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18 August 2019 @ 10:40 pm
Archive Of Our Own just won a Hugo Award!

The Hugo Awards happened tonight, and while it was a pleasant surprise when AO3 was announced to have been nominated in the first place, the fact that they actually won is such a huge achievement. Yes, there will be jokes about how everyone who has uploaded their fanfic there are Hugo Award winners and all of that, but really this is a massive compliment to the achievements of everyone who worked behind-the-scenes of AO3, from the founders and staff to the volunteers and those who made donations and everyone else in between, for all their hard work at making this site possible.

From back when the very idea of the site was first conceived in 2007 right here on LJ to now, I've witnessed firsthand the creation and evolution of AO3 over the years, and seeing how far it's come from its beginnings and getting to see this kind of public recognition that they rightfully deserve has been incredible. This win is also a big deal since this is a non-profit organization that was created by fans for fans, and has been a huge contributor to the overall fandom community. Along with its structure as a site, there really hasn't been anything else like it before. Congratulations, AO3/OTW, you earned it.

Here's the official post with the speech that was made, along with pictures of the award itself.
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16 August 2019 @ 12:27 pm
++ I just found out that ThinkGeek closed its online store recently and have relocated by integrating with GameStop instead (which is kind of a downgrade imho, aesthetically and functionally). I have always looked on the ThinkGeek site for anything new and interesting with fandom/geeky merch, and have bought things from time to time, but I do agree with some of the criticisms that some of the stuff was a bit too overpriced and they didn't really update a whole lot in recent years. I'm just sad I missed their "moving out" sale since I was dealing with health issues during the time it happened, I could have gotten great deals on things I had always wanted to get.

++ Wil Wheaton is suing Geek & Sundry over profits of a webseries he created. Although I had watched G&S since it debuted, I've been hearing some unfavorable things ever since it was sold to Legendary (LDN) years ago and the changes they'd started making once they took over and the clashing between them and the staffers/creators. So yeah, I hope he wins.

++ Tumblr has been bought by the owner of Wordpress for less than 3 million dollars, which is significantly less than what it was originally bought for by Yahoo years ago. It's kind of hilarious seeing big corporations who clearly never understood the platforms they were buying (Yahoo legitimately thought that Tumblr was "the next generation PDF" which...what?) and thinking they could profit off of ending up with a massive financial loss for fucking it up big time, but it does leave the question of what this means for the site now. The ban on adult content and the shitty algorithm is still up unfortunately, which won't win people back that either left or were forced out, and despite claims that nothing will change we've all heard that song and dance before. The fate and longevity of the site is still up in the air, and many, especially those among the fandomsphere, are worried what this means. Tumblr might not have been originally created to be for fandom use, but fandom did migrate there and it became one of the biggest platforms to host fannish content and it's what caused its rise in popularity. But without it, where would people go? There is no other site that is comparable to it. I've said this before, but ideally we need a solution that is similar to that of AO3/OTW where a non-profit fandom platform is created by fans for fans, but realistically I know it isn't that simple. So for right now, it's just a big question mark of what the future holds.
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09 August 2019 @ 05:13 pm
++ First of all, there has been the announcement that there will be an official crossover between Marvel's Runaways and Marvel's Cloak & Dagger! Fans have been wanting since it happened in the comics, and there's been plenty of theorizing how this could go down, how the characters would interact with each other. Well, in their third seasons (I believe both shows?) we will finally find out. I'm honestly so excited, I love both Runaways and Cloak & Dagger so this is crossover going to be an absolute treat. I cannot wait.

++ Lately I've been feeling a certain amount of nostalgia for some old shows, particularly for ones that aren't available on DVD. Sometimes you can find them on places like YouTube, where kind souls or someone official has uploaded them to be accessible when there is no other place to. First was Taina, a Nickelodeon sitcom that only ran for two seasons before getting cancelled. It has a very early 00s feel with the music and the clothing. I recorded the episodes when they aired, but the most memorable one was the episode that referenced BTVS. The second was another Nickelodeon show, Caitlin's Way, where the main character was someone I immediately loved from the start, she's more or less how I kind of imagine Faith Lehane would've been before getting called as a Slayer. The show had three seasons, but only two seasons have been uploaded so far. Lastly, In A Heartbeat was a Canadian drama that aired on Disney Channel during the early 00s, it was about a group of teenagers who also worked as EMTs. It was an original concept that was great, however it only lasted one season. The show starred Shawn Ashmore and Christopher Ralph, who both were on Animorphs, another show I loved even if it didn't follow the books and that, while I believe it's available via streaming (and on YouTube), it isn't on DVD, as far as I know anyway.

Also, because they are making a brand new adaptation of The Baby-sitter's Club for Netflix, I really want them to release the 1990 show on DVD, even though that is available for streaming I still want to physically own a copy of it for myself.

This has been on my mind lately, because thinking about all these shows that I used to watch and loved, but most of them aren't available for streaming or for purchasing on DVD (and most likely never will), and it makes me sad because aside from the possible VHS tapes we used to record episodes from (out of order, scattered through multiple different tapes and probably not even all of the episodes either), it is near impossible to find them. I mean, I recorded a lot of shit back in the day and I still have a truckload of VHS tapes stored, and maybe one day I'll have the means of transferring those digitally/put them on my own DVDs for myself and preserve them, but until then I'll have to wait until someone uploads them on YouTube or elsewhere.
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++ First of all, The Expanse has already been renewed for a fifth season! I am so pleased with this news. I'm hoping this means that it's possible that the show will continue on long enough for them to conclude coinciding with the rest of the books. I'm also highly anticipating the fourth season when it premieres in December, and that it'll be fantastic, which I know it will.

++ Agents of SHIELD will be ending next season, which I suspected when Clark Gregg mentioned it some while ago about the possibility of it going to seventh and final season, it just wasn't entirely confirmed at that point. I had to admit though, I haven't been watching this current season. I kind of wait a little bit so I can binge-watch, but based on some of the things I read I'm kind of meh about it. I think the main consensus from most is that it's not a bad season, it just seems lackluster in comparison to the previous seasons, almost like an experimental season in a way. I think S5 had a more finality to it with the structure of how it was written, and that finale seemed more like a series finale with how it was done. I can't really make a judgment call since I haven't seen season six yet, but it does make me wary considering that the first five seasons were incredibly solid and unfortunately many good shows do take a dip sometime later, so we'll see.

Regardless, even though the show has had its ups and downs and decisions that I don't agree with in terms of the direction of some storylines throughout its run, it still has remained quite a solid show that kept getting better and better with each season (sans S6 that I haven't seen yet). I think it's still the most underrated Marvel show, since many people decided to bounce very early on into the first season without bothering to stick around or coming back once shit got real midway. Once it hit that mark in the middle of the first season, that changed the tone of the show forever. I just hope that the last season will be epic and satisfactory, similar to how I felt with the S5 finale.
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23 July 2019 @ 04:34 pm
I tend to get all this information as it's coming out, though idk why but it seemed like there wasn't as much happening this year at SDCC? Or at least not much that interested me, personally, since there was a lot of announcements that occurred but it wasn't something that I was that into or didn't care for. But there were things that I was anticipating to come out from the event, and while I may be missing some things, here are the main ones that I'm excited about:

++ We finally have the much awaited official teaser for the fourth season of The Expanse, which will be premiering December 13th on Amazon Prime. I'm excited, for the fact that the show is returning on a new home and will hopefully remain there for a good long while, and also just to see the story unfold and continue on. This show is just so amazing and awesome, some of the best scifi I've seen in a long time, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. For anyone who is curious about the show, the first three seasons are available on Amazon so you can get caught up before the fourth season premieres.

++ There was a sneak peek trailer for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which includes a little bit of behind-the-scenes of what they did to make it which absolutely looks stunning. I mentioned this before, but I like how there is this equilibrium of using practical effects and special effects, and actually getting to see that here is remarkable. Seeing the puppetry, the built sets, and seeing how they incorporated the special effects to scenes that enhances the experience, it works so well because it's a combination of things that are needed. Everything I've been seeing in regards to Age of Resistance has me very impressed, from how it looks to how it'll be expanding the universe and world, and I'm really hoping that it delivers.

++ As for the MCU, I don't really have much to say about the Phase Four of films coming out. I've never been huge on the MCU anyway, so. I will say, though, that the only film that looks remotely interesting to me is Shang-Chi, because having an Asian-led MCU film, one of the first Asian-led superhero movie? With an Asian-American director and writer? Yes please. Also, hearing how Simu Liu basically championed for more racial diversity in the MCU, especially in regards to Asian-American representation, and that somehow got him the role makes it even better. So yeah, that's basically the only thing I am looking forward to, to be honest.

++ The trailer for the third season of Dear White People was released, which I was wondering when we were going to get it. I'm hoping that it doesn't end up getting cancelled (since that's what Netflix does a lot now after three seasons), or that the show has a nice conclusion regardless.

++ Doom Patrol was renewed for a second season! I was so happy hearing this news, since after the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Swamp Thing and hearing certain things about how DC/Warner Bros were handling things I thought that it wasn't going to get another season. The show has gotten a lot of positive reviews and reactions from people, it is considered one of the better DC shows because it is so different, so unique and fresh, which based on what I've seen it is absolutely true, so seeing it renewed makes me happy to see it continue to thrive.

++ While not revealed at SDCC necessarily, finding out that Katee Sackhoff is going to be in another science fiction series called Another Life on Netflix has me incredibly intrigued. I would've checked this out simply for her alone, but based on the trailer it actually looks quite interesting.

++ And lastly, of course I have to mention Critical Role. Some of the cast appeared to do a live reading for The Adventure Zone comics with the McElroys and Lin Manuel Miranda. I know many, including the cast, want to have these people guest on their show at some point in any capacity. I mean, Matt already has had quite a few amazing people guest, including doing a one-on-one session with Stephen Colbert. So this might be a possibility, whether a guest in the second campaign or doing voices for their animated series. The cast was also there for their Talks Machina panel, and also to promote the upcoming next issue of the Vox Machina: Origins comics.

Was there anything at SDCC this year that was announced or happened that made you excited?
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19 July 2019 @ 01:01 pm
++ I've come to realize that I've only ever liked the first season of Stranger Things. It was a fresh new show that had a nice mixture of 80s references and nostalgia, having that 80s horror/scifi mood and tone, the story was intriguing and I liked how all the pieces came together in the end. But after that, I don't know, the show kind of lost its charm imho, or that it bought into its own hype, or was overhyped by everyone else. idk, I'm not saying it's a bad show, I'm just saying that, for me, I enjoyed the first season more than the rest of it.

++ Apparently Gossip Girl is getting rebooted, in a way, by the original creators of the show. And that's...certainly a choice. I watched only, like, the first three seasons of that show and the first season is probably the only good season out of the entire thing. And how the series ended has always been remembered as the worst thing ever. So, I don't understand the need for this, outside of it contributing to the whole reboot/spin-off culture we live in now.

++ When it comes to shows that I have been revisiting, outside of Ocean Girl which was a nice trip down memory lane, I randomly decided to do a sporadic rewatch of Pretty Little Liars, just skipping around to watch certain episodes in certain seasons. I had briefly forgotten how enjoyable the show was in the beginning, before it got so convoluted and cluttered with ridiculous "twists" that didn't really matter in the end. I still maintain that the show should have been cut in half though, because there are so many subplots and storylines that were only there to be red-herrings and went absolutely nowhere, and were completely forgotten about by the next episode, not to mention all the retconning and continuity errors that occurred. It could have easily been a nice self-contained three-to-four season show without all the misdirection and failed promises to the audience. Also, upon rewatching, the dialogue could also be incredibly cringey, like attempting to be witty with one-liners but never quite landing correctly, obviously written by people who don't know how teenagers speak or communicate with each other. But underneath all that ridiculous mess, I have to admit it was entertaining for what it was and had potential of being a fascinating teen drama/mystery. Had, y'know, they actually had a plan from the start instead of making it up as they went along, which I think definitely hurt the show the longer it went on.

Speaking of, I haven't yet watched Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which is the spin-off from the show, despite my love for Mona and Alison. I'm kind of putting it off for now. Also, unpopular opinion, but I'm still bitter that Ravenswood was cancelled after only one season. I was never in the PLL fandom so I was shocked to discover that many hated it. I thought it was really good, and it had potential of just being its own thing instead of a direct spin-off, even though I liked Caleb's involvement and his story intertwining with everything. There was only one downside that I understood why some fans got mad at, which I wasn't happy with it either, but I felt like that could have been rectified rather quickly once things got figured out. But yeah, I'm disappointed that the show was just forgotten about and nothing was ever resolved. I was intrigued and curious about that story, about that town, the characters. It had a more supernatural/horror element that I liked, and I wanted more, dammit.
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11 July 2019 @ 01:02 pm
I just discovered, much to my pleasant surprise, that the entirety of Ocean Girl has been uploaded onto their official YouTube channel, all four seasons.

Ocean Girl was a live-action Australian science fiction children's show that syndicated in the US on The Disney Channel during the 90s (but only the first three seasons, I wasn't even aware there was a fourth season until much later). The entire premise centers on two brothers and their discovery of a mysterious girl, Neri, who lives alone on an island and who can swim unprotected in the ocean for long periods of time. The series focuses primarily of their friendship and bond with Neri while keeping her secret from others who might want to exploit her, but also uncovering the truth of her origins along with helping her protect the ocean and nature in general. This is a series that I grew up on, this is literally a huge formative piece of my childhood that has shaped me into who I am today.

I really wish there were more shows like this out now, because even for a kids show it was quite intriguing, filled with mysteries and suspense, but also a kind of whimsical wonderment. It also got me curious about marine biology and environmental activism as a kid. And also I wanted to become Neri because, come on, who didn't want to live on an island and swim with a humpback whale? I know the creator of Ocean Girl also went on to create H20: Just Add Water years later, a show that while different shares similar themes and concepts, and I've read there's been talk about possibly reviving both shows, but I haven't heard much outside of that.

If you haven't seen Ocean Girl, I highly recommend doing so. Every episode is only half an hour, so it'll be a nice thing to binge-watch. I honestly like that they uploaded it for those unable to have accessibility to the DVDs. It really is a fantastic series that I feel more people need to know about.
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07 July 2019 @ 06:06 pm
We have our first official teaser to the Disney Mulan live-action remake.

It is my duty to fight.Collapse )

And here are my thoughts on some things I've been seeing re: this movie...Collapse )

I'm just really happy that there's an all-Asian cast, and based off the teaser alone it looks gorgeous, the cinematography and what seems like the choreography for the fighting sequences. It also seems void of any noticeable CGI, which is quite refreshing. That's not to say that the next trailer there won't be something like that, this is our first glimpse after all, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. This will be one of the few remakes I will be anticipating for, tbh.
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++ After seeing the trailer for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I am even more excited than I was before. We only had a brief sneak peek last time, but here we get actual footage from the series and I'm incredibly impressed with it. So far from what we see in this trailer, there's a blend of the old school puppetry and use of special effects to enhance the world, and I really like that. And this is only a teaser trailer, which I'm assuming we'll be getting another one between now and before it premieres, but damn. I'm all in. Although I know that Netflix has been very picky about this very thing, I'm just hoping that it'll be released onto DVD/Bluray. Because, what's the point if I can't have the movie and the series together on my DVD shelf? I need a completed collection, dammit.

++ One Day At A Time has been saved by CBS! I was honestly surprised by this news, because based on what was being reported it seemed that Netflix was refusing to budge for anyone to save the show. But it seems like that was only for other streaming services to pick it up, not network television. It's still shitty what Netflix did, and continues to do, with the majority of their programming by cancelling after three seasons (or less) with no warning whatsoever based on a fucked up subscriber algorithm, but I'm happy that at least ODAAT was able to be saved.

++ Very recently, since many videos were popping up in preparation for the release of the Child's Play remake, I went down the rabbit hole of watching Aubrey Plaza videos on YouTube, from compilations to interviews and other segments. I've always loved Aubrey ever since Parks and Rec, but I hadn't watched some of her interviews and things in a while so I just went down that rabbit hole of hunting them down. I love her so much. We kind of share the same sense of humor, and I do like how she's become more comfortable during interviews now, while still maintaining that level of deadpan humor and awkwardness. My favorite recent ones are her episode on Hot Ones and her taking a lie detector test. But really, everything she does is gold. ❤

++ It was announced yesterday that Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel in the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid, and naturally all the racists have come out of the woodwork being mad about it because this Ariel is going to be black. This happens every single time, it's quite predictable, and just seeing the mental gymnastics they do to defend their racism and ignorance is just wild. It's not really surprising anymore, just disappointing. Either way, while The Little Mermaid is not my favorite Disney movie, and while these live-action remakes are a huge hit-or-miss for me personally, I have no problems about this casting at all.
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Reply here and I'll give you 3 subjects I don't think you know or care much about. Then you talk about those subjects in your journal. It's interesting to see who knows what about what?

My answers from various people...Collapse )
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