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House M.D.: "Skin Deep" Mini-Review

Brand new House this evening, because of it's special night it was on earlier. Pleased that I didn't miss out, both overjoyed and amused by this episode in general.

Firstly, the actress playing the model was a regular on the shortly-lived FOX series Point Pleasant. Which is quite ironic because House is shown and owned by the FOX network. But in this episode, she shined and performed really well. Playing a highly attractive he/she hermaphrodite fashion model. Shininess, all around!

Incestuous relationships between the model and the father, realizing that she's sexually manipulative to have a higher career. Hooray, for this is my kind of episode.

House/Wilson goodness. Wilson playing "God" while House was getting a MRI. PRICELESS!!

Cuddy and the breast-thing. Oh my goodness, so much hilarity!

House playing the piano. Hee!

Cuddy and House screentime. Yay! Of course, it the heartbreaking of that scene in Cuddy's office almost made my tear-up. Poor House. But, yay for Cuddy coming to the rescue.

Chase is so House's bitch. ;)

I love Foreman. Have I mentioned that before?

Much love for this episode. Next week's looks intense, and hilarious with House's "evil laugh" as seen in the previews. Hee!!

And House returns back to its regular schedule, Tuesdays starting March 7th! Much with the shiny.
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