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Fandomosity: Jossverse (WW, BDM, BtVS), Potterisms, Oscars

Happy Friday, March 3rd! Hope everyone is very shiny.

-♠- This Crazy Whirligig Of Fun: Joel Silver talks about the latest updates with the Wonder Woman movie, in hoping for a full script very soon. Also, concerning the Wonder Woman project, it seems that in this Gossip Monkey article that Mischa Barton (from The OC) is a possibility for the role of Wonder Woman amongst other calls, of course. Let me state my personal opinion that Mischa Barton is definitely not a great candidate for auditioning for this role. Besides, Joss has already stated before that he's going to choose an unknown named actress for the role of Wonder Woman --- someone with actual acting abilities and who fits the physical build for the role. Joss, say it with me now: Morena Baccarin. *g*

-♠- Joss Is Boss: In this brand new Joss interview he talks about his past and current projects, including Serenity and the possibility for a Spike-centric movie, although he speculates it might not be financially feasible. However, it seems that thoughts into continuing the Buffyverse isn't that farfetched --- nor is the possibility for our Big Damn Sequel, as the DVD sales are going very well. He just hasn't had a call yet.

-♠- 'Tis Not A Party With Gunn: In case you've been living under a rock, J. August Richards (also known as Gunn from Angel) will be starring in NBC's new series, Conviction, premiering this evening. The series is the first years of young prosecutors and the obstacles they face while inside the courtroom. And I must say, J. August Richards really must love wearing those suits, because he looks mighty spiffy.

-♠- Alfonso No-Show?: In a recent interview with Alfonso Cuarón (known for his directing of A Little Princess, Y Tu Mamá También, and famously for directing the third Harry Potter film, Prisoner of Azkaban) he's been asked if he will return for another directing opportunity. While not ruling anything out, he's not making any promises for the future of HP films. Granted, I understand and am accepting of different directors as each film goes along (and possible new composers as well), however I have to admit I really adored Alfonso's direction and filming techniques in the third film. Really beautiful and the detail and color were magnificent, and he has amazing storytelling ability just from beind behind the camera. But that's just me, and this may be farfetched but I really do want he to return. But in other Cuarón news, he's been announced as the director for Life of Pi, based on the novel by Yann Martel.

Also, for those really living underneath a rock --- or bolder --- this Sunday the Oscars will be premiering, with Jon Stewart as the host! Even if you don't like watching the Academy Awards, you'll love the entertainment of the ever-so-lovely Jon Stewart. Hee!
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