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Criminal Minds: "Blood Hungry" Episode Review

Criminal Minds 1.11, "Blood Hungry"

Perhaps a creepifying episode revolving around anthropophagy (basically cannibalism), tie-ins of religion and mental psychoticness. Gideon unintentionally irritating Garcia while temporarily being on crutches, and Maggie Walsh rises from the BtVS grave to appear as the mother of the mentally ill boy (played by CuteBoy!God from Joan of Arcadia) who is committing these henious crimes.

When a music teacher is found brutally murdered in her own home, the BAU is called in to investigate and profile who this murderer is in this small religious town. Gideon figures it out (while not out of the field, but back at the Behavioral Analysis Unit with Penelope Garcia) that this guy is a cannibal; covering all the counts of anthropophagy. The rest of the team is investigating the records mentally disturbed and criminals of the town in attempting to connect them to the murder. However, another murder happens while they are investigating --- all connected to one little boy, who seems to have gone missing. Kidnapped by the murderer, as they suspect, and possibly the target all along.

Eventually, they find the suspected killer....outside a church, on his knees assumingly praying while having containers of human organs next to him. Gideon says that this guy has been drinking his victim's blood because he believes it would make him vulnerable and able to encounter the divine --- and kidnapping the boy was to bear a gift to the divine; bringing them "an angel". However, it seems that it was the mother protecting herself because she felt embarrassed of having a son that went into a mental institution, and thus kidnapping the little boy was to save herself the reputation of that.

This episode had several intriguing topics, including cannibalism in connection to religion. Something that Bible Studies in Sunday School will never teach, unfortunately. The mythology, the morbid fascination I have with these kinds of topics and the reality of our world around us, this show touches all of those things and more. Again, I am in love with this show (and it's characters, apparently).

CuteBoy!God did a superb performance in this episode. And the little boy who was singing in the beginning bizarrely reminded me of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode with the singing boy. Nevertheless, I liked it. Gideon and Garcia's relationship is completely difficult in annoyance and cute at the same time....and Garcia's reaction in the end with "everything smells like soy sauce!" banter when the team comes back. Hee.

Oh, and I love the theme tune. It's amazingly awesome.
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