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Fandom: Criminal Minds Review, LOST News, BSG Rec

This episode was very intriguing, especially with the misconception people have about Satanists and Satanism is general. Satanism is generally assumed to have human sacrifices, in this episode it's been stated that there hasn't been a single reported case of true Satanism practices in the United States. Some Satanists do mutilate animals in ritual performances, however almost all cases have been reported of adolescent kids experimenting and causing vandalism. This striked me as interesting, and thus researching (also because, in a religious anthropology class I am naturally curious --- and might get extra credit in doing so).

The plotline in this episode was about a Satanic killing in the woods of a small town in the Bible Belt of America. Naturally, it would attract attention. The BAU team has been called to investigate this mysterious and unusual case, but soon find out this wasn't from a frightening secret cult somewhere in that town. Instead, it's revealed that it was one of their own. This episode also emphasizes that Satanists can be anyone, not just those out of the norm.

What I really liked was a little more background on Reid and Morgan, especially about the nightmares. Of course, it would seem logical that they would have reoccurring nightmares because of the job they partake in; the BAU practically has dozens of life-threatening and gruesome cases, like anything else in the law enforcement. Poor Reid. I loved the coffee bit in the beginning, too. And Reid giving his knowledge of Star Trek, and being quite the intelligent lad that he is. Hee.

Criminal Minds is a fantastic show, and one particular ritualistic feature they have are the famous quotes before and after each episode, voice-overed by either Gideon or another character. These quotes often times will give hints to what the case is about, and in the end it gives the satisfactory conclusion of the mystery solved.

In other fandomish news, the LOST television score soundtrack will be available March 21st. I am completely psyched, considering the score is one of the main things that attracted me to the series; omnious sounding and creepifying. Although some of the title tracks on the soundtrack look incredibly wanktastic, given the amount of puns. I am deeply amused by this, if not disturbed.

Recommendation Of The Day: Battlestar Galactica (MV) - Sex, Violence, and Cylons. This is a fan-fucking-tastic fanmade music video, using clips from BSG to System Of A Down's "Violent Pornography" (such a bad song that it's good, and addicting as hell). Whether or not you're a fan of either, I highly recommend viewing this fanvideo. It's incredibly well done, particularly with the clips used, editing, lighting and just...everything. Although be warned, it contains lots of violence, sex, and graphic material, and spoilers from the mini-series to the current season.

Also, I really like Sharon "Boomer" Valerii. And possibly Number Six.
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