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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Weekend Research Shiny: Fortunately because it's the weekend, and since the Internet luckily came back from a minor blackout in the cable connections, I can research some information for my anthropology assignment. Well, technically it isn't an assignment but rather my ongoing curiosity about some topics discussed during the class this passed week. Such as religious cults and differentiating them from actual religions, even though all religions started off as cults in the beginning. And interestingly enough, Criminal Minds focused on the topic of cults in a recent episode.

+ Daytime Chores Are Shiny: Also because it's the weekend, I get a chance to do some unfinished chores. The shiny is the reward of them being accomplished.

+ Saturday Shiny: Happy Saturday (March 11th), everyone! Stay safe and stay shiny.
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