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17 March 2006 @ 04:08 pm
VMars: "Versatile Toppings" Episode Review  

The Case: Neptune High Outting the Outters

During a series of muggings happening to several students, one actually had a list of Neptune High students who were homosexual and decided to "out" them without their consent. Veronica is asked to investigate who would've want to bring these people intentionally "out of the closet" and for what personal gain or price. Blackmailing also ensued, one towards a cheerleader (by a guest-star that apparently no one likes because she was on Laguna Beach or The OC...I don't know, since I don't watch either shows.) This is which she attempts to catch the next mugging --- Corny being the "master bait", hee! --- and uses her wit to capture a newly PCHer rounded up by Thumper. However, he isn't the perp in this case. In the end, it turns out that the cheerleader set the entire thing up to actually "out" herself and to make a little extra cash. Go figure, eh?

The overall case was pretty standard, with Veronica being called for help with such a high school, and yet sensitive, case such as the outtings of homosexual students within the pretentious 09er school of Neptune. Dick Casablancas, the typical dumb-jock male he is, practically demonstrates the stereotypical feelings of guys liking lesbians yet discriminating against guys liking other guys (even though he was tricked to be fooling around with a transvestite, which was all in the awesome the episode before this). Although I will give him props for saying that Veronica was rich guy Kryptonite, which is painfully true when you look at the reality of her relationships.

I don't know how I feel about this part of the episode, although it does tie-in some of the bus crash victims it didn't quite mesh. But I give Rob Thomas major props for focusing an episode the gay/lesbian theme.

The Terrance Cook Investigation

Another huge case is one in relation to the Big Plot of this season, the bus crash and how it all connects to Terrance Cook being accused. Keith, while a little blinded by his fanboyish feelings over his favorite baseball player, is willing to prove that Terrance Cook wasn't responsible or involved in killing those kids on the bus. Unfortunately, nothing can confirm his alibi of where he was when the bus actually crashed aside from him being in a casino, although that doesn't do any good either. By the end, by pure accident, Veronica finds something completely damaging to Keith's investigation --- a bomb hidden inside Terrance's garage.

However, I have a feeling that Terrance was framed because he's been having gambling problems, is famous and could get knocked down hard by someone with a grudge especially with all the huge amounts of money he owes people. It's all up for speculation, and I have a feeling we already know who the person responsible for the crash. We just have the piece all the clues together....

The Fitzpatrick Mystery: Logan/Hannah And Plastic Surgeon Father Troubles

Logan and Hannah are cute, even though Logan is totally playing her (as seen from a mile away), their together-time has that adorableness that I think originally comes from the Logan/Lilly relationship. Except that Hannah has this little girl innocence and sweetness like old!Veronica while Lilly was a wild child at heart. Of course, Logan has to pretend he doesn't see her during school because of fearing of getting caught, or whatever he thinks might happen. The entire confrontation between her father and Logan was the best. Logan telling him straightforward his business there, leading on that he probably is trying to find out the truth between him and the Fitzpatricks and why they want to frame him for Felix's murder. Logan Echolls means business, and whether or not he really does like Hannah this is just a great way to get this guy owned. Hmmm, blackmailing was quite a theme in this episode, wasn't it?

While Hannah is told by her father about Logan alledgedly killing Felix on the bridge, Logan desperately tries to reconvince her that he's innocent and that her own father is the liar. I loved how convincing he is, and she starts to investigate (i.e. caller ID from the Fitzpatricks, drugs hidden in the medicine cabinet, etc.) She finally believes what Logan is saying is true. I also believe that Logan will try to have Hannah turn in her own father so the entire truth --- about the Fitzpatricks and the PCHers --- of what happened that night on the bridge. Hence why he needed her on his side, to believe the truth so everything will go down upon the Fitzpatricks and their puppets for doing business.

While all this complex stuff is happening, I really like Hannah. She's cute, and I don't care if Logan is playing her or not. They do make a cute couple.

The Shiny Pretties!

I love Daddy Mars. Yep, totally love the man. **huggles him**

"I'm what you call the Master Bait!" HEE! Yay for Corny returning, and for Veronica working with him. His comments towards the Mexican kid was so hilarious. I love that dude.

Carmen! YAY for Rob Thomas for recycling minor characters. I like her, really I do. And the mentionings from last season and the "popsicle" incident.

BACKUP!! Hee, and Veronica calling him "Mr. Chompers"

"Dick! You totally nailed me." Hee, oh how I love Veronica and her unintentional innuendo-ish sentences.

Kryptonite comment made by Dick. So very true.

Veronica and Keith moment in the beginning. Aww, how I adore those two.

MAC!! Oh, and the ambiguous Veronica/Mac subtextiness with the Neptune High gay chatroom. "I'm just curious.....about the website."

"Did you just call me lady?" BAMM! Veronica whips out the tazor-gun and flashes it at the Mexican kid soon-to-be PCHer.

Veronica's expression after realizing who Hannah's father was. Hee.

Lamb flipped off Terrance. How'd that get by the censors? Seriously. I love this show. First Veronica, now Lamb. Much love!

BOO for no Weevil, Wallace, or Cassidy!

Overall: It was a pretty good episode. The underlining of blackmailing really was present (i.e. Logan with the plastic surgeon dad, the gay/lesbian outting blackmails at Neptune High, etc.) Also, the reappearances of minor characters is always a plus in my book. However, PLEASE BRING BACK CLARENCE!! Weevil and Wallace better return, as well. I miss them dearly.
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V. Wishes: veronicaviciouswishes on March 18th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)
As much as I'm thankful of RT's ever good job at portraying actual student diversity (gender, race, sexual orientation), I do still wish that one of the main characters would come out.
Autumn: x-menpenelopeblack on March 18th, 2006 04:08 am (UTC)
Pretty much agree with all of this. Especially this:

BOO for no Weevil, Wallace, or Cassidy!

I love those three so. :D
Court: Meg sigh blank - liz_guerinwordsleadmeon on March 18th, 2006 06:44 am (UTC)
BOO for no Weevil, Wallace, or Cassidy!

As much as I agree, the reality of budget constrants kind of makes it impossible to have everybody short of Duncan from the opening be in the episode with a guest cast list a mile long, and the reusing of 3 minor characters from other eps, plus Mac, Hannah, Hannah's Dad, Terrance, the baseball player guy who's name's completely gone from my brain, AND the Laguna Beach chick. I mean, that's a LOT of extra people.

And as much as I'm loving Hannah, I fear for that poor girl so much. She's going to end up so crushed by all of this.
Ariellodessa on March 20th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
a bomb hidden inside Terrance's garage

Woody Goodman's garage that he lets Terrance use.

And yes bring back Clarence and Weevil (and Wallace and Cassidy but you know...priorities)
Elise: hollowinsidexbehrbemine on March 27th, 2006 07:30 pm (UTC)
I just love your in-depth, detailed reviews. They give me further insight into this show that I am really getting into. Rob Thomas is quite amazing, isn't he? Shades of Joss Whedon at times... Witty, funny, endearing, dramatic, heartbreaking... everything.