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Medium: "Sweet Child O' Mine" Episode Review

It's been quite a while since a Medium had a new episode, courtesy of the Olympics being on and all. However, last night a brand new episode was shown. I really liked it, especially with the deeper message without the suspenseful moments or eerieness. Which, honestly, I do like in my favorite shows but, hardly does one ever have such a storyline like this that actually makes the audience think and contemplate.

Centering around Allison's strange yet normal everyday dream about having a fifteen-year-old son in the family, we as an audience learn that Allison DuBois had a miscarriage fifteen years ago and had been remembered on the month he was supposed to have been due. This slone is something very sensitive and emotional for any woman that had a miscarriage or anything medically wrong while pregnant with a child, and immediately I knew this was an episode that was going to have a strong impact. Ultimately, my prediction wasn't too far off. For Allison's character, she had to deal with a case that hit that close to home --- where a case surrounding a boy that looks very identical to her unborn son in her dream is part of the murder investigation, and Allison (while burdened with trying to find this boy guilty) isn't willing to cooperate with her feelings and emotions from the reoccurring dream of this boy, as she feels the need to protect him as a mother would. This is the connection made from her miscarriage to the this boy and the possible crime he committed.

Meanwhile, Bridgette befriends and has taken home a stray dog, which she'd hidden inside her closet, whre Ariel finds out and now Joe and Allison have to figure out what to do with the dog. Naturally, Bridgette has gotten attached to him, to the adorable point where she says she "wants to marry him and have puppies" --- which cracked me up immensely because, really, that is such a Bridgette thing to say. Hee! However, as Joe takes the dog to the vet it's revealed the devastating news that the dog is very old and will have at least a week to live. So, both Allison and Joe are trying to find ways to break the news to little Bridgette.

Back to the murder case involving the woman at the coffee shop, Allison keeps having dreams suggesting that the boy had done the crime and the mother had, obviously, been covering for him; protecting him --- in which we see Allison playing that part, thinking that this is part of her dream with her own unborn son. The twisted reality is, as Allison realizes, that even though she discovers the truth that it really was the mother that had committed the crime --- due to birth switching, since the Jesse, the boy in question, was actually the coffee shop owner's son --- there is nothing wrong in wanting to protect your child from anything horrible in the world. After the woman claiming to be Jesse's mother all his life confessed to accidentally murdering her, she asks Allison to place herself inside her shoes and what she would do in such a situation. Allison, having contemplated this exact thought the night before, paused and was silent.

We never know the true verdict of what happened to that woman, or Jesse. Some are confused by this and thought it was incomplete, however I believe that was the point. This was one of those psychological kind of episodes that really have the audience in deep thought, because this is a topic that revolves around ethical decisions (as most of the Medium episodes do): Would you do anything in order to protect your own child? Even if it meant resolving to a crime? This episode alone was the emotional connection between mothers and their children; Allison and the memory of her miscarriage, feeling for the woman that had committed the murder because all she wanted to do was protect her son in which she shielded from the lifestyle that would destroy him in the longrun. Was the case resolved? It's unclear whether it was or wasn't, however that wasn't the point of the episode. It was the questioning of morality and ethical reasoning. Which is why I really adore this show.

Concerning the dog issue, while Allison and Joe are preparing themselves to talk to Bridgette about her pal dying, Bridgette (innocently, might I add) says she already knew. She said that she was afraid to mention it because she knew how well her father thought of the dog, and asked again innocently if she and her dog could watch their cartoons --- the cutest thing, ever! I love Bridgette. She's just adorable.

Overall, this episode I really enjoyed. Though not as suspenseful and creepifying as others have been in the past, it was quite a psychological kind of episode that really challenges your rational and ethical thinking. What lengths would you go to protect those you love, children or otherwise? Something to seriously consider and think about....

I am seriously anticipating V for Vendetta. After watching the trailer, it looks simply fucking fantastic. Also, Natalie Portman starring in it makes it even more worthwhile (not that I wasn't going to see it anyway, but still). Definitely cannot wait. "Remember, remember, the fifth of November." View the trailer here.
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