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So, author_by_night created a list of questions/writing prompts a while ago for anyone who is in a writing slump and is looking for certain inspirations or motivations to write about particular things, or just for anyone who is looking for new memes to do. This is something that I've been meaning to do for a while. I'll not be answering all of them at once, I'll spread them out over a period of time, I'll also not be answering in a particular order and probably not even going to go through all of them. Just picking and choosing the prompts that I find personally find interesting.

These two questions are subjects I talked about before, but want to further elaborate on....Collapse )
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18 June 2018 @ 10:25 pm
This is just a jumble of things I wanted to discuss regarding the finale special of Sense8, the first part are just things I absolutely adored about it and the second part will be things I wished we had seen and wished would could have happened if we had gotten a full season like we should have.

Amor Vincit OmniaCollapse )

What I wanted to see happen, if we had more time.Collapse )

And now, give us the DVDs for Sense8 already, Netflix. We've rightfully deserved it.
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16 June 2018 @ 03:10 pm
Lucifer has been picked up and saved by Netflix.

While I haven't seen the show in its entirety, it's been on my "to watch" list for some time now and I was legitimately shocked when FOX cancelled it, since I thought it was doing rather well for itself. So not only am I happy about this renewal, I'm also happy for the fans who campaigned and worked so hard to show their dedication and support of the show which certainly helped work towards negotiations.

As I mentioned previously, we live in a unique time where a combination of social media presence and the availability of different streaming services can possibly help save cancelled shows, depending on the amount of demand and noise there is which sadly can provide an unfair imbalance for smaller, lesser known shows that don't gain a lot of presence outside of their small but dedicated fandoms, which is a shame. While it still is a damn miracle when shows end up getting renewed after they are cancelled by a network, the fact that it's becoming more and more common to try and find a way of saving said show which is often spread through viral means that wasn't easily accessible many years ago is nevertheless amazing in its own right. First it was Brooklyn Nine-Nine and then The Expanse, both shows that had unique situations in their own right for being saved from canellation, and now Lucifer.

(Now, if there was a way to retroactively renew Sense8 and Dark Matter, that would not only be the icing on the cake but also the sweetest cherry on top, imho.)
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++ E3 has been happening, and there's been plenty of trailers of upcoming video game releases, some that I'm pretty excited about. First is the brand new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer, since Lara Croft is my girl, obviously, and I'm anticipating what this game will bring. I'm also curious about Cyberpunk 2077, which I remember being announced a long time ago but didn't really hear much of anything since then. Anyway, I'm really into the cyberpunk aesthetics, it looks super dope. Next is Resident Evil 2 which is an updated remake of the classic 1998 game, and apparently it seems that many RE fans have been waiting years for. Much like with the recent Resident Evil 7: Biohazard release, this looks completely atmospheric and immersive. And of course, there's The Last Of Us: Part II gameplay reveal! I think many were waiting for this one the most, and this delivered with having almost twelve minutes of gameplay footage with a few minutes of a cinematic scene, beautifully contrasting each other and I'm just so hype for this game you guys, you don't even know. As a sidenote, I love how Naughty Dog is basically giving the middle finger to all the dudebros who complained about Ellie kissing a girl from the TLOU DLC by further confirming in this gameplay trailer that yep, Ellie is a lesbian, get used to it.

++ I watched Ocean's 8 in theaters and it was super fun. The Ocean's movies in general are just pure enjoyable entertainment of lighthearted heisting shenanigans, and this one is no exception. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the ladies were amazing to watch, naturally, but I also want to address that Richard Armitage was absolutely delightful in his role, which the part was a bit bigger than I had initially thought. While he doesn't have a whole lot of scenes, he does play a significant character in the story, and he was just so much fun to watch. Good job, boo! Overall, a very fun and entertaining film that I hope continues on with more movies.

(Also, sidenote, the trailer before the movie was for Widows, another movie with a fantastic cast of women + a surprise Colin Farrell, so y'know I was truly blessed in the theater that day.)

++ Wynonna Earp S3 trailer. I was wondering when we were gonna get anything about the third season, since it felt like forever since anything was announced. This was mostly just an intense montage of things that's a lot to unpack, though I'm just marveling over the fact that it looks very highly produced, just from presentation of the trailer alone. The show returns July 20th.

Although, where the fuck are the season DVDs for this show? Seriously, I've ranted about this before, but it's still bothering me that only ones I could find are international BluRays and the BluRay that is through the IDW IndieGoGo site which, well, seems rather shady considering that many have complained about the quality and lack of response from the people involved in producing them. I just want my freaking DVDs to support the show, that's all.
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09 June 2018 @ 07:04 pm
The Sense8 finale special premiered yesterday, and it was a beautiful masterpiece to an already phenomenal show that deserved so much better. There is so much to talk about it with what happened, but I really want to discuss one particular point that occurred. So naturally, massive spoilers!

Love Conquers All.Collapse )

I'll probably make another post a bit later to detail other things, but this is what I wanted to get out of the way first. Also, I'm still rather emotional right now and I need to gather the rest of my thoughts first before talking about anything else.
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04 June 2018 @ 04:44 pm
++ With the news that the Heathers 2018 reboot has been cancelled/scrapped (good riddance too, since nobody wanted this mess to begin with, due to it not only being completely unnecessary but also lacking in understanding of the entire point of the original), I do have a recommendation that is a better substitute.

Heathers: The Musical. This is an Off-Broadway musical based off of the 1988 film that started in 2014 and has grown steadily over the years with more and more people discovering it. I wasn't even aware of this musical until people started recommending it not too long ago in light of the unneeded modern reboot, and after listening to the entire soundtrack and watching some clips online I ended up loving it more and more. Unlike what the reboot appeared to be, the musical remains absolutely faithful and true to the original movie, with the messages and the story, while adding its own flare to it, being a musical adaptation and all. The songs are catchy and the singing is great. I've also found that the musical has its own little fandom, where people are recreating scenes, singing covers of the songs, doing animations for them, fanart, etc.

So if you haven't already, please listen to the soundtrack of the musical, at least the first two songs which are absolutely fabulous and it's what got me hooked in the first place. Especially recommended to those who are fans of or familiar with the film.

++ I watched the series premiere of Reverie on NBC, which stars Sarah Shahi, and I have to say that, while it has an interesting concept (a mixture of Stitchers and Inception), it left much to be desired with everything else. I know it's just the pilot and it might get better as it continues on, but when it comes to first impressions it didn't leave me wanting more, to be honest. It just felt too...basic, almost flat and generic in the writing and execution, never mind that the CG seemed rather unpolished, showing how it's lacking in budget and production costs, which is a problem when your premise centers primarily around technology and virtual reality. The only strong points seem to be the multi-cultural cast, including Sendhil Ramamurthy (❤) who I was pleasantly surprised was part of the cast as well, but aside from that it was rather meh. I'll give it a few more episodes, but unless it improves significantly then it might not be a show I'll continue watching.

++ It's only days away from the Sense8 finale special, June 8th on Netflix! I'm both ready and not ready at the same time.
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++ For those few who aren't aware of the explosive news, the Roseanne revival was cancelled yesterday after its star made a racist tweet, which then started a rapid chain of events of everyone and everything no longer supporting the actress and the show, new and old, completely disappearing from television schedules. It started off as the highest rated series premieres which granted an immediate renewal and ended up becoming quickly cancelled after a mindless act of stupidity. All I can say is, good riddance. As someone who enjoyed the original series (the later seasons not so much, though), this revival was completely unnecessary from the very start, especially the more I read about the changes made which contradicted a lot about the original and the messages made there, the less inclined I was to even bother checking it out.

This is probably one of the best examples why not all revivals/reboots are always needed or necessary, and why relying entirely on nostalgia will often lead to disappointment.

++ Remember last year when Photobucket done fucked up with their abrupt policy change out of nowhere? Apparently now everything has been restored underneath new management. Granted, I think it's too little, too late because people were rightfully pissed off at the abrupt horrible business decision and have since moved onto other free image-hosting platforms. However, all images that were broken from that decision have been restored, which is definitely good since many sites were affected. I doubt people will go back to PB, though, since even with this statement it has gone relatively unnoticed by most since I don't think many care anymore. I'm happy that images have since been restored, but that's the only good thing about this.

++ I've been following what has been referred to as Cockygate for a while now. For those who don't know, here is a basic rundown of everything happening with it to date. The shorthand version, essentially an author is trying to trademark and claim the word "cocky" as her own, defending it as trying to protect her "brand", and is going after various romance authors demanding them to take away the word from their titles/descriptions/etc or else she'll sue them. With her level of unbelievable arrogance and entitlement, it has since escalated into something much bigger than it needs to be, as her latest antics has her wanting to take this non-issue to court. This entire situation is both ridiculously entertaining akin to old school fandom wanks, but is also equally frustrating especially for the authors unfortunately caught in the middle of this nonsense. Although I have to admit, the way the authors are uniting together to fight against this is remarkable (including creating a limited book that is basically a middle finger to the entire situation), even though this isn't a fight that they needed to be having anyway. This entire kerfuffle is still ongoing, so I'll be keeping my eye on how things progress.
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26 May 2018 @ 04:49 am
The Expanse renewed by Amazon for a fourth season!

I was waiting for the official announcement once I heard there was negotiations being held a few days ago, and here it is. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

First with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and now with The Expanse, it truly seems like a rare miracle, though I do think that both these shows had certain advantages on their side which made the possibility of being saved from cancellation a bit higher than most. The Expanse had a very unique case where Syfy didn't completely own the rights to the show, Alcon Entertainment did, so once it had been cancelled the production company had faith that they could shop the show around to other places hoping someone would help pick them up because it was so critically acclaimed and successful and that Syfy's faulty business model shouldn't get in the way of it being renewed. Apparently, Amazon seemed to be the only place that was streaming the show, so it made sense to try and pitch it there. Never mind the overwhelming fan response, too, which was so passionate and powerful that there is no doubt that it also affected the final decision, as well. Hell, the cast even talked about the fan campaign in a recent radio interview where they discussed in awe of the whole experience, it's truly amazing how dedicated and determined fandom can be and how it can contribute so much to the saving grace of a show. And I also believe that Brooklyn Nine-Nine's luck mostly came from Mike Schur, since had his other shows not been highly successful on NBC already it probably would've been much harder to find a new home.

These were the two shows where their cancellations broke my heart the most during the upfronts this year, and I was advocating so hard for them to be renewed in whatever way they could. And I'm just so overwhelmed with emotion that both of these shows ended up getting saved. This rarely happens to any of my shows, so I consider it a major blessing. ❤

All of this got me thinking about, and appreciating, how things have shifted in terms of fan campaigning in the era of social media and having other alternative media platforms for shows to migrate to. It seemed not too long ago when the efforts of fan campaigns went virtually unnoticed aside from the creators of said show you wanted to save, and while not impossible it wasn't necessarily common for shows to rise from the ashes of cancellation. Nowadays it seems like the possibility is much greater than before due to the response being immediate and people taking action quicker than ever, and this gets attention. Mind you it doesn't guarantee anything, but the probability is definitely higher due to there being other methods and alternative opportunities available. It's such an interesting phenomenon, it makes you wonder about the future.
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17 May 2018 @ 10:30 am
Even after everything we've been through, would any of us go back to the world we're used to?Collapse )

Watching this trailer made me have all the emotions. Because we did this. We got this show back, at least in a two-hour wrap-up finale. It's bittersweet because it means it's the end, and I don't want it to be the end since this show deserves so many more seasons considering the story they've been telling only barely started to scratch the surface, but at the same time it's heartwarming knowing that this is such a rare thing to happen. Not many cancelled shows get the opportunity to conclude the story they were telling, especially like this. It's nothing short of miraculous and we should be absolutely thankful and proud of the amount of passionate dedication and determination this fandom had on creating as much noise as possible.

The finale movie will premiere June 8th on Netflix, but hopefully that doesn't mean it'll be the end of Sense8 as a whole. I know Lana Wachowski has been mentioning for a while the possibility of continuing the story and has already written a third season, and while I'm not getting my hopes up, the fact that this is even happening due to the overwhelming fan response demonstrates that anything is possible. So who knows what will happen after this? Hopefully the finale special will gain a lot of views/attention that it the possibility of another season could be on the horizon. But for the time being, I'm just happy that we're even getting this at all. ❤
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16 May 2018 @ 11:30 am
++ Elementary got renewed for a seventh season. I was legitimately surprised by this news, since it's been speculated that this season, which premiered much later than previous seasons, would be its last. I'm happy it's not, though, because I adore Joan and Sherlock's relationship on this show.

++ Agents of SHIELD was another pleasant surprise since it's been renewed for a sixth season. Some were thinking that this might be the last season, since it was reported a while ago that the S5 finale could very well act like a series finale should the show not get renewed, so they were kind of prepared for the possibility regardless (which is what most shows should do, imho, always treat a season like it'll be the last one to at least feel somewhat completed). For me, while it's not always perfect, Agents of SHIELD has been a show that has only gotten stronger and better with each season, and despite the contract deal made with Marvel to coincide with the MCU which prevents them from doing certain things they want to do to progress the story at their own pace, they still manage to pull it off. The show is highly rated, having an overall 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and S5 alone is currently at 100%. So, it's doing something right with the way its orchestrating the storylines and character moments. Personally, I'm just happy to continue watching Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson being amazing on my screen for another season.

++ Along with some other renewal news, Bull (CBS) was renewed for a third season some while ago, and recently Siren (Freeform) was picked up for a second season. Aside from that, there hasn't been anything else worthwhile to mention in regards to renewals or cancellations, as far as I can tell. All the important announcements, at least regarding my shows, have already been reported. However, this year was particularly brutal when it came to cancellation announcements. I mean, you can say that about pretty much every year with upfronts depending on what you watch, but this year seemed like a massive bloodbath for certain networks.

++ And when it comes to newer upcoming shows and honestly, aside from the announcement of Guillermo del Toro's new horror anthology series which I'm very enthusiastically curious about, nothing else from the announcements has caught my eye or remotely interested me.
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