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Fandom: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Do you know what your sin is?

Looks like Chiwetel Ejiofor (known by many Browncoats as the Operative in Serenity) is to be playing the leading role of a transvestite in the British comedy Kinky Boots. From the trailer, which I highly suggesting viewing, it's to be quite interesting and funny. Especially after seeing Chiwetel play such a cold villain beating the freaking crap out of our favorite Captain Malcolm Reynolds, it'll be odd and hilarious seeing him playing a transvestite entertainer --- and I hear he sings in the film, as well. Hee! Though it shouldn't be surprising, since Chiwetel played Keira Knightly's husband in Love Actually and is a very well-respect actor all around.

This also reminds me, I need to get RENT which just came out on DVD. Already have the soundtrack, but gorrammit I needs the actual movie in my hands!
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