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NYCC, Scream, and returns....

++ NYCC happened and some things were announced, two in particular that pertain to my interests specifically. First is that the final season of The Expanse will only be six episodes instead of ten, which I'll admit part of me is a bit saddened by this however I trust their decision on doing this and I hope that the last six episodes of the series will be a worthwhile wild ride in concluding the story. Secondly, Critical Role's panel not only had them discuss a bit about The Legend of Vox Machina with a little bit of a sneak peek in footage, but we now know that it'll be released in February of 2022! I'm super excited because this is what I've been really looking forward to seeing. I love Campaign One, and although I know what happens just seeing the events unfold in animation is going to be amazing. This will, undoubtedly, also bring some newcomers since I'm sure people will be curious enough to check it out, whether they are aware of Critical Role or not.

++ The trailer for the Scream (2022) film has been released, and I'm cautiously optimistic about it. There were initial rumors about this being a complete remake of the franchise, but this was toted around first as essentially being Scream 5, the fifth installment of the franchise following the events of Scream 4 (although the lack of Hayden Panettiere in the cast makes the possibility of the return of Kirby less likely which is saddening for me, personally). This is going to be the first of the Scream franchise that is without Wes Craven, so I'm a little nervous on how things are going to be done, though hopefully it'll remain true to spirit since I doubt the cast would've returned for it if it wasn't.

++ There's been a lot of announcements and things from the past returning in some form or another, like CSI has returned, the original Law & Order is said to be returning after ending years ago, there's going to be a remake of Babylon 5 for the CW, a sequel series to That 70s Show is going to happen.....I know that nostalgia is one hell of a drug, but we've been living in a era of entertainment where it's so oversaturated with these remakes and reboots and such for far too long that it's like, are all of these necessary? I'm just so bored.
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What was your gateway into horror?

There was this question I saw being circulated around asking what was your first horror movie you watched that got you into the genre, and I thought about it and honestly it's a tie between Scream (saw the beginning of at a sleepover in junior high) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (was on television when I was visiting a relative for Halloween), as I do believe it was around the same time frame. I remember those made a big impression on me specifically. Also because I know that I was interested in seeing I Still Know What You Did Last Summer when it came out in theaters because of Brandy who I knew from Moesha and loved her music, and actually I saw the film several times in the theaters because I became a bit obsessed with it.

I do think they were definitely influential enough to be the biggest gateway for me to look for more movies like those, I would go to the video rental store and look for horror and I was intrigued by the horror movies coming out whenever I saw previews of them on TV at the time. A lot of them were of the slasher category and b-movie types, and many quite underrated, imho. But yeah, I do believe it really took off from there.

(Of course, if you really want to go even further back I guess you could trace me interest in horror to all the nightmare fuel that I watched and was exposed to as a kid. Anything that was weird and bizarre and slightly unnerving I was fascinated by. I mean, Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch are among my top favorite childhood movies, and they are classified as horror-comedy, so y'know, it was definitely a early personal taste that just naturally evolved overtime.)
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Happy Friday, also Happy First Of Halloween Month!

++ We finally have our official first look at HBO's live-action adaptation of The Last Of Us, courtesy of Pedro Pascal who then had to use those specific words, making me all emotional. I've already been emotionally destroyed by these characters and the story in the games, and I cannot wait for it to happen again with this.

++ Critical Role has given their announcement for their third campaign and what else they've got planned for their channel/company in the near future. I've said before that the second campaign was personally kind of underwhelming for me, so I'm hoping that the third campaign holds up better. And from the sounds of it, they are actually going to be switching things up a bit, trying something new, adding new storytellers into the mix with the new campaign, which I'm kind of excited for, not going to lie. Especially since they've already experimented with things such as with Exandria Unlimited, which I absolutely enjoyed, I think them doing something new like that is going to pay off really well. Not to mention them taking every last Thursday of every month off, not only to give them all breathing room, but to also allow for newer content to emerge. Perhaps more mini-campaigns like EXU, and bringing in other guests for players or storytellers. All-in-all, I'm looking forward to what they'll bring. I mean, I'm still really looking forward to The Legend of Vox Machina whenever that'll premiere, since with every little snippet they have with the process of making the animated series I get even more excited.

(On a similar note, I've also been really enjoying Dimension 20 content lately, Brennan Lee Mulligan is an entertaining DM and I like the wide range of people that play in these games, even more so is having him play when Aabria Iyengar DM'd Misfits and Magic, which was a satire parodying Harry Potter and kind of making fun of JKR and some of the nonsensical aspects of the Wizarding World, and overall just a fun time all around.)

++ And lastly, the official covers (front and back) for the English translations of MXTX books has been unveiled! They all look so gorgeous! Seriously, I cannot wait to get my hands of them. And these are, I believe, just for the first volumes of each of the series. I'm sure each individual volume will feature different cover art which coincides with what happens in them.
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Jessica Jones.

With great power....

I don't think I really talked about Jessica Jones here, at least aside from the first season. I've been really missing the show and I've thought back to its three seasons and something has been kind of on my mind lately, something that I'm sure is quite an unpopular opinion among the fandom.

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Daisy Johnson.

You can always count on me, and I can count on you....

++ The trailer for the second season of The Baby-Sitters Club was released recently, and it looks amazing. This is such an adorable feel-good kind of show, the young cast delightful, and I'm curious to see what this season brings. I'm also pleased that they did an updated version of the 90s BSC television theme "Say Hello To Your Friends" in the trailer! That was such a pleasant surprise.

Speaking of, I wasn't aware of this until just recently, but a few months back there was an interview with the actress who played Claudia in the 90s show with the current young actress portraying Claudia in the Netflix series, where they interview one another and talk about the character! That was so sweet, and it really brought up a whole lot of nostalgia for me because nobody really talks about the older 90s television series. It's only the movie that is constantly brought up, which that one was good as well, but the 90s show is often overlooked and I liked that we got to revisit that a little bit with this interview.

++ I'm currently watching Douluo Continent, which stars Xiao Zhan (Wei Wuxian from The Untamed), because I was curious about it when it was being promoted and went in knowing nothing about it and, even a few episodes in, still not knowing what is going on. Which is, y'know, on par with watching any cdrama that you're unfamiliar of what the story might be. I know that the drama ends abruptly and that there is actually a donghua that has some seasons already and explains a lot more, so, idk, but I'm actually having fun being confused at the moment? Sometimes it's more enjoyable if you're just along for the ride, and I'm kind of like this with this drama for now. At least I'm not bored and am actually intrigued on where it may be heading, which isn't always the case for some cdramas I attempt to watch for certain actors. Sometimes a premise sounds interesting, but the execution doesn't grab me. This one is holding my attention, so far. Xiao Zhan's character is adorable, as is the main female lead.

++ It seems that the upcoming New York Comic-Con event is going to be releasing a trailer for the final season of The Expanse, which I expected but at the same time not ready. Part of me doesn't want this show to be over, however the other part of me knows that it's time and I'm excited.
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Word of Honor

Word of Honor is a Chinese drama adapted from the BL novel Faraway Wanderers by Priest, which tells the story of two soulmates, Zhou Zishu (the former leader of a secret assassin group) and Wen Kexing (the current leader of a group of persecuted murderers), who cross paths just as a mysterious yet elaborate political plot is unfolding that may be connected to them.

I absolutely adore this drama so much, it's been my happy place for some months now. It's what I've been retreating to lately to get my daily dose of serotonin. How can I not love a story that primarily focuses on two dangerous idiots, both who are haunted by the ghosts of their pasts and have their own personal demons to face, who fall in love and accidentally create a found family? Yes, it has its angst and heartbreaking moments, but it's what makes it so beautiful, imho.

Word of Honor knew what it was doing when it was adapting this story, since it mostly focuses on our two main leads and their chemistry with each other, as it spent pretty much for first half of the drama with shameless flirting and having the characters, Zhou Zishu in particular, to warm up to the other. Also due to budget limitations and time constraints, it does prioritize more on these little character moments than the actual plot, which explains why it seemed a bit rushed towards the end with the last several episodes. But while it does have its flaws, directions of the story that I wished had been executed a bit better if they had more time, particularly towards the end, or getting to know the other characters with more detail or even more flashbacks to further explain the plottier aspects, Word of Honor did the best it could with what time they had and whatever it lacked in those areas it made up for with everything else. It has these imperfections, but I think that's part of its charm, in my opinion. Yes, I wished they had gotten more episodes to extend and pace things out a bit more, give us more background into certain characters since outside of the main leads the supporting cast did an excellent job that I was intrigued by what they brought to their characters and wanted more time with them, but overall I loved what we got regardless and you can tell the cast give it their all and had a blast (even more so with the live concert they did). You can really tell that this show was made with love by everyone involved and sometimes that's all you need, restrictions and limitations be damned.

It is available to watch on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Viki. They also filmed a "special" epilogue that is only available through paywall which places like Netflix and Amazon weren't able to get the rights to, however fans have found ways of sharing it to those who aren't able to access it. In conclusion, Word of Honor is definitely among my favorite discoveries of this year. ❤

Command me, Mother Confessor.

++ First of all, Bridget Regan has been cast as Poison Ivy in CW's Batwoman. I don't watch the show, but I know that Bridget has been fancast as Poison Ivy in fandom for years, so seeing this news is such a pleasant surprise. Fancastings becoming a reality is still a surreal thing sometimes.

++ We have the trailer for the third season of Doom Patrol, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I know that they halted production before filming the last episode of S2 when quarantine hit last year, so hopefully we'll be getting answers in regards to that since we left off on a pretty big cliffhanger (that wasn't supposed to be a cliffhanger). Regardless, I love this show and its cracked out chaotic energy, and I cannot wait for the new season to premiere. I missed these precious idiots so much.

++ Archive Of Our Own has now implemented a tag limit (for single fics, it doesn't affect fic series), and the reaction is mostly incredibly positive with a resounding "thank god". Many have been requesting a limit for some time due to people abusing the tagging function, and I'm sure the tag wranglers were figuring out a way of doing this but, of course, this decision was then sped up due to the incidents earlier this year with the infamous "STWWX" trolling fic and other trolling that happened to purposefully fuck AO3 up for one reason or another. I think this was the best course of action to take, and they gave a reasonable explanation for their limit and I approve. As someone who has often hated scrolling past walls of tags for fics (none which I really read and will bypass entirely because I don't have time for that), I'm extremely thankful. Of course, 75 tags is still a lot, but looking at the statistics it is a fair assessment and a good limit to have. Of course, not everyone is happy with this decision. It's just a small minority and while some do share legitimate concerns, others are just being ridiculous in complaining and throwing temper tantrums and idk, it's kind of funny to me, to be honest, since it's so fascinating seeing what their complaints are about.

Perhaps this is just proof of me being in fandom for so long, since I remember the days when tags/content warnings weren't really much of a thing on fanfics. There was even constant debates surrounding the need for them, whether they were necessary, what should be considered a warning, etc. This is just yet another continuation of that, I suppose.
Firefly. Simon Tam.

Just more thoughts.

This is somewhat of a continuation from my previous post where I talk about what needs improving in the fandom community. This will feature things I wanted to mention but couldn't really fit into that post, mostly because it would've been much, much longer and with that post it was more of an overall observation, this kind of focuses on certain areas I think needs improving in fandom spaces. Again, it's not everything, since the other things are more minor inconveniences that I think we can agree on (ex: shipping wars being exhausting and pointless and how people should just mind their own business), just things connected to the bigger issues that I think deeply reflect the current state of fandom culture at the moment that I think needs some improvement.

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These are just my thoughts and observations. We might not have all the answers or solutions but I'm hoping that, somehow, fandom finds a way of making these things better, either soon or in the future.
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It's about respect.

It's so interesting to me seeing people who don't understand the concept of nonbinary deciding that just because they don't get it, it means that they can be not only completely rude but also discredit and invalidate anyone who identifies as such, along with other dismissive and ignorant attitudes all because it challenges their limited worldview that they don't want to change.

In elementary school, when we were learning about pronouns during English lessons (in the context of writing and language), it was taught that you used they/them when you either don't know a person's gender or are trying to not reveal someone's gender. This was something that I learned and used quite often ever since, both in writing and when speaking. So when learning more about gender identity, it makes perfect sense to me that someone who doesn't want to identity as of either gender binaries would prefer to use they/them, since I had a pretty good understanding of how it was used in language and, even though that wasn't what we were learning it for, it was just a natural progression of me understanding it being used for gender identity. If you can use they/them in context of not knowing someone's identity or wanting to keep someone anonymous, it shouldn't be hard to continue using those pronouns once you learn that that's how they want to be addressed as.

So please, be respectful of people's gender identities, or any other personal identity they may have.