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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BDM), Potterisms (OotP), Margaret Cho, VMars

Happy Friday, February the 17th! Also, much warm and friendly welcome to all new friends made from the Firefly/Serenity Friending Meme, to which hopefully nothing seems too psychotically insane to frighten anyone away. If so then, um, my bad? Hee. So anyway, greetings and salutations! The Fandomosity posts were generally created to do something when I was bored, however it has become a ritual of sorts to give folks out there some general fandom-squeeing of recent and exciting information with some fandoms I am a participate in, with provided links to the sources. So, sit back and enjoy!

-♠- The "Diff" Side Of Joss Whedon: Cartoonified Joss Whedon, with the Peanuts-Gone-Wild-Buffy-Soap-Opera-ish style that cartoonified Joss had created, using the word "diff" with odd terminology. Oh, and Charlie Brown is in bed with the Kite Eating Tree, Sally has boobies, and Woodstock went all crazy!evil. Don't believe me? See the cartoon that is high-larious, with a side of fascinating strangeness for yourself. Is it weird that I find cartoon!Joss completely and utterly adorable, especially with his evil smirk of doom?

-♠- "Hey Look! They're Sending Us Free Lumber!": The saga continues with Act 2 of the Seremuppety comics/puppet theater. Starting with Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, and Part 12. If you haven't witnessed this hilarious reenactment of the film Serenity featuring the muppet characters, you can view the entire Act One in eight parts here. There'll be more to come, I'm sure. However, the Muppets crossovering with Serenity? How could you not love such a thing to merge? Hee!

-♠- All About Joss....And Stuff: The Josscentricality podcast has released its third episode to download. Also, for more podcasting goodness, The Signal has also updated with their second episode of their second season, and Firefly Talk has a mini-cast episode, featuring a 30-minute status on their Serenity prop give-away contest.

-♠- Can't Take The Sky: There are some new Serenity merchandise/ornaments going for sale, including this mini-model of the Serenity herself, which is very detailed and extremely pretty. Also the Zippo-Lighter with the Serenity logo, which is equally as pretty.

-♠- Fifth Year At Hogwarts: Some new information sprouting about the new young actress, Evanna Lynch, who was chosen to portray the character of Luna Lovegood in the fifth Harry Potter film. Apparently, Evanna had written to JKR about being nervous for auditioning for the role of Luna, and JKR had written her back....not knowing later that Lynch would be chosen, and found it an "excellent coinicidence." The article also has Evanna Lynch's response to the online comments and reactions of her first photoshoot and her casting choice as the beloved character of Luna Lovegood. So I admit, she's definitely not how I envisioned Luna at all, however since I haven't seen how well she performs onscreen I cannot judge. Until I see the film and her version of Luna, only then will I have a say. Though concerning the latest interview with her family saying that she's a gigantic HP fan, this may be either a good thing or a bad thing; good, since having a fan co-starring in the films is definitely a plus, for she might know how Luna thinks and acts simply from JKR's descriptions --- bad, because it might lead to elitism (but that worry is completely a minor one). Otherwise, I think she'll do a good job.

-♠- Dance! Dance! Dance!: Margaret Cho has issued her very own bellydance line called, Margaret Cho: Hip Wear Line, which contains all her very own handmade designs, which are to die for! Must of them are unfortunately sold out and are somewhat pricey, however I really adore the red silk with the red and pink ribbon. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Margaret talks about it on this entry she made on her official online blog (also, check out other things she's updated with. She's entertaining, intelligent, and such an amazing woman which is why I adore her).

-♠- Smokin' PI Girl: Kristen Bell in Maxim magazine. If you're squirkish about looking at this photoshoot (for whatever odd reason you would be) or prudish in anyway, I advise you to simply not click. Nevertheless, the lovely Kristen Bell did some fabulous photoshoot for Maxim; and while I generally dislike most of what that magazine advertises, Kristen looks stunning and beautiful. And at the last picture she oddly resembles SMG and Eliza Dushku.

Stay shiny, all!
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