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House M.D.: "Skin Deep" Episode Review

The Medical Case: Beauty Is Pain, Pain Is Beauty --- House Appreciates Both

The patient for this episode is a 15-year-old fashion model named Alex (played by Cameron Richardson) who, at first, we see her father/manager giving her some pills before going out onto the runway, which by then she'd suddenly felt drowsy, grew violently aggressive by punching another fellow model, and then finally collapsing. Although she'd passed out her eyes were open, oddly resembling an episode of CSI: New York. Nevertheless, this sounds like a case for House.

While the studies show that she was taking drugs, none of them really caused the symptoms of what was happening to her. Then House decides to take another drastic turn into investigation and question the father if he was intentionally having sex with his own daughter (a subject matter which I am oddly intrigued in, because I am demented like that). Corning the father, he at first denies any kind of sexual involvement with his daughter. House retells a statement the father said about his daughter in a magazine (which he commented on her breasts and bottocks, reliving the real-life statements said by Jessica Simpson's father, who is a pastor, about her breasts in a magazine not too long ago). Finally, the father breaks any said he had sexual intercourse with his daughter once while under the influence. This rises up the child servies thing with Cameron, where House automatically yells at her, then gives up though child services cannot take action without physical evidence because....

Alex, the daughter, had manipulated her own father because she wanted to have sex with him. Another thing which intrigued me. Cameron tries to be friendly (failing at being understanding, even though she means well), but Alex tells her that she'd had sex with multiple people to get where she was in the modeling business; it's the only way to get whatever she wants, otherwise she would tell about their sexual relations and it would cause more problems. Manipulative little girl, she is. Also, Alex totally told Cameron off about the "wanting of someone you worked with" because even though Cameron was telling her it wasn't right, she did the exact same thing when she manipulated House to go out with her. Ha!

The solution to the medical issue: House does another MRI on Alex, and discovers something they completely overlooked for first time (which he got the idea from a clinic patient issue). At first I suspected that she was pregnant with her father's child, however the table turns when it's revealed that Alex, the super attractive fashion model, is actually a hermaphrodite; having both female and male body organs --- and while looking like an attractive young lady, the reason for her outburst on the runway was because of the testosterone that her body couldn't handle. It was devastatinig for both her and the father to hear.

This case intrigued me because of the incestuous storyline, and the fact that the actress playing the model I knew from another series and it was nice seeing her on television again.

The Relationships: "House, This Is God"

Greggory House and Jimmy Wilson: Honestly, there is no doubt that Wilson totally rocked in this episode. The MRI scene, with him at the microphone playing "God"? That was majorly priceless, I should've taped it because of how hilarious it was. House and Wilson's chemistry is unlike any other, hence why I adore every scene they are together. Hee! And to relive the moment (quote taken from house_cuddy):
Wilson: [in a deep voice] House. This is God.
House: Look, I'm a little busy right now. Not supposed to talk during these things. Got time Thursday?
Wilson: Let me check. Oh, I've got a plague. How about Friday?
House: [smiles] You'll have to check with Cameron.
Wilson: Oh, damn it! She always wants to know why bad things happen. Like I'm gonna come up with a new answer this time.
[Cuddy marches in]
Cuddy: House.
House: Quick, God, smite the evil witch! [Wilson laughs while simultaneously checking out her ass]
Cuddy: Are you sitting on evidence that your patient was sexually abused by her father?
House: God, why have you forsaken me?
And again, I repeat, HILARIOUS SCENE!!

House and Cuddy: Following up on that particular scene, I really loved how House went to Cuddy for help with the increasingly pain in his leg. Poor House, and I loved how broken he sounded when he unzipped his pants and showing the wound on his leg....which I cringed and went "ouch" when I saw that. Seriously, best scene ever between House and Cuddy. No particular snarkage needed....the moment was heartbreaking. I love them on screen together, too.

The Pretty Shinys!

House reading "Celeb" magazine. Hee.

The entire MRI sequence, and Wilson's "this is God" speech. That NEVER gets old. :D

Foreman! Eyebrow thing! HEE! Also, talking to House and being civil with him. Anyone remember how bitchy he used to be with House during the first season? He's grown so much since then. *sniffle* I am so proud!

Incestuous overtones. Double with the yays because I'm a twisted individual.

Pretty, pretty Chase. ♥

Cameron Richardson guest-starring. YAY! Although, does she really pass for a 15-year-old? I actually thought her character looked around 17 or so. Hmmm....

The discussion about House's leg, possibly getting better although we'll never know, and House's addiction to the drugs.

References to Jessica Simpson and her father; playing with the celebrity gossip and pop-culture is always fun. Hee.

The ending sequence, with House playing the piano!! Pretty, pretty music. Much love. Hee! :D :D

Cameron didn't annoy me, which could be a good thing. Although her talk with the patient really brought down the hard cold reality of her liking House. It'll never be. She got served, yo. But I'm pretty sure she understands that by now.

Overall: I liked this episode, even though at times House seemed a little insensitive towards the patient and making comments even though she was underage. Although, understanding the circumstances with his leg being in excruciating pain, it's understandable his reaction --- though it doesn't excuse his comments. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable episode. Father/daughter incest, the daughter turning out being a hermaphrodite in the end, Wilson playing "God" for House, House entering his spiral breakdown due to his leg, Chase looking pretty (as usual), and Foreman totally owning, yay! Hee.
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