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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Springtime Showers Of Shiny: Today is the first day of spring (presumably as the calender suggests), however the weather conditions say otherwise. This morning had heavy rain, and late this afternoon we had a rainstorm with hail, thunder and lightning. There had been plenty of tornado warnings, however nothing is concrete and it'll be clearing up as the week goes on. However, the sound of the rain made me giddy and...this upcoming weekend, it'll be rainstorming again! This is very shiny!

+ Mid-Semester Shiny: It's finally the middle of the semester, and I have midterms to study for! Anthropology midterm not until next week, and I need a vocabulary/terminology sheet for dance class (and practice our routine performance). Otherwise, I am all of the good and shiny.

+ Monday Shiny: Happy Monday, March 20th (the beginning of spring!) Hopefully everyone is staying dry (if you're area is prone to rainfalls around this time of the year) and safe. *loves and hugs*
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