpopular opinion about this character:
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
My het ship:
My fem/slash ship:
My OT3:
My non-romantic OTP:
My anti-ship:
A headcanon fact:
A scene/moment that sums up this character:
An idea I have for the character that I haven't written:

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Sylwia (sill-vee-uh)unnecessary_ on September 22nd, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC)
But how do I know which fandoms you're a part of?!
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
Look at my profile.
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh): ceceunnecessary_ on September 25th, 2013 04:40 am (UTC)
1. Sailor Moon
2. Harry/Draco
3. Inara Serra
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 26th, 2013 08:05 pm (UTC)

My favourite character: Rei Hino, and it's mostly due to Keiko Kitagawa for her performance in the role.

My least favourite character: Probably Mamoru

Most attractive character: Rei, Makoto, and also Ami when she was temporarily Dark Mercury.

Funniest character: Usagi

A character I would kill off/remove: I don't think anybody, to be honest.

A character I would bring back: I was going to say Minako because of what happens to her at the end, but of course she came back in the finale so they could have that happy ending.

5 ships I like: Rei/Minako, Ami/Nephrite

A random thought: It's funny that I got into PSGM even though I never got into Sailor Moon the anime or manga (which I still don't know anything about, tbh.) I think it was because I was curious about there being a live action version of it, and that it was inherently very cheesy, but it was also unexpectedly emotional and kind of amazing, so of course I was completely drawn to it. And I loved every moment of it.

An unpopular opinion: I don't really think I have any?

My canon OTP: Makoto/Motoki ♥ They were cute.

Non-canon OTP: Rei/Minako and Ami/Nephrite

Most badass character: I think all the Sailor Senshi's were incredibly badass and had specific identifying moments when they proved as such. I think one moment in particular that stood out for me was the combining of Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity, where she "woke up" and possessed Usagi and basically had a nice little showdown with Queen Beryl.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Perhaps I need to rewatch it again, but I remember not being too fond of Usagi/Mamoru all that much. Which is ironic considering I liked the story of Endymion and Serenity.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): I can't think of anything at the moment.

Favourite friendship: Ami and Usagi. Rei and Minako. And really, all of the girls.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: I really loved the phones they had, where they could take a picture of an outfit and then press a button and instantly the outfit would appear on themselves. I wish such a device was a reality because I want it so bad.
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh)unnecessary_ on September 29th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
Keiko Kitagawa is an amazing actress! I agree that she brings something wonderful to the role of Rei.

I agree with you about attractiveness as well.

I am excited to re-watch the series sometime soon. :)
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2013 05:38 am (UTC)

When or if I started shipping it: Oh god, pretty much way back when I first joined the fandom. Back in like 2002/2003? I think they were my first in the fandom, shipping-wise. It was the most popular slash pairing and as soon as I saw things of them (fanvideos, fanart, fanfic, meta and analyses of their character interactions from the books, etc.) I was sold.

My thoughts: I just love them sfm. OTP. ♥ ♥ ♥

What makes me happy about them: The chemistry. It's that classic love/hate-push/pull sort of thing, but there's so much more to the characters than just that and it's really nice to see that explored. In canon a little bit and definitely in the fandom.

What makes me sad about them: It makes me think what would have happened if he actually had accepted Draco's attempts at being friends when they first met. Things might have been incredibly different.

My favourite scene with them: Not necessarily between them specifically, but when Harry is eavesdropping and witnessing Draco at his most vulnerable moments in HBP. It's something that really is huge because we never got to see these moments with Draco before, and for Harry it got him to I guess sort of understand what he was going through and how much pressure he was under -- not to mention that he saw Draco hesitating and resisting to kill Dumbledore, despite his fears about what would happen to him and his if he didn't. I just really loved that Harry got to see that.

My least favourite scene with them: Any scene where Draco is insulting Harry's friends. Like, I'm sure that Harry could take Draco talking shit about him, even if he didn't like it, but talking smack about his friends right in front of him (which he often did because he was a prat that way) was a surefire way to not win him over. Like, I enjoy rival banter as much as the next person, but that's not in good form, bro.

The biggest challenge to their relationship: Definitely their rivalry, with each other along with the Slytherin vs Gryffindor conflict. Draco being a Malfoy and the implications that came with that, including the association with the Death Eaters/Voldemort and all the heavily instilled old fashioned beliefs, ideologies and expectations from his family.
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh)unnecessary_ on September 30th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)
I love that that question is heard often throughout fandom "what would have happened if he actually had accepted Draco's attempts at being friends when they first met?" I love that JK was able to create that question for us, and make it such a possibility.

Renéerogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2013 05:38 am (UTC)
(Harry/Draco continued...)

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Everything involved with the Draco In Leather Pants trope. It's one thing to explore a character's emotions and understanding them on a deeper level, that's the entire point of writing fanfiction. It's another to completely disregard canon and make it so you're going to change who they are to fit your ideal of that character. Draco is interesting on his own without being reduced to that, tyvm. And pretty much disregarding characterization in general, but that's pretty much my rule for most fanfiction in any fandom.

Things I look for in fanfic: When the writing convincingly stays in-character. The presence of there being an internal struggle, mostly involving feelings and emotions about the other. Particularly when it's about how there's a conflict of instilled beliefs and such, like with the Malfoys, and the struggle Draco has to go through in order to confront his own feelings and betraying what he was taught or expected to do. Also, I love reading fics where it's an AU or post-battle where Draco is trying to find his place back in the world again and connects with Harry on a much deeper level because he kind of knows him now better than anyone. I just like seeing stories that focus on that and how Harry is used to be the catalyst for everyone else to see Draco's worth.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I'm not sure for Draco, but for Harry I wouldn't have minded him to end up with Hermione or Luna.

My happily ever after for them: Just being together, finding common ground with each other and their friends, and living happily together, give or take their banter but in a more teasing way now instead of constantly being at each other's throats. It's totally cheesy and generic, but I don't care. Happy ending is happy and I'll take it.

What I think will happen with them in the future: Well, if we're going by book canon, discarding the epilogue, I like the notion that Harry and Draco are working together in some form or another. And that Harry is the one who helped Draco rebuild his life and rebuild/reshape the Malfoy name in general. Which because of this new found bond between them they formed a relationship that they knew was already there, it just had to take them everything they went through to get to that point.
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh)unnecessary_ on September 30th, 2013 05:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Cont'd.
Disregarding characterization is one of the main reasons I can't read fanfiction, so I'm with you on that!

The Harry/Luna ship is a really interesting one that I like to think about sometimes.
Renée: Inara Serra. Smile.rogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2013 08:01 am (UTC)

How I feel about this character: ALL THE LOVE. ♥ I seriously just love everything about her character. Her kindness and compassion and understanding, her patience, her sophisticatedness, her integrity, how she doesn't take shit from anyone but will politely put them in their place (unless it's Mal, who she loves to torment and put him in his place when he goes too far); her intelligence, her gorgeousness. Just, ugh. Everything about her is PERFECTION. ♥

My unpopular opinion about this character: I firmly believe that being a Companion was her choice, and that she wasn't "brainwashed" into becoming one because of the Alliance and whatnot.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Many things, because the series didn't last long enough to explore further into her character background or backstory. Things are revealed long afterwards, like her sickness and that she was slowly dying, but it makes me wish we could have seen more of that revelation on the screen. How would that have played into the show? What kind of storyline would that have been? How would they have dealt with it, emotionally for her and the other characters? I also wanted to know more about her life back on Sihnon and how she became a Companion. And also her family, I wanted to know more about them. And in the film, although Joss did film quite a bit of her, most of her scenes were cut out for time, but I wished we could have had those moments in the final cut along with a bit more. Just, there's a lot of things that I wanted to see in canon that we probably won't ever be able to.

My het ship: Mal/Inara

My fem/slash ship: Inara/Kaylee ♥ ♥ ♥

My OTP: It's kind of a tie between Mal/Inara and Inara/Kaylee, actually.

My OT3: I'm not sure?

My non-romantic OTP: Inara/Simon

My anti-ship: Inara/Jayne
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh): alex karevunnecessary_ on September 30th, 2013 05:28 pm (UTC)
I love your explanation of what you like about her. She deserves the love!

What do you mean about her sickness? I never watched Serenity so I've only seen the series. Is that information in the series or was it told to us way later? What do you meeeaaan she was dying?! lol.
Renée: Inara Serra. Smile.rogueslayer452 on September 30th, 2013 09:41 pm (UTC)
It was told to us much later. There were some subtle clues in the series about Inara having a secret (the syringe in the pilot, her mentioning things like "everyone's running from something I suppose" and "I don't want to die at all", even in the finale when River seeing inside of every character she sees Inara saying, "I'm a big girl, just tell me" which could be interpreted as her first learning the truth of her illness), and it was later confirmed by both Joss and Morena that her secret was that she was, indeed, dying.
Sylwia (sill-vee-uh): zoeunnecessary_ on October 1st, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
Wow, that is so beautiful and intense. I can't believe the story was going to go that way. Poor Mal!
Renée: Firefly. Inara Serra.rogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2013 08:02 am (UTC)
(Inara Serra continued...)

A headcanon fact: On Sihnon, becoming part of the Companion Training House is considered the highest of honors, and it wasn't an easy task either. Only a small selected group of people end up entering, and a small fraction of them succeeding in their training. Inara chose to become a Companion, and ended becoming one of their top students, receiving high praises and respected along nearly all of the training houses of the planet. Inara was happy with what she was learning and the accomplishments, and had big plans ahead -- until she had received the unfortunate news of her illness. This shattered everything she had about the future. When she got the news, she was about the receive a promotion to become a priestess of the House, and with great reluctance she had to decline the promotion, and shortly after she requested her leave from the training house. She, of course, explained that she wanted to continue with her clientele and kept saying that she wanted to expand herself amongst the worlds. Very few know of her illness, and she wants it to remain that way until she's ready to face that hard reality.

Also, one of her childhood dreams was to travel and explore the different planets amongst the verse, the be an adventurer like in the many folk stories she had read growing up. She finally got to experience this dream, even though it's through unfortunate and tragic circumstances. When she saw the ship Serenity, like Mal, it was love at first sight. What she saw wasn't a ship of transport, but instead the special quality of it that many other spaceships didn't have. She knew instantly it would take her where she needed to go, even if she didn't know where those places where yet.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: When she was giving benediction to Shepherd Book, there's something beautiful about it because while Book is a man of faith, Inara is also seen as a spiritual figure as well. Inara brings comfort and a sense of peace to many of the people aboard the ship, for both them and for herself as well. Another moment is in the movie when she cleverly devised the plan of using a flashbomb disguised as an incense stick in order to buy herself and Mal some time to get away. It shows how smart and resourceful she is.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: While there are many different aspects of Inara's family that I love envisioning, one idea in particular that has been swirling around my head has been that she didn't come from a very wealthy background. Contrary to what her appearance and status as a Companion leads many to believe, Inara came from a pretty average family, or as average one could get on a core planet like Sihnon. I'd like to think that the money Inara made as Companion, even when she's on Serenity, she sent most of it to her family on Sihnon in order to support them.
giallarhorn: Olivia Specs!giallarhorn on September 23rd, 2013 01:50 am (UTC)
1- Orphan Black
2- Jaime/Brienne
3- Abbie Mills (assuming you've seen the pilot already?)
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
I actually haven't seen the pilot yet (very soon though!)
Renée: Orphan Black. Sarah Manning.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 03:28 am (UTC)

My favourite character: Shit, this is hard. In the beginning I loved Sarah Manning and still do, but once we got introduced to the other clones and seeing how they were like I switched who was my favorite. Can I say all the clones are my favorite? They're like, all my bbs. ♥

My least favourite character: I don't think I have one?

Most attractive character: Between Sarah (esp with her punk style, RIP) and Cosima.

Funniest character: Felix and Alison. Which is great because their characters got to work together and they played off each other so well. :D

A character I would kill off/remove: Idk.

A character I would bring back: HELENA! BB COME BACK! D: Also Beth and Katja, because their characters were so shortly lived, I kind of wanted to know about their lives and how they were like.

5 ships I like: Cosima/Delphine, Sarah/Paul

A random thought: I just love this show, it has all the elements that I love and I love the amount of fandom love it has gotten, even if it is under-appreciated amongst mainstream media (*shakes fists at Emmys*)

An unpopular opinion: I love Sarah. I'm not entirely sure how unpopular this is, but I've seen some people say that Sarah is their least favorite clone, and I think it's unfair. Sarah isn't perfect, she's fucked up a lot in her life and is trying to fix her wrongs, especially since she loves her daughter so much she's willing to do anything so she can be in her life again. She's flawed, and she knows it, but she's making the attempt. I appreciate that about her character. I also find the relationship with Paul rather interesting.

My canon OTP: Cosima/Delphine

Non-canon OTP: Alison/Beth

Most badass character: I want to say Sarah because, obviously. But Alison showed her badass side as well.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Alison and her husband, I think she can do better.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): None? At least not yet, and I'm crossing my fingers that it remains that way.

Favourite friendship: Felix and Sarah, mostly because of their foster sibling relationship and how devoted and loyal they are to each other. Also Felix and Alison, Alison and Cosima, and even from before the Alison/Cosima/Beth friendship that was formed. I kind of want to see flashbacks of that, if possible.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: How everything is set up, and the slow unraveling of how everything is connected, and the mystery of what is still yet to come.
Renée: Daenerys. Not a queen; a khaleesi.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 04:28 am (UTC)

When or if I started shipping it: Very recently, actually, but I feel like I've been shipping them forever and I just now realized it, lol.


What makes me happy about them: How they seem so opposite of each other, and yet are so similar and are so perfect for each other at the same time because they challenge the other and it is wonderful and beautiful. How Jaime found himself finding another woman besides his sister attractive, and that confused him and made him question things and yet he couldn't help it and decided to just accept it. The fact that they both ended up defending each other, even when they had no reason to. The fact that Jaime PUNCHED SOMEONE for insulting Brienne when she wasn't even there. Just, GAHHHHH. JAIME/BRIENNE. ♥

What makes me sad about them: This is ASOIAF, the probability of them officially getting together before dying is incredibly slim. :(((((

My favourite scene with them: The bear pit, because of how Jaime didn't hesitate jumping in to save her, along with their little banter while in there. Also the "Why did you come back?" "I dreamed of you." ♥_♥

My least favourite scene with them: I don't think I have one.

The biggest challenge to their relationship: Many, many things. The fact that he's of the Lannister name, that Cersei still believes that Jaime still loves her, that Brienne made the oath to Catelyn Stark, which she now, as Lady Stoneheart, is using that oath as blackmail for Brienne to kill Jaime. Just so many obstacles they have to overcome.

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: I haven't read any fanfic of them.

Things I look for in fanfic: Same as above.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I don't think they can be with anybody else besides each other, seeing as how Jaime is no longer on Team Cersei.

My happily ever after for them: They just run away together, leave Westeros and don't look back. That's the only happily ever after I see for them at this point.

What I think will happen with them in the future: I honestly don't know. :/

Edited at 2013-09-23 04:28 am (UTC)
lynnyloulynnylou on September 23rd, 2013 02:10 am (UTC)
1. Firefly
2. Severus Snape/Hermione Granger
3. Rupert Giles
Renée: Firefly. Inara Serra.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 06:38 am (UTC)

My favourite character: This is difficult because I love practically all the characters on this show, from the main crew to the secondary characters to even the villains and bad guys. It's hard to pick one specific favorite because I love them all for different reasons.

My least favourite character: Ranse Burgess. He's the only bad guy I don't like, actually.

Most attractive character: Inara Serra. ♥

Funniest character: Wash. :)

A character I would kill off/remove: NO ONE. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING 'KAY.

A character I would bring back: Wash and Book.

5 ships I like: Mal/Inara, Kaylee/Inara, Kaylee/Simon, Simon/River, Zoe/Wash

A random thought: Mal wearing a floral bonnet and a flower crown in the episode is the best thing ever, right after him being naked in the desert of course. I also want Inara's entire wardrobe, kthx.

An unpopular opinion: As much as I loved the series and I think it was canceled far too soon, I think it's perfect the way it is. It was unfair how it was treated, but it became a cult success because of that and we also got a feature movie out from it as well, and endless comics to continue the story. Sure, we can rant and rave about wanting another season to voice our hatred towards FOX and whatnot. But realistically speaking, I don't think I would want another season now simply because the limited episodes we got were perfect enough that anything else just wouldn't live up to that expectation. Does that make sense?

Although alternatively, if they were to greenlight another film I wouldn't object to that, simply because the filmverse is a little bit separate from the showverse.

My canon OTP: Zoe/Wash ♥ ♥ ♥

Non-canon OTP: Inara/Kayee

Most badass character: Zoe, River, Mal, Jayne. I mean honestly, all the characters had their share of badass moments, from the series and in the film.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Jayne/Kaylee, Jayne/Inara, I think Jayne/anyone-that-isn't-Vera honestly. Also Mal/River, because I see their relationship as mostly platonic.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Thankfully, because of the limited episodes there wasn't much to screw up. Between the series and the movie, I think that we should have gotten more information and more things dealing with Sheppard Book. Also with Inara, there should have been more going on with her and her secret and her relationship with Mal and the rest of the crew. But these aren't things that the characters got screwed over on, just things that weren't properly expanded and explored further.

Favourite friendship: Inara and Kaylee. ♥ Their friendship was the cutest thing.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: It's a space western. Cowboy Robin Hood's living on a spaceship, and everyone is speaking both English and Chinese. Like, how is that not awesome? Also, I love the created family unit. It's something found in all of Whedon creations, of these characters being so different yet coming together to create a family with each other and they are so perfect. It's my favorite thing of having all these characters living on that ship and calling each other a family.
Renée: BTVS. Buffy Summers.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 11:04 pm (UTC)

How I feel about this character: ♥ ♥ ♥

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don't think I have an opinion that is considered unpopular for him specifically?

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wished we could have gotten more of the background antics and just more scenes in general with Giles and Ethan Rayne. I'm still sad that we never got that Ripper spin-off.

My het ship: Giles/Jenny Calender

My fem/slash ship: I don't have one, tbh.

My OTP: Giles/Jenny

My OT3: Idk

My non-romantic OTP: Giles/Buffy

My anti-ship: Giles/Spike

A headcanon fact: Initially, Giles couldn't fathom the notion of having children, fearing they would suffer the same fate he did, seeing that he comes from a family who have been joining the Watcher's Council for generations. From his rebellious stages to when he finally succumbed to his own fate there, his opinion on the subject remained the same. What Giles didn't count on was meeting his Slayer, Buffy Summers, and how much he longed for a daughter himself. Sure, she was quite a handful and didn't listen to him and made comments and references that he didn't always understand, and he felt frustrated with her at times, but he found himself to have grown an affection for the girl. He was her Watcher and he wasn't meant to become this attached to her, especially with his initial fear, but alas, he did. He was supposed to maintain a professional relationship with her as he was trained, but Giles wanted nothing more than to become the father figure in her life, to teach her, to prepare her for the hardships in life, but also protect her from them at the same time. This is why he was fired from being her Watcher in the third season. Watchers are meant to care for their charges, surely, but his fatherly love for her was so intense that they believed he would become a liability to the Council's "cause" of training a Slayer. It was, in that moment, that Giles decided that he hated everything the Council stood for, what they made him do which placed Buffy in danger, and made a promise to himself that no matter what happens, he would always be there to protect and guide Buffy, no matter what the cost.

(Sorry, I just have a lot of Buffy/Giles feels!)

A scene/moment that sums up this character: Going along with that, the moment in "Helpless" when Giles openly defies the Watcher's Council and actively intervenes with Buffy's test. He had lost Buffy's trust in that episode, and you can tell how horrible he felt because of it, and he much he realized that he cared about her well-being and hated lying to her, and how much he didn't care about losing his job just as long as Buffy was alright. Another moment in "Innocence" when Giles tells Buffy that he isn't disappointed in her for what happened with Angel (now Angelus), and that she will always have his support and respect. These two moments are, in my opinion, what sums up his character quite well.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: I like the notion of Giles always just head-butting with the Council on many things, but keeping his tongue because he knew of the repercussions, and he was trying to atone for his rebellious actions during his youth and not disgracing his family. I also like the idea that he was always meant to challenge the Council, and by doing so he managed to create his own family for himself with Buffy and the Scoobies. :)
icecoldrain: Catching Fire - Katniss Everdeenicecoldrain on September 23rd, 2013 03:13 am (UTC)
Battlestar Galactica, The Vampire Diaries, and Revenge!
Renée: Battlestar Galactica.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 08:08 am (UTC)

My favourite character: Number Six, in all of her incarnations, and Sharon, both Boomer and Athena. Also Kendra Shaw from Razor.

My least favourite character: Admiral Helena Cain, although while I hated her she is a great antagonist

Most attractive character: Number Six.

Funniest character: Gaius Baltar because, let's face it, he brought a lot of the comedic moments even when it wasn't supposed to be. Just from his expresses and the way he tries to make sure he appears sane when head!Six is speaking to him in public.

A character I would kill off/remove: Cavil. I wouldn't have killed him off, but I think I wouldn't have had him be that centric towards the end. I think it's because Lucy Lawless wasn't on the show anymore so we couldn't have a D'Anna versus Cavil kind of thing going on.

A character I would bring back: D'Anna. I felt that her ending was rather uncompleted, staying on the nuked Earth because that's where her ancestors were. I felt that was kind of bogus, imo. There needed to be closure for her journey other than that. Same with Natalie. Like, I understood Athena's paranoia esp when it comes to the safety of her daughter but I still think it was bullshit that she shot and killed a random Six that was nothing like the Six in her dream/vision. Also, I would have brought back Billy, and Kat, and Racetrack and various characters that died towards the end. Hell, even though she was only in Razor I would have wanted Kendra to be brought into the series proper just because, you know? How would she have felt about finding Earth? What about her feelings towards Cylons, would they have changed? If not, what would she have done during the mutiny that happened? All those possibilities, man.

5 ships I like: Six/Gaius, Helo/Athena, Adama/Roslin, Kara/Sam, Kara/Leoben

A random thought: I love the Cylons so much, you don't even know okay. Machines that are thinking and feeling and having humanity are the best thing ever, and them discovering their own self-worth and wanting the ability to love and to be loved and to feel alive and even to die properly without downloading/resurrecting, just, A;LSFJD;LASFJD;LASF;ASKDF ♥ C Y L O N S

An unpopular opinion: I loved the series finale. Loved it. Yes, there were plot holes and not everything was answered, but honestly, with the arriving on the planet calling it Earth and fast forwarding to the epilogue, I cannot think of a better way of ending the series. And the more I watch it, the more I love it.

My canon OTP: Six/Gaius and Helo/Athena

Non-canon OTP: Kara/Kat, because they clearly had UST and hatesex for sure

Most badass character: Kara Thrace, all the Six models.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Kara/Lee, though not because I don't see the chemistry. Clearly they had a lot of chemistry and a lot of unresolved sexual tension. But I just felt like they made things far too complicated than it needed to be. It also didn't help that the Kara/Lee fans in the BSG fandom at the time didn't like Sam or Dee and kept bashing them because they were keeping Lee and Kara from getting together, so that put me off of them quite a bit because of that wank nonsense.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): D'Anna, for reasons already stated above. Leoben, mostly because his storyline arc with Kara was kind of abruptly dropped when they reached nuked Earth and it made me really sad and disappointed that it wasn't further explored. Kara, but not for her ending, because I liked that ending for her regardless of what she was. I just felt like if they were headed that way they could have had a bit more things to fill in her story in S4. In fact, there's a lot of characters that I felt got screwed over a little bit, esp towards the end of the series.

Favourite friendship: Kara and Helo. I just wished we had more scenes with them and their bffness.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: The fact that it exists?
Renée: TVD. Doppelganger.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 07:07 pm (UTC)

(Note: I've only seen the first two seasons)

My favourite character: Katherine Pierce, my queen. ♥

My least favourite character: Damon

Most attractive character: Katherine.

Funniest character: Caroline, bb. :)

A character I would kill off/remove: Damon.

A character I would bring back: Bonnie's grandmother. Also Stefan's relative early in season one, because he was so shortly lived and I liked the notion of him having a living relative. Oh, and Lexi as well.

5 ships I like: Elena/Stefan, Katherine/Stefan, Katherine/Elena, Caroline/Stefan, Caroline/Tyler

A random thought: I want the show to introduce Tatia Petrova through flashbacks, but at the same time I like the mystery of the Original Petrova and only getting to know about the doppelgangers. But still, it would be really cool if the show would show at least something (though at the stage the show is now I wouldn't necessarily trust the writers to do it justice.)

An unpopular opinion: I prefer Damon to be unapologetically antagonistic rather than being woobified by both the show and the fandom. Yes there was humanity in him once, and he turned his humanity off because he couldn't deal with the pain, which is interesting in itself I'll admit and I like those things to be further explored, but it doesn't erase the horrible things he did and still does nor should it mean that we excuse the things he did to certain characters that he never apologized for (i.e. raping Caroline, for example.)

My canon OTP: Elena/Stefan

Non-canon OTP: Katherine/Elena

Most badass character: Katherine, but also Elena because she's done some amazing things to protect not only herself in dangerous situations, but also her family and friends and others she cares about.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Damon/Elena

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Well, I've only seen the first two seasons, but I've heard things about the later seasons that I cringe at knowing about. Which is why I'm putting off watching any further because nearly everyone on this show got screwed over by the writers, especially by Julie Pec. No thanks, I'd rather live in the perfection that is S1 and S2 and forget everything else that happens.

Favourite friendship: Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. Stefan and Lexi, because how adorable was their friendship? Also, Caroline and Stefan, because they are so cute together and I love how Stefan basically helped her as she was taking her first steps into becoming a vampire.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: I love the mythology, of everything involving Mystic Falls and the vampire lore and werewolves and witches and everything else introduced. It's very intriguing to me.
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 07:51 pm (UTC)

My favourite character: Emily

My least favourite character: Probably Conrad, and Jack for a while because he became sort of uninteresting and I just didn't care about his storyline with everything else that was going on. But that might change now that he knows the truth.

Most attractive character: Emily, especially when she's going into revenge mode.

Funniest character: Nolan. :)

A character I would kill off/remove: Before I would have said Declan, but that was taken care of in the finale. lol

A character I would bring back: Faux!Amanda, simply because I started to really like her towards the end and all she wanted was to have a family and a normal life. I would also want to bring back Emily's mother, because that was sort of left open-ended.

5 ships I like: Emily/Aiden, Emily/Revenge, Nolan/Sass

A random thought: I'm torn between wanting Victoria to find out about Emily so they can have an epic showdown with each other, or having them both team up together to take on the bigger enemy that has ruined both their lives in more ways than one.

An unpopular opinion: The second season wasn't that bad as people have been saying. It was just rather uneven. It didn't match the perfection that was the first season, and I think that it's kind of common for sophomore seasons to have a slight dip on its direction. I'm only hoping that the third season keeps with its promise to return to the S1 roots of Emily's revenge plan.

My canon OTP: Emily/Revenge

Non-canon OTP: Emily/Nolan

Most badass character: Emily, obviously.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Emily/Jack. I liked the notion of it early on in the beginnings of the first season, but I realize that was because it's the ideal if Emily didn't have all her secrets and she were Amanda Clarke again. But that's not her reality anymore. She's Emily Thorne now. That childhood innocence is long gone, and getting together with Jack now would be disastrous. I just can't picture it happening, even if he does get over his hatred towards her.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): I kind of want to say Jack? I feel like the Stowaway storyline was sort of a dead-end last season, they didn't really know where to go with that. Or anything with the Porters, really.

Favourite friendship: Emily and Nolan. Hell, in my ideal scenario, Emily/Aiden/Nolan = OT3

Favourite thing about the canon universe: I love how deep-seated Emily is with her determination on her quest for revenge against the people who wronged her father and destroyed her life. She wants justice, but she doesn't want salvation for herself. She knows she's too far damned for that at this point. I think that's what makes this show interesting to me is that we know that regardless, Emily will get her comeuppance one way or another, but she wishes to see those who did her and her family wrong theirs first. I don't know, I just love that about Emily and about this show on where nobody is innocent and everyone has skeletons in their closet.
ramasi: Gwenramasi on September 23rd, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
001: Dollhouse
003: Sansa Stark
Renée: Dollhouse. Victor/Sierra.rogueslayer452 on September 23rd, 2013 08:50 pm (UTC)

My favourite character: Sierra/Priya, Echo

My least favourite character: Caroline

Most attractive character: Echo and Sierra

Funniest character: Topher, bless his heart. Also, Topher!Victor and Kiki!Victor are the best.

A character I would kill off/remove: Thinking about it, probably would have removed Paul somewhere along the line. He became relevant and a permanent person within the Dollhouse when they had to upload his own memories back into his head after getting severely injured, but I think after his failed attempt at rescuing Echo at the end of S1 he probably shouldn't have been that involved with it as he was.

A character I would bring back: Dominic, he sort of disappeared and I felt like he should have been there in Epitaph Two. Also Bennett.

5 ships I like: Victor/Sierra

A random thought: There's still so many unanswered questions about the end that it's a shame the show didn't last long enough to explore. Like, what happened in between when they blew up Rossum and the Epitaphs? What happened with Alpha, and how did he reform himself to join their side? Just, ugh.

An unpopular opinion: I think this is the most underrated show of the Whedonverse, and I feel like many dismissed it too soon and only looked at the surface without looking deeper to realize how utterly brilliant it is.

I also believe that Sierra/Priya should have been the main protagonist instead of Echo. Her story was heartbreakingly raw and tragic that it meshed perfectly with the questionable aspect of what the Dollhouse represented. Echo's entire storyline, while nice in theory, didn't really make much sense especially when you get to her original personality of Caroline and everything with her being the one and only "savior" was kind of far-fetched, imo. Priya's story seemed more appropriate for the overall tone of what the show was about.

My canon OTP: Victor/Sierra

Non-canon OTP: Sierra/Echo

Most badass character: Priya. She had to confront her abuser and that is probably the scariest thing ever. Seeing her strength in that episode alone was powerful and heartbreaking, but that, to me, signified her badass moment.

Pairing I am not a fan of: Echo/Paul

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Boyd, mostly because that reveal sort of came out of nowhere. Had they had more time developing it I'm sure it would have been great. I also think they sort of screwed up on the whole Echo/Caroline thing towards the end.

Favourite friendship: Sierra and Echo.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: How dark and complex it is, and how much it says about our society and our world and what we are willing to do with other people, and how we justify using them for our own needs and purposes.
ramasi: Gwenramasi on September 25th, 2013 07:58 pm (UTC)
I LOVE YOUR SANSA THOUGHTS! I agree: I don't really care about her being queen, or even Lady of anything; I just want her to come out okay too. I have high hopes, though, right now; I feel it'd be kind of anticlimactic else. (I don't remember, where are you? I want to say more, but I don't want to spoil anything...)

Also, Sansa/Margaery <3

I never thought of Priya/Sierra being the main character; that does sound interesting; she's not my favourite, but I always cared about her a lot, whereas Echo – she was nice, but I feel I would maybe have cared about her more if they'd had more time to devote to the more confused, insecure, non-superpower and born-special part of her emerging personality.

Topher!Victor was amazing.
Renée: Victor/Sierra. Forever.rogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
I don't remember, where are you? I want to say more, but I don't want to spoil anything...

Oh don't worry, I had intentionally spoiled myself by looking things up when I first started getting into the series, so I pretty much know everything there is to know about where the books currently are at this point. :)

whereas Echo – she was nice, but I feel I would maybe have cared about her more if they'd had more time to devote to the more confused, insecure, non-superpower and born-special part of her emerging personality.

Yeah, and it didn't help that they practically jumped from her wandering around aimlessly, lost and confused to being completely self-aware the next. I wanted more of her discovering herself and coming to her own, but the show just didn't have enough time to develop that, which sucks. I feel like they focused too much on the concept of her becoming someone important, but the overall delivery and outcome just didn't measure up.
Renée: House Stark. Winter is Comingrogueslayer452 on September 24th, 2013 12:28 am (UTC)

How I feel about this character: SANSAAAAAAA! ♥ I adore her and I will forever defend her against the haters.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don't want Sansa to sit on the Iron Throne, mostly because I don't think she wants to have that kind of power. All I want for Sansa is for her to survive the end of the series, I want her reunited with the remaining family and I want her to find peace and happiness. She deserves that after all she's endured and gone through. If she has to rule, I would like her to take control of the North.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wanted her to run away with Margaery and Shae to Highgarden and never look back.

My het ship: I don't think I have one.

My fem/slash ship: Sansa/Margaery

My OTP: Sansa/Happiness

My OT3: Sansa/Peace/Happiness

My non-romantic OTP: Sansa/Shae

My anti-ship: Sansa/Joffrey, for obvious reasons

A headcanon fact: When Sansa dreams, it's not always pleasant, but when they are she dreams of happier times. Of memories she shared with her family, with her father, and of the future that would never be. She clings to these particular dreams like a lifeline when she remains in King's Landing. But there are other dreams, dreams she cannot comprehend. They were hazy, undecipherable, but somehow bring her peace. Sometimes, she swears, that she is there with a wolf. It brings her sadness that Lady is no longer with her, that the Lannisters took her precious direwolf away from her, but in her dreams she swears that Lady is looking out for her, and that somehow brings her some level of comfort.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: When Sansa tells Joffrey about Robb bringing him his head instead, you see something dangerous in her. That is the wolf within her peeking out. It doesn't happen often, seeing as how she plays it safe in order to survive the lion's den, and she constantly remains that way because she is kind and understanding, but it's a reminder that she's still a Stark, and she hasn't forgotten what was done to her family. I have a feeling that somewhere down the line she will smartly let that wolf out of its cage, declaring that she is no longer a pawn, but a player.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: It's not really my idea per se, but I like the theory on how Sansa is the representation of Valar Dohaeris ("All Men Must Serve") while Arya is the representation of Valar Morghulis ("All Men Must Die"), and somewhere down the road they will meet again, and that they both have a similar purpose for what is yet to come. I highly believe that Sansa, along with the rest of her surviving family, have a bigger role to play in the possibly Stark/North uprising.
philstar22: Potter: Lucius: Death Eaterphilstar22 on September 23rd, 2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
1. Supernatural
2. Dean/Castiel
3. Lucius Malfoy
Renée: Ruby. V1.0rogueslayer452 on September 24th, 2013 06:38 am (UTC)

My favourite character: Castiel

My least favourite character: The Campbells

Most attractive character: Castiel, Ruby 1.0

Funniest character: Castiel, unintentionally so with his lack of knowledge of pop culture references and social awkwardness in modern social society

A character I would kill off/remove: Considering that all characters have already died on the show, it would be quite redundant.

A character I would bring back: Many. The women who have appeared on the show and were senselessly killed off or discarded, for one thing. Also, I heard that they're bringing back certain characters in the new season, but unsurprisingly, none of them are ladies. That is a whole different issue with the show in itself.

5 ships I like: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jessica, John/Mary

A random thought: This show is still going on?

An unpopular opinion: Oh believe me I had many, much of which I have previously voiced on my journal in the past. I no longer watch so it's no longer a problem or concern for me anymore.

My canon OTP: John/Mary and Sam/Jessica

Non-canon OTP: Dean/Castiel

Most badass character: Castiel, the angels, Ruby 1.0

Pairing I am not a fan of: Sam/Dean

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): lol, want a list? Nearly every single character on this show has been mistreated and screwed up by the writers many, many times. It's one of the reasons why I stopped watching in the first place.

Favourite friendship: Dean and Castiel, also from what I heard/seen Dean and Benny seemed to have had a great buddy friendship.

Favourite thing about the canon universe: Before most of it got retconned and messed with, I really enjoyed the mythology and lore associated with the angels which tied into what was happening, particularly the goings on upstairs in Heaven. I also liked how it connected with what occurred in previous seasons. If only they had kept with it instead of screwing it all up so none of it makes sense anymore.
philstar22: Supernatural: Jo and Ellenphilstar22 on September 24th, 2013 05:56 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched in a while either. I need to go back and watch the earlier stuff that was actually good so I remember why I liked the show. Mostly right now I read fics and pretend they are canon.

I agree that the angel mythology was really interesting. I hate that they messed with it.

And agreed x1000 on the women. Ugh.
Renée: Dean/Castiel. Between us.rogueslayer452 on September 24th, 2013 09:03 am (UTC)

When or if I started shipping it: Definitely was on the bandwagon around 4.07, with the infamous bench scene. That's when I kind of fell hard for them.

My thoughts: Dean/Castiel were the first long-lasting OTP I had in a long, long time, and even after moving on from the fandom it still lingers there.

What makes me happy about them: It wasn't immediate, but a slow-build of their trust and friendship over the course of the seasons, the fourth and fifth seasons in particular really showed that development. They bonded and befriended each other during a time when they both needed a friend the most. They have influenced each other in their ways of belief and living and understanding things around them that they wouldn't have considered before; they have learned from one another and are quite similar in many ways. There is a fundamental depth between them that is hard to break, and their chemistry goes deeper than just a simple friendship.

What makes me sad about them: Any happiness they have is fleeting at best, because there's always an obstacle between them it seems nowadays that brings on more angst.

My favourite scene with them: There are many, but I have to go back to that infamous bench scene. It's the first time they actually talk about things without it being strictly for business. They were comfortable with each other's company, so much that Castiel opens up about his uncertainty and doubt about things happening upstairs, and moreover Dean actually listen to him. It's just a nice, lovely scene between them that says a lot about where they were with each other at that time. Another scene that I really loved was 4.22 when Dean confronts Castiel in the angel holding room, which has Cas make his final decision on rebelling Heaven and helping Dean, thus helping humanity.

My least favourite scene with them: Most of the scenes from the sixth season.

The biggest challenge to their relationship: So many obstacles. With Cas it seems like he has to constantly try to choose between Heaven and being with Dean, which is unfair because why can't he have both? He can still remain part of the Heaven family while looking out for the Winchesters. But apparently those two things are mutually exclusive in this universe. Both of them have trouble communicating with each other.

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: When people turn Castiel into some helpless, clueless child who doesn't know how to operate anything in our modern world and constantly needs help with things (i.e. putting on clothes, how to use the shower, doesn't understand sex, etc.) That irritates the fuck out of me.

Things I look for in fanfic: I love me some protective!Castiel, which is basically just BAMF!Cas over his human charge. I love it when Dean is questioning either his own sexuality or his attraction towards Cas who happens to be an angel and what that means, etc. Bonus points if there's Castiel not really understanding the big deal concerning gender. I also have a thing for wing kinks, also sex pollen fics. I also love me some good AUs.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I also thought that, had she survived, Dean and Jo would have been a great couple. But aside from that, I cannot see Dean and Cas with anyone else besides each other. It just doesn't feel right, tbh.

My happily ever after for them: Just them finding peace, within themselves and each other. That's all I want at this point.

What I think will happen with them in the future: Who knows.
philstar22: Supernatural: Enochian for Minephilstar22 on September 24th, 2013 05:58 pm (UTC)
I feel like fandom got me into the ship before I even started watching the show since I didn't start watching until season 5 was already starting at the urging of people on my flist. And I was hooked on them from Castiel's first scene. I'm not sure why my brain saw that and thought shippy, but it did.

And I absolutely adore protective!Cas and BAMF!Cas as well as a Dean who loves Cas being like that (even if he won't admit it). My favorite thing in Dean/Cas fics.
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 10:51 am (UTC)
I've seen many people who said they started watching the show because of the shipping, or simply because of Cas/Misha being present. And that's not a bad thing, imo. In fact it's a pretty good motivational tool to get more converts into a particular fandom.
Renée: Lucius. Death Eater.rogueslayer452 on September 24th, 2013 09:13 pm (UTC)

How I feel about this character: I'm quite fascinated by him. Obviously from the films I love the way Jason Isaacs portrays his character, so that kind of transcended to the books and, esp in the last two there's definitely more to Lucius, and the Malfoys in general, than meets the eye.

My unpopular opinion about this character: That I love him? Is that unpopular?

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wished there was an update on what happened after the Battle of Hogwarts. It's been noted that he and his family were pardoned and not imprisoned, but it makes you wonder about what has happened after that. Where does he go from here? Will Lucius ever change his ways of thinking, his views and beliefs? There's just a lot of unanswered questions about these kinds of things, and it's something I wished the epilogue had included.

My het ship: Lucius/Narcissa. ♥

My fem/slash ship: I don't have any.

My OTP: Lucius/Narcissa.

My OT3: Lucius/Pimp Cane/Fabulous Hair

My non-romantic OTP: Hmmm, idk?

My anti-ship: Lucius/Voldemort

A headcanon fact: After the battle and after being pardoned, Lucius and his family were quite lost on where they belonged anymore. Despite being forgiven most of the Wizarding World still believed he was guilty, and former Death Eaters (who survived the battle and were in hiding from being persecuted) and past associates thought him a traitor for not participating in the battle. While public shaming was something he could handle for the most part, as he accepted it as part of his penance, he became frightened and paranoid when former Death Eaters started to target him and his family, knowing all too well what they were capable of. With the suggestion of his wife and son, he had reluctantly sought solace from Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic who had promised their protection along with their help in capturing the remaining Death Eaters. After that, Lucius spent the next several years in solitude with his family, happy to have just survived everything and had hopes to rebuild their lives.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: When Lucius is begging for his son's life. I think that sums him up perfectly. He's not perfect, he may have done horrible, despicable things, but at the end of the day he cares about the safety of his family and will do whatever necessary to protect them.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: In regards to my previous curiosity, I think Lucius had mellowed out from his past self. He's part of that older generation that was instilled with these conservative pureblood beliefs and ways of thinking, and unlike his wife and son he would wasn't as flexible in changing himself automatically, but he was willing to attempt to do so. If nothing else than for the sake of his son, who he wants to make better choices in life than he did.
Galadriel.: ASOIAF ✽ The Mother of Dragonssixphanel on September 24th, 2013 05:47 am (UTC)
You can choose, if you don't want to do all three, but... Six (BSG) and Dany (GoT) and Spencer (PLL) :D
Renée: BSG. Six. Made of awesome.rogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 06:46 am (UTC)

How I feel about this character: LOVE HER. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER, ALL INCARNATIONS OF HER. Whether it's Caprica Six, Head!Six, Natalie, Gina Inviere, Shelley Godfrey, etc, I LOVE THEM ALL! ♥ ♥ ♥

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don't think I have one?

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish we could have seen more of how Caprica Six and Boomer started their intervention with the rest of the Cylons about making a truce with humanity. I wished Natalie could have known who the Final Five were. I wished we saw a little bit of Gina when she first was assigned to the Pegasus, and how her relationship with Cain blossomed. It was casually mentioned in Razor, but it probably would have been interesting to see more of how it developed leading into the betrayal later on. I also wished we could have seen more of Caprica Six interacting with head!Gaius. There's a lot of things I wished we could have seen more of in canon with the Sixes, actually, like with all copies of them. Even the ones that we didn't even meet I wanted to know more about.

My het ship: Six/Gaius

My fem/slash ship: Six/D'Anna

My OTP: Six/Gaius

My OT3: Six/Gaius/D'Anna. Also, can Six/Gaius/head!Six/head!Gaius also count even though it's an OT4?

My non-romantic OTP: Caprica Six and Boomer, at least during the time of their friendship. I really liked how they bonded about their mutual love of humanity, and I feel like the moment when Boomer announced her no longer caring about that is when Caprica's heart broke. It's sad that they never got a chance to reconcile at the end. :(

My anti-ship: Caprica Six/Saul Tigh, and also hardcore!Six/Cavil from The Plan.
Renée: Six. Relaxation.rogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 06:48 am (UTC)
(Number Six continued...)

A headcanon fact: When assigned a particular mission, just like the rest of the Cylon models, the Sixes were given human names, complete with detailed background and histories and documents to perfectly blend in with humanity. Normally, when a Cylon had completed a task they were to resume using their regular model number, however the Sixes found themselves growing attached to their human names and decided to keep them. Even Sixes who weren't given missions wanted their own names as well, to be given their own freedom of expressing individuality. There were those who opposed the idea of such a human thing (i.e. the Cavils in particular), but because the Six models were so strongly determined over something they got passionate about and wouldn't go down without a fight, that it wasn't argued against.

Interestingly enough, Caprica Six didn't want to keep her human name, fearing that it would be seen as holding onto something of the past and her relationship with Gaius Baltar, and it hurt too much just thinking about it. She accepted the new given title by her fellow Cylons because it was considered a high praise of her people. Once realizing that Gaius was still alive and her feelings returned full-force, she thought about returning to the name she had used, but resisted, knowing that it would hurt the cause she was trying to accomplished with Boomer. By the time they had arrived on the planet Earth, hand-in-hand with Gaius Baltar, she decided there was no need to hold onto that past. She then created herself a new human name, something that she and Gaius could both accept and move onto their new life together.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: Although each Six is different, all with great scenes that sums up their individual character arc, they all share similar traits that sums up every single one of them. I'm reminded of one particular scene in the first season when a Six is walking with a Doral along the streets of Caprica looking for Sharon and Helo, and they're having this conversation:
SIX: She thinks she loves him now, that she can't live without him. Her passion is making her more resourceful.
DORAL: It bothers you, doesn't it?
SIX: We'll get them in the end.
DORAL: No, it bothers you that you've never experienced it.
SIX: You saw the way Helo was when we took her away. He was pathetic.
DORAL: I can't help wondering what it would be like to feel that intensely. Even in his anguish he seemed so...alive.
Throughout this scene, her expression betrays her words because you can clearly see her at the very end of it where she is getting slightly emotional, but holds it together. We don't know who this Six was, but it's pretty clear that she does want to know what love is like. To feel that intensely about another. The Sixes were considered catalysts to understanding the humanity within the Cylons themselves, and this is a perfect example of that.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: For some reason, I've always imagined whenever head!Six and head!Gaius aren't around, they are off somewhere drinking some fancy drinks talking about how their end is going, complete with sassy snarking and comparing notes.

Edited at 2013-09-25 06:50 am (UTC)
Renée: Daenerys. Not a queen; a khaleesi.rogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 10:40 am (UTC)

How I feel about this character: Oh, my khaleesi. I completely and utterly love Dany, and I am totally rooting for her to succeed and to rise to the top in the end.

My unpopular opinion about this character: While I love Dany with all my heart, I acknowledge that she isn't perfect. She has made decisions that in hindsight weren't for the best and she has fucked up and made plenty of mistakes along the way, the major one being her entire storyline in Meereen. But it's because of her faults and being flawed that makes me love her as much as I do, and it makes me root for her even harder. She has, like all characters in this series, taken missteps and has fallen down a bit from her path. My only wish for Dany is that she doesn't discard these mistakes because of her fears ("if I look back I am lost"), and instead learns and grows from them so she can rise back up, prioritize and get back to her original main objective of heading to Westeros.

The reason I feel like this is unpopular is because, through much observation, I feel like many seem to oversimplify her character a lot, either underestimating or overestimating her capabilities, without really truly understanding the nature of her arc. People either place her on a pedestal (mostly because of her dragons) or they demonize her and her decisions, and I think it's rather unfair and it misses the point of what her character is going through at points in the story.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: In book canon, I want her to get to Westeros, or at least at the Wall so she can see what is happening in regards to the Others and the danger that is escalating for everyone and how she can help. I also want to see her meeting Jon because I truly believe they are connected, in more ways than one. In show canon, I wished that the House of the Undying was done properly, all the creepy visions and prophecies and all.

My het ship: Dany/Drogo, Dany/Jorah, Dany/Jon Snow

My fem/slash ship: Dany/Margaery, Dany/Irri, Dany/Doreah

My OTP: Dany/Drogo, and future Dany/Jon Snow

My OT3: Dany/Irri/Doreah

My non-romantic OTP: Dany/Grey Worm

My anti-ship: Dany/Daario. Ugh. -_-

A headcanon fact: Dany dreams of Drogo a lot. Sometimes she can't tell whether these are prophetic or normal dreams, but in them she is happy, and at peace. Sometimes they are surrounded by her dragons either amongst his khalasar or around the Iron Throne, other times they are with their unborn son and at the house with the red door. Other times she dreams of her family, the family she'd never known; a mother and a father, a brother who wasn't abusive and horrible to her. It is these dreams that she clings and falls into when she cannot deal with the tragedies and hardships that await her in reality, or the nightmarish dreams of prophecies yet to reveal themselves.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: I mean, obviously. ;)

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: I can just imagine Dany meeting Sansa and, at first being hesitant of her, her mothering nature will overcome her senses and want to take Sansa under her wing and protect her. I don't know why, but the very idea of them interacting and not being opposed to each other is everything I want.
Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Still here bitches.rogueslayer452 on September 25th, 2013 08:35 pm (UTC)

How I feel about this character: She is my favorite. I love all the girls for different reasons, but Spencer quickly became my favorite character of the entire series.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I...don't think I have an unpopular opinion? I'm not sure what's unpopular regarding her character from this fandom.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wished her arc of being recruited into the "A" Team lasted a bit longer. I wanted to see how she dealt with what was being asked of her and how much of the lying she could handle to her friends. I also wanted more conversation between her and Toby about the events leading up to that. I'm pretty sure they did talk further, but I guess I wanted to see an actual discussion about how it affected her, since she went through hell last season with her mental break and that's not something you can just sweep under the rug and forget about, you know?

My het ship: Spencer/Toby

My fem/slash ship: Spencer/Emily, Spencer/Aria

My OTP: Spencer/Toby ♥

My OT3: Spencer/Emily/Aria/Hanna (OT4evah tbh)

My non-romantic OTP: Spencer/Jason

My anti-ship: Spencer/Wren. He is such a creeper, and I'm glad the show has finally acknowledged his shadiness.

A headcanon fact: Spencer often thought about running away, even before the "A" stuff started happening. The pressures and high expectations of her achievements nearly became too much for her to handle at times. It was true that she was highly competitive and loved a good challenge and valued her intelligence and her ability to spew out knowledge left and right, that was part of who she was and she loved it, but with her family constantly pushing her and having to live up to the pedestal of her sister it all became too stressful to keep up that she would often dreamed about just disappearing, of changing her name, of leaving Rosewood for good and never looking back. Of course, she never did, not because she didn't want to, but because she loved her friends and couldn't leave them behind. And interestingly enough, she took out her inner frustrations of these feelings by clashing with Alison, which was a common occurrence with them when her friend was still around; which she now she has focused that energy by cracking down "A".

With everything that has happened in her life, Spencer made a promise to herself. That once stopping "A" for good and uncovering the truth about Alison, she would do something for herself. Something selfish, something plain and stupid and normal and ridiculous/fun, something that wasn't up to anyone's ideals or expectations but her own. And fuck anyone who would tell her differently. She deserves at least that much.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: When Spencer outsmarted Mona/"A", I thought that was not only clever but something that Spencer would do when given the opportunity. Also, any moment when she defends and is fiercely protective of her friends (that goes for all the girls really, their friendship is that strong) and those she cares about (Toby, Jason, etc.)

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: This is more of an AU idea, but I always wanted there to be an alternative take of her being with "A" Team where she'd been involved for much, much longer. That she and Toby connected because of having been involved in the same thing, or that Spencer had been recruited first and found herself falling for Toby through particular assignments targeted towards him, which led to a forbidden kind of romance. Idk, I just like the thought of them both having a darker side and motives for joining, yet still finding love with each other.
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003 castiel
Renée: Castiel. Guardian angel.rogueslayer452 on September 26th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)

How I feel about this character: I loved him from the moment he appeared on the screen. And that love continued to grow to obscene excessive amounts as the seasons went on to the point where I grew too emotionally attached to him.

My unpopular opinion about this character: Looking back now, it probably would have been best if his character had been done with the show earlier on. Say, around the end of the fifth season. Just to spare him the ridiculous fucked up shit that happens to his character beyond that.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Plenty of things. I think the one I wanted the most was understanding his role in Heaven and what happened during the civil war that went down. There was loads of potential with that, but it was scraped aside. Another thing would be his relationship with his siblings, though that seems to be something the next season might be dealing with, it's just a matter of how it will be done.

My het ship: I don't have one. Unless it's of my crossover with Number Six from BSG.

My fem/slash ship: Dean/Castiel

My OTP: Dean/Castiel

My OT3: Uh, idk.

My non-romantic OTP: Castiel and the Harvelles, also Castiel and Charlie. Just the thought of them budding around and being socially awkward together makes me smile.

My anti-ship: Him and Meg. No, just no.

A headcanon fact: Castiel admired Jimmy Novak. He had seen humanity close up by witnessing the devotion of this simple man, and not just of his faith but in his love for his family. He may have learned things from the Winchesters over time, but his first delve into understanding humanity came from Jimmy. When he was forced back to Heaven and then ordered to return to his original vessel, he wasn't meant to give the description of what it would be like for him as he was willingly giving the consent to take him instead of his daughter. He did so because he cared about Jimmy and he wanted him to know the full extent of this arrangement, something he didn't do previously and wanted to make amends for. This, he knew, would be the last time this exchange would ever happen. He felt, and still feels, truly sorry and guilty for what had happened to Jimmy, and he made sure that Jimmy went safely to Heaven.

A scene/moment that sums up this character: Any BAMF scene with him, which is a reminder of his true nature as an angel and that angels aren't meant to be fucked with.

An idea I have for the character that I haven't written: When Castiel finally meets God, I just can't imagine him remaining calm for very long. After all the shit he's been through, after everything that has happened to his family and friends and to Heaven, I think Castiel will full out be furious at his Father for just sitting back and allowing it all to happen. Which is quite interesting since it's the natural question people of faith often have, is why God would allow terrible things to happen, and the fact that an angel would ask this would be highly intriguing to witness.