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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Mother Nature Is Shiny: So, according to the weather reports it'll be raining all throughout the entire week, with possible storms passing through. This evening is guaranteed one rainstorm and sometime during the week another gigantic storm. It's incredibly windy, and although I fear power outages it's all of the shiny!

+ Nummy Food Shiny: Had a lovely night, for I had dined out with my father at the Olive Garden! I had gotten all dressed up in a gorgeous outfit that I had recently bought; did my hair all Elizabeth Bennet-like style (the BBC mini-series, not the new film), and looked all pretty. Hee! I chatted with my father, had a nice civil conversation, and it everything was just shiny. Much love for this evening, because it's rare that I can spend time with my father and whenever I do, I always try to take the good out of our time.

+ Sunday Shiny!: Wishing everyone a happy Sunday, February 26th! I hope everyone had a special day. ♥
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