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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ I've Just Been Gilmored Shiny: Just until recently, I've been completely addicted to watching Gilmore Girls --- and although I'm watching some episodes here and there throughout all the six seasons, I already bought the first season DVD. Also, I am keeping up with the happenings of the latest season. Also, with the shiny, I have been watching clips online and, um, I absolutely adore this (from "Just Like Gwen and Gavin" of season six): Another Clown Beating? Hee! This, of course, has no spoilers as it's just a small hilarious opening scene...with church bells, truck shopping dreams, and inaudible clown beatings. Shiny stuff. And the clip with Lorelai laughing so adorably, because I love Lorelai.

+ Saturday Fun Shiny: Went early shopping at a local mall this morning, in search for some important girlie necessities. Stopped for some lunch at a newly opened Japanese resturant --- which was fabulous, might I add; all fancy with great service --- and afterwards visited Borders. Shiny eventful Saturday, if I do say so myself. Glee!

+ Gleeful Life of Shiny: Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Hope everyone is doing well, and having a shiny time. *much love*

ETA: Another shiny thing that has occurred, with the ambiguous RENT wankage. Nothing incredibly wanky, just downright hilarious and ridiculous. It makes me, someone who hasn't been familiar with RENT for the longest time, feel like I've been in the fandom since the beginning. This is scary.
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