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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Veronica "Powerful Sleuth" Mars Of Shiny: Veronica Mars has returned with a brand new episode after it's month hiatus, yay! Which lies in tonight's episode with spoilerish reactions from moi: DUDE, Corny! And Carmen makes another appearance, which is a definite plus because I really like her character. Veronica investigates the bluntly outting of secretly gay students in Neptune High, and does her wonderful sleuthing as usual. Yay for Backup, and she finally replaced her tazer that was destroyed from being at the Fitzpatricks bar. Oh, and Hannah. I am really liking her. Seriously. Jackie is still 'meh' for me, though I think she's rubbing on my good side. Terrence Cook....guilty, or possibly framed? Lamb, you're awesome yet you're a lazy fool.

But, where in the hell was Weevil? Or Wallace? Oh, and Madison looked very pretty this episode. I don't even like her character, but the actress who plays her does her cruelly well and I'm impressed with that. And Dick was...well, typical Dick. For that guest-star girl I thought she did pretty well. As for a random offering to Rob Thomas: Can we have Clarence Wiedman back into the show, please? He's seriously badass and would make a great partner in crime with Veronica. Like, for serious. That is all. Cannot wait for the next episode, and definitely will be writing a full-length review of this one very soon (although I still have to do a review for the latest House, but hopefully those will be written shortly before the week is over). So, SHINY VMARS YAY!

+ Sleep Is Shiny: Slept in this morning! Considering I was up late last night catching up on some things (i.e. finishing up a novel and researching for my anthropology assignmnet which is due tomorrow), I needed the extra sleep. It's all good, and it's all shiny.

+ Friday Will Be Shiny...: For Doctor Who will be premiering, OMGYAYSHINY!! :D Can my enthusiasm be anymore thorough? I think not.
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