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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BtVS), Potterisms (GoF), I Love Toys

I live! So, there was an unfortunate situation with some technical difficulties due to cable going out (due to either weather conditions or accidents around the area or whatnot). However, everything is running smoothly so far and hopefully no more blackouts will occur. Anyway, although I really couldn't announce the Firefly marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel earlier today, I can happily say that Doctor Who will be premiering next Friday! Whoo-hoo!

-♠- Happy Birthday Buffy!: Today marks the ninth year anniversary since Buffy and the Scoobies premiered on the smallscreen back in 1997! Which is slightly coincidential that the Sci-Fi Channel was airing a Firefly marathon on this day, so let's just call it Joss Whedon Series Day! Marathons galore, yay.

-♠- Good Television Speaks Out: In this article here, discusses two unbelievably praises shows --- Firefly and Veronica Mars --- and the unfortunate thing of them being well-praised yet with poor ratings, and the hope of a television revolutionary. With the opening sentence: "Good shows, like Firefly and Veronica Mars, will prosper if freed from the whims of TV executives.", Niall Crowley writes about these two incredible shows while being away overseas. It's quite an interesting read, really.

-♠- Hostility By Browncoats?: Fighting For Custody Of Characters is a short little article discussing the power of characters and who has the right to determine the fate of them: the fans or the creator of those characters. This article really emphasizes one particular Fireflyverse Browncoat who planned to boycott the film Serenity because two main characters from the series died in most brutal ways, and actually wished the film bombed in order to "teach Joss Whedon a lesson". Honestly? This individual doesn't understand the sacrifices a creator has to make to their precious characters, especially to keep the story compelling, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. I felt that Serenity did all of those things and more, despite the emptiness of those characters being gone. Of course, I understand the pain because those are our beloved characters; they're family. However, boycotting is simply ridiculous and radically over-the-top just to prove a point. Oh well, it's their loss really. But that article really emphasizes not only that, but focuses on a dedicated fans' view of characters and how they're dealt with inside that fandom. Luckily, I only shed tears and muttered "Joss, you magnificent genius bastard" after watching the film without being overkill with the drama.

-♠- House-Elves On Camels: Other than the exciting news that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is now available on DVD, there has been some interesting news that House-Elves have been spotted briefly in the movie. Although the S.P.E.W. storyline was nonexistent, apparently you can see them riding camels right as Harry and everyone are arriving at the Quidditch World Cup in the beginning. Hee, just a odd little tidbit there.

-♠- "I Don't Wanna Grow Up, 'Cause I'm A Toys R Us Kid": Just reminding folks out there that tonight is the last featured hour of I Love Toys on VH1. Last night was with the classic Nintendo (which I had and still have, OMG!) and the Mario Bros. game that I played with over and over and over again. Hee! And Duck Hunt! Ah, the memories....
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