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Blindsided with disappointment.

For those unaware of what's been going on with The Expanse during the last few days, it has been revealed that Cas Anvar, who plays Alex Kamal, has been exposed to have multiple accounts of sexual assault and harassment of fans and being awful about women in general, all which seemed to go on long before The Expanse happened (ETA: an updated list of all the accusations so far). I'll admit that I was actually quite shocked when I first saw this. I know that I shouldn't be surprised, with how deep-seeded this is within the entertainment industry and with the second wave of the MeToo movement emerging lately so nobody is exempt from being exposed, however The Expanse was the last place where I thought this would happen. I don't know or follow the actor in question at all, but this is a series that absolutely love and am a massive fan of, including the character he played, so reading this and the accounts made by others really, truly stung. Thankfully, it seems that swift action is being taken place, there is a private investigation that is happening all which the creators and the cast support, so they are taking this very seriously, as they should. I hope that he gets fired and that these women get their justice, because that should come first and foremost before anything else.

It does leave a huge question regarding his character, however. If this was about a minor or supporting character it wouldn't be that huge of a deal, but Alex is one of the main central characters. As a disgusting creep the actor is, killing off the character would be a huge disservice and it would severely alter the way things operate with the rest of the characters and the story they're adapting from, and recasting would be quite noticeable considering he's been there for four seasons (with the upcoming fifth season which has already been shot). I like the suggestion of just putting his character on a bus and replacing his character with another known and beloved one, such as Bobbie or Drummer. That would be more preferable, imho. Plus, it would balance out the gender dynamics of the Roci crew.

Either way, all of this has been deeply disappointing and upsetting to learn. With that being said, I will not let this ruin my enjoyment of the show. It's still a fantastic and solid science fiction series that shouldn't be tainted by a disgusting rotten piece of trash.
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Aliens love cinnamon buns.

Since the announcement that Animorphs is getting the movie treatment, I kind of wanted to give my thoughts and wishes on what I want out of this adaptation considering it's still in the early stages and nothing is set in stone quite yet. These are just my own personal thoughts and ideas, which are pretty basic for the most part, but as a fan of the series I just wanted to get this out there.

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I may have more to add in the future, especially one more information about the movie being in development and just whatever comes to mind, but this is about it for the moment.

Furthermore, since I mentioned this previously but didn't provide a link, if you haven't read Animorphs and would like to, you can find all of them here. And yes, K.A. Applegate has given her approval of being reading the books for free online. So, have at it! ❤
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Say hello to your friends!

++ We officially have the Hamilton trailer, which it will be dropping on Disney+ on July 3rd. I am so excited for this, and watching the trailer actually gave me chills.

++ A full trailer for The Babysitters Club on Netflix was released the other day, as well. I have to say, it looks so cute! First, I'm glad that there's age appropriate casting, because as much as I loved the 90s television show and the movie they obviously didn't capture the fact that these were literally twelve/thirteen-year-olds, whereas here there is no question because of how young they all are. Second, someone else pointed it out and it's true, that the trailer is practically every second chapter of every BSC book, which I don't know if it was intentional or not but it's still hilarious nonetheless. It's being set in modern day, which in itself isn't bad, though I'm kind of bummed they didn't set it at least in the 90s, considering that Netflix has the 80s nostalgia with Stranger Things this would've been a great opportunity to go full-on 90s nostalgia, especially with Alicia Silverstone being in it. But that's just my opinion. Either way, I really liked the feeling of this trailer, it's just really adorable.
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It's all in your hands!

Animorphs is getting a movie!

I honestly didn't think this would happen, because as popular as the book series were when I was a preteen/teenager it did kind of fade into obscurity with the rise of other book series that gained way more traction and popularity. Add to injury that the books eventually became out-of-print, so most probably didn't know of their existence until recent years with the notice that all of the books are available to read for free online. However, it seems like things are turning around, from the books being made into comics to this movie announcement, this is precisely the resurgence that we've been needing! Although I do question whether or not a movie is a good medium for such an adaptation, considering all that it entails and I fear that it might be watered down too much and it'll be considered too similar to the YA material that's come out in recent years to be noticed and therefore flop, which is why I kinda wish it was more of a long miniseries instead, but this is still exciting news regardless.

Also, it's worth mentioning that unlike a certain other author, K.A. Applegate is actually an ally, she also has been incredibly supportive of the fans and their personal interpretations, theories, and headcanons of the characters and books, even acknowledging that she could've done better in terms of representation when she wrote them.

And yes, I do recommend anyone who hasn't read Animorphs to do so, it may have been a kids book series but it never shied away from the dark subject matters, and it did get very dark. Body horror, murder, death, cannibalism, war, psychological trauma, it's all there and it's great.

(It makes me wonder if Everworld will ever get noticed, not just for an adaptation but just in general because it is often overlooked, it truly is the underdog of KAA's work imho.)
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It is better to be kind than to spread hate.

++ Daniel Radcliffe released a heartwarming and classy statement in response to JKR's transphobic remarks. I'm very happy that he spoke out, and I loved his overall message reassuring fans who felt hurt and heartbroken that they matter. Apparently other cast members of the films are speaking out as well, from Daniel and Katie Leung to Eddie Redmayne (even though he took on a trans role which could've been given to a trans actor instead, which he hasn't yet apologized for). Unfortunately, it seems that JKR is doubling down hard on her stance, but at least we know that others (especially known public figures) are showing support and standing in solidarity with the trans community in light of all of this, so let us focus on that positive instead of the negative.

++ In more lighthearted news, we finally have the trailer for the second season of Doom Patrol, which will premiere on June 25th. In times like these we need something that is less serious and bleak and more ridiculous and absolutely bonkers, and this show is that in spades. So yeah, I cannot wait for the new season.

++ Jenny Nicholson made a video where watched and ranked The Land Before Time franchise, all 14 movies. I grew up with the first The Land Before Time, and I did watch several of the direct-to-video sequels, however I wasn't aware that there have been fourteen of them made. Granted I did grow out of them as I got older, and I can't even remember the last movie that I ever watched. I just remember the first few aside from the original. But as soon as I saw her video pop up, I instantly was hit with a wave of nostalgia because that's my childhood and I immediately clicked to watch. I enjoy her breaking down from the worst to the best, pinpointing the flaws a number of them had that I didn't catch when I was younger because, well, I was a kid. Either way, it was entertaining, and it was interesting looking at someone else's fresh take after marathoning all fourteen movies one right after the other.
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Trans rights are human rights, full-stop.

It's not news at this point that JKR herself has been revealed to hold transphobic views, although recently she went on a Twitter rampage where if there was any doubt, this truly exposes her blatant transphobia, specifically transmisogyny. Like I said this has been common knowledge for a while now so it's not exactly surprising, just disappointing and incredibly upsetting, especially when you consider the state of the world right now, never mind that it's also Pride Month. So whether it was intentional or not, the timing comes across as suspicious and in bad form, in my opinion. Especially the nature of her responses to people when they call her out, which are so hateful and gross. There's also been recent discussions surrounding the rise of transphobia and TERF rhetoric in the UK which may correlate to and even explain some of JKR's boldness of publicly showcasing her anti-trans stance. Regardless though, it's still absolutely heinous and inexcusable.

In any case, because of this I wanted to recommend this wonderful video that concisely breaks down why these Tweets are not only ridiculous but also harmful. Jamie is trans himself and has not only made several JKR-related videos in the past discussing her transphobia, but also his entire channel is about transgender topics and issues, including his own personal experience in transitioning which is very informative for those looking to get more educated.

Another recommendation is Jessie Gender's video, "J.K. Rowling and Why Death of the Author Doesn't Work", which examines the reasons why, in the case of JKR, we can't really separate the art from the artist because her views and beliefs are placed into her works and it's unavoidable to come across something and be reminded of her particular stances on things.

On another positive note, Katie Leung, who played Cho Chang in the HP films, has recently given her opinion on this matter by openly supporting the trans community, specifically posting/linking in support of the black trans community. ❤
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Fight against the injustice.

For those who want to help during this time, but have no money to do so, by streaming this video without adblock or skipping any ads (and without pausing and having the volume up at least 50%) your view count will help provide, through AdSense, the means of donations to go towards the appropriate BLM organizations and associations. Please pass along and share this link with others to do the same. In the video description are also links to various petitions to sign, as well.

I know many are feeling overwhelmed with everything that's been happening, the feeling of anger and frustration and helplessness and utter disgust in the face of such brutal injustice and racial discrimination, and the frightening reality that those in charge aren't doing anything to stop or protect others but further perpetuate this state of fear and racial injustice towards black lives, but please don't feel discouraged from doing something. Every little thing still counts as an act of protest even if you're not doing so from the streets, from signing petitions to donations to even streaming the video above. Keep sharing any legitimate links you find, and keep talking about it.

Stay safe everyone. ❤
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It's (Ani)Morphin' time!

++ It looks like a Life With Derek spin-off may be in development, and quite frankly I want this to happen -- however I would rather it be on any other network/service that isn't Disney because I want Derek/Casey to finally happen. I mean, the concept is basically them moving in together and co-parenting, so the sexual tension between them is going to be on point. If they're not going to get together then what's the point? And by that, I mean have it mainly focus on Casey and Derek rather than primarily on their kids, because fans don't care about the kids but about Casey and Derek and their relationship.

++ I'm kind of late to the party on this one, but it has come to my attention that the Animorphs books are getting a comic series treatment. Much like with The Baby-sitters Club that also had some of the books adapted into comics, they're doing the same with Animorphs, which will be released later this year. It would be pretty amazing to see some of the scenes visually, especially scenes with the Yeerks and Andalites and even seeing the morphing scenes, but also I hope that this may actually rejuvenate the interest of probably reprinting the books, since while they're available to read for free online the physical copies are out-of-print (save what random volumes you can find in libraries and used bookstores). Also, it makes me wonder if this were to happen if they would just polish up the covers or do different ones entirely, because while most will recognize the covers from being meme'd all to hell over the years, I am curious as what a revamped version of the covers would be. Either way though, I think it's pretty cool. Animorphs was one of those series back when I was a preteen that was practically everywhere, it was very well-loved by many, and I think it's time a resurgence is had.

This even makes me want to rewatch the live-action show again. Yeah, I know many fans of books don't like it and try to pretend it never existed, but I don't care I loved it. It did its best with the limited budget they had, even if they didn't totally stay on course with the books. Though it does make me wonder if there was to be an adaptation of the books today, what that would be like.

++ CBS has given the go-ahead for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. I'll admit that I haven't seen any of the new Star Trek shows, however all I know is that this one has Captain Christopher Pike, who is played by the attractive Anson Mount in Star Trek: Discovery for a brief time, and therefore I am very pleased by this announcement, so I'll be happy to see his face again. Yes, I am shallow.
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Nothin' but the rain....

++ The third episode of Narrative Telephone by the Critical Role cast is up, and it's just as hilarious as the last two episodes. Honestly, this is probably my favorite thing they've done since these stay-at-home orders halted their continuation of the second campaign. It works great that they get to revisit certain characters by telling a short story, the retellings are absolutely hilarious, and I love seeing their reactions to watching the retellings of the story devolve. I have laughed until tears are in my eyes, and it really makes it so worth it waiting for each new episode.

++ It has been confirmed that Katee Sackhoff will be reprising the role of Bo-Katan, the character she voices in the The Clones Wars animated series, in the second season of The Mandalorian. First of all, because I'm so out-of-the-loop since I don't really pay attention to these things I didn't even know that Katee voiced her in that show, so all the fancastings and fan wishes for her to play a live-action version of the character makes so much more sense now. Secondly, and more importantly, Katee will be back on my television screen! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I am curious, though, what the second season of The Mandalorian will entail. There have been a lot of casting announcements about certain characters appearing in the upcoming season and while it's intriguing, it does make me a little worried on how fast things will go because, like I mentioned before, I enjoy a slow-burn. I don't want them to immediately jump headfirst into bigger plots or territories of that nature as soon as the second season premieres. I want them to take their time unraveling things. Surely, these will most likely be cameos and they'll most likely guide Din and the Baby to their next destination or mission, but still. I don't know. It may seem like I'm whinging a bit, but it's mostly because the first season was so good and I don't want them to feel pressured by Disney to go bigger and grander to keep audiences interested.