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Life's a Bitch....Get Over It

Complications with computer are still a work in progress. So far the internet is working okay, but sometimes it can be difficult to control because the speed is so fast, it goes too damn slow. I don't know. Hopefully it will be running smoothly once everything is back to where it belongs, but there is still a humungous load of crap on the computer that is not needed. Some of my mother's boyfriend's shit, that he rarely uses anymore, and it's blocking the computers memory. Besides, I cannot get to my program where I can create my posters, which sucks real big. I've been wanting to make something for a long time, since this weekend, but I can't do it until everything is back and installed where it was.

Today I have the day off from school, which is nice for a change. Granted that I have only three hours of school every week, but I guess one day off isn't going to change everything. Angel's on tomorrow, then on Thursday Tru Calling and CSI are on and then Friday is the big day. Okay, more than's GIGANAMOUS!!

But I'm thinking we'll see the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban teaser trailer on Saturday, considering the lines and massive crowds there'll be on opening day. ALthough, until then I hope we get more pictures, because time's wasting and we need more of them. Perhaps we'll get some screen captures once the trailer hits out on the internet. Now that'll be fun to see.

It should be raining about now. Though there are no clouds in the sky, not even from afar, I still believe that sooner or later this week rain will come again. It has to. It's colder around here, yes, but rain makes everything more enjoyable - and hopefully it'll be raining when I walk to school, or walk back home from school, because that'll just make my day right there. It almost did rain the other day, but it only sprinkled slightly. But at least it was cloudy and overcast.

This weekend I was staying up until 5:00am in the morning, mainly because I was watching and recording Roseanne. Mainly because it had Doyle in it ::sniffle:: but also because I absolutely love the show. But, anyway, I have at least 3 tapes full of episodes, and I know that's not all there is either. I just hope that there'll be a DVD set coming out soon, or if it already has, I'm going to get it. Although with Queer as Folk, Will and Grace, Angel....but I also know that this is for a Christmas list, and I'll have to bribe my father once again to get all these for me, just like the last time.

Life's a bitch. Really, it is. But hey, that's the life and reality we live in. So deal with it and move on.
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