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Criminal Minds: "Unfinished Business" Small Review

Intially, these are some thoughts that went through my head as I was watching tonight's episode, along with what was happening in the hour-episode itself.

Complete admiration goes to Dr. Reid this evening, especially when super-calculating the crossword puzzle (the special camera effects really make the 'whoa' reaction worthwhile, as well) and figuring out the hidden meanings of the case. Naturally, of course. I loved the retired BAU's reaction to his super mental sleuthing, and Derek Morgan's "don't ask" before anything else was explained. Hee.

I just have to mention that I really like Lola Glaudini's character, Elle Greenaway, in Criminal Minds. Same goes for the character of Penelope Garcia, the BAU team's Audio/Visual Tech, mainly because of the playfulness between her and Morgan as it was presented in almost every episode, this one not withstanding. It's cute, especially since this show doesn't deeply involve the personal lives of each character like a soap-drama unless it's strictly with a presented case. Another thing I like about the show.

This episode was entitled "Unfinished Business" with a specific purpose: the murderer had unfinished business, as did the retired BAU profiler who'd failed to catch him the first time years ago. At first he seemed to have been running the department (somewhat annoying some of the team), although he did have a reason to be doing so. The killer was harassing him, and apparently been collecting items from his previous and current works --- saying that they both were "inseparable". The letters with the crossword puzzles are something interesting (along with Reid detectinig them).

Definitely got to give props to JJ (played by A.J. Cook) for handling the press and media like that. It must not be fun dealing with such pressure with those kinds of people.

The plane the BAU department has I'm guessing is specialized because, damn, that's one fancy looking airplane.

And I love Gideon, as well.
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