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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, BtVS), Carnivàle, Potterisms (OotP)

Happy Friday, February 24th!

-♠- We Have Done The Impossible; That Makes Us Mighty: Joss Whedon accepts FilmFocus Award, winning Film of the Year 2005 for Serenity. There's a snazzy photograph of him holding the crystal-clear award with some funny quotage, too! Congratulations to Joss, as he very well deserves this kind of recognition. Only wished he would've been nominated for an Oscar, gorrammit. But still, this is all of the shiny too.

-♠- "Can't Even Shout, Can't Even Cry...": The Gentlemen are coming by! This is a very unique site featuring the two actors, Doug Jones and Camden Toy, who played the Gentlemen in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season four episode, "Hush" (perhaps the creepiest duo villains in an experimental episode, ever). The website was created by the two "Gentlemen", which has information in other projects they've been a part of, photos of them outside their costumes and other goodies. This is enjoyable for any Buffy fan, and even more for fans of the Gentlemen.

-♠- Let's Shake Some Dust, Children!: Could Carnivàle rise from the dust of cancellation? In the most recent article, discussing both FOX's Arrested Development and HBO's Carnivàle, there's some talk whether there might be an HBO mini-movie to tie in some loose ends from where the second season left off. Perhaps then, HBO might consider picking up the series again. This is causing high hopes among some worries with many fans. Nevertheless, it would be a pleasurable miracle if it returned --- and it sounds like HBO is regretting discontinuing the series, unlike FOX with Arrested Development. For those unfamiliar and wondering about Carnivàle, here's the official site.

-♠- Snark Up The 'Verse: Television Without Pity reviews Serenity: The Big Damn Movie. Yep, the snarktastic recapping site of TWoP has recapped the entire film, giving hilarious little lines and lightening up the mood during some of the darker moments. Hee!

-♠- Fifth Year Begins: Currently, TLC has released the official list of characters that are to be appearing in OotP; not a list of actors and certainly not a complete list, however if you're curious on which characters will be making an appearance in the film the list contains them thus far. Granted, this is a film with plenty of featured characters, also because the book itself was gigantic.
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