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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, Firefly, BtVS), Doctor Who

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

-♣- Our Lovely Capt'n Tightpants: Nathan Fillion still holds onto his Brown Coat, saying in this recent interview that he's not ready to give up. The loyalty of the fans, the accomplishment of finishing and continuing the story with Serenity, Nathan also says that his next mission will be: "sweet, sweet revenge, served cold." Oh, how I love my Captain! Also, Joss posts his thoughts of the Nathan interview, in his own way of course.

-♣- Anakin Skywalker Or Malcolm Reynolds?: In the wake of the Star Wars television spin-off that will begin filming in 2008, the article pretty much suggests that resurrecting Firefly "might be a better option" than troubling George Lucas' creation. In the height of decision making, the Star Wars television series will be aiming for 100 episodes....while Firefly still remains at 13 from is cancellation. I will say this: Bring back our Big Damn Show, gorrammit!

-♣- Slayer Versus Batman: Buffy Versus Batman. Vote for who will beat who in forever anticipated battle of heroes! Joss also comments on WHEDONesque with his fanboy thoughts (because it's too cute).

-♣- L.A. Meets UK: SciFi UK picks up all five seasons of Angel: The Series. So all folks living in the UK get a special treat with this vampire with a soul.

-♣- Family-Valued Big Damn Movie?: Apparently in the Family Valued film awards kids are reviewing their top favorite movies. Serenity was named Best Movie Made from a Great TV Show That Nobody Watched, which is totally true. Some other children's choices go towards Brokeback Mountain, Red Eye, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

-♣- Doctor What? Doctor Who!: Doctor Who premieres tonight on the SciFi Channel! Also, V for Vendetta came out today, as I'm definitely going to see it sometime this weekend.
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