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Fandom: The Academy Awards (Cont'd)

Reese Witherspoon's most adorable speech. She totally deserved her win for Walk the Line, and she looked simply gorgeous this evening. I loved her speech, her quavering voice as she spoke and her southern accent coming out (again, with the cute!), and how the push-in nearing the end of her speech really almost made me cry! Aww, and Ryan was there giving the encouraging smile and looking at her with admiration. Awww!!

Memoirs of a Geisha won for several categories, and I am very happy about this. It was such a beautiful film and a great adaptation of the novel.

The fact that "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" won after being performed. Now all I need is a decent downloadable copy because, damn, that song is stuck in my head....

Brokeback Mountain for Best Screenplay and Ang Lee for the directing of the film! Of course I'm slightly disappointed that it didn't win for Best Picture, however I must say I wasn't holding my breath. It came this far with much success behind it to even be nominated for countless categories, and that's what I'm proud of. Also, the film has already won dozens of other awards elsewhere. So, yay BBM!

Again, with Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars. Such a wonderful choice. Of course, that's a given --- he's always enjoyable no matter what. Much with the cuteness and hilarity.
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