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Observations and Theories: Veronica Mars, Episode 2.13

I consider "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" a fun and entertaining episode, with that classic Columbo mystery solving and hilarity to boot, all taken within 48-hours or so. However, there are subtle clues of what just might happen in future episodes, along with the given clues in previous episodes as well. Again, these are simple observations and predictions of what could be happening concerning the mystery of this season. I haven't looked at spoilers for the upcoming in this season.

Logan Echolls and Hannah. Their flirting session in this episode was cute, even though it's quite obvious that Logan is trying to hint towards the fact that her father, as seen at the very end of the episode, was the plastic surgeon that had allegedly spotted and reported Logan for killing Felix on the bridge. Hannah probably doesn't understand or realize that, which is another reason why Logan chose her instead of any other girl. He's coaxing her on, basically. Again, completely obvious for those paying attention to the "Previously On" introductions at the beginning of each episode. What will become of Logan and Hannah's innocent flirting relationship? Who knows? Personally, I really like Hannah --- others don't because they believe she's a "Veronica wannabe" when they aren't looking at the context of the situation. I like Hannah simply because she seems innocent enough to not be a part of the entangled mystery connected between her father and Logan and the Fitzpatricks. Plus, she seems like a sweet girl (and I like the actress playing her). Sure, Logan was milking the sweetness with bad pickup lines and such, but he was being incredibly sweet and she didn't complain.

Weevil's future involving Thumper and the PCHers. Because of Weevil no longer being accepted by his own gang and with Thumper taking over, I've been contemplating on how Weevil is going to live without his crew. Furthermore, how he will get payback upon Thumper for betraying him. In this episode, he did steal the cash box and place some of it inside Thumper's autoshop locker, framing him for the money scandal along with a bag of drugs to sweeten the capture and hold him longer. However the sheriff's department released him shortly thereafter his arrest. I've got to wondering if Thumper knew it was Weevil that framed him, considering the circumstances. Although I miss Weevil's kickass motorcycle --- that piece of machine rocked the cashbah, like whoa --- I really do like his new ride.

Terrance Cook and the investigation of his innocence. Did Terrance Cook cause the bus sabotage? It's probable that he probably had some involvement in something connected to whomever actually committed the crime (say, a gambling scam gone wrong or the like), but I don't believe he would really kill a bus-load full of high school kids for no legitimate reason. Perhaps if this is connected with his gambling/money issue problem, someone might be framing him after a wrong deed was done or somesuch when he wouldn't agree to cooperate. Keith looked heartbroken when he learned that his favorite baseball player had been involved in some horrible shit, but nevertheless I think Keith is on the right track: Terrance Cook wouldn't purposefully murder kids, not in cold-blood. There's still some things to consider, though I'm on the fence whether he's fully innocent, or perhaps somewhat guilty to an extent of his alleged involvement in the bus crash.

Jackie Cook, the good person now? I've been disliking Jackie since the beginning of the season, because of her attitude towards Veronica and motives behind her nonsensical actions. Although up until now, Jackie seems to have something of a heart --- and knows how to stand up to others without causing for a fight, or plain vengeance like Veronica did when the 09ers pissed all over her back in season one. Does this mean that I like Jackie now? Not entirely. Though I do have more built-in respect for her character taking the shit everyone was giving her; ignoring the comments, the murmurs and everything else, especially Madison putting her down. So, perhaps Rob Thomas wanted the audience to hate Jackie up until this point in the season, just like he'd done with Logan Echolls in the first season. Logan Echolls was a "obligatory psychotic jackass" and still is, although he's become a sympathetic character due to his background and family issues (i.e. his mother killing herself, his father beating him and turning out to be a murderer that was having an affair with his girlfriend, etc.) Logan had a tough life and we, as viewers, seen this firsthand and therefore he's become a beloved character, asshole as he may be at times. Now, does Jackie have these redeeming qualities without turning herself all the way around? Possibly, considering that Veronica and Wallace are gradually accepting her into their circle. I'm guessing the animosity is gone because Jackie really did like Wallace, and now that she realizes that she'd lost him the hate between her and Veronica has dwindled quite a bit. I'm just waiting to see if there's anything else she'll do that'll win me over to actually liking her character.

The mystery murderer revealed? If there's anything VMars fans have learned since last season, is that the supposed killer and perp of the season is someone we've already been introduced to in this season. My immediate attention turns to Gia --- as sickly sweet and perky as she is, that's something one has to consider. Also, remembering the audio tapes Keith was listening to, Gia recalled her father telling her to "not get on the bus", which strikes me as odd. Gia was introduced in the premiere episode of the season, and she'd been appearing here and there as it continues. Just like Aaron Echolls had been last season.

I don't know where I'm going with these observations, if I'm going anywhere with them. It's just a possible speculation that I'm working out. Perhaps I need to rewatch all the current episodes and watch out for those small details. Hence, with the observing. :)
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