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VMars: "The Quick and the Wed" Episode Review

Given the length of the "Previously On" introduction, which was probably about five minutes long before the actual episode started, all the information of what was going to be revealed had a lot to do with those flashbacks from last season and this current season. That's a lot of information to get through and I don't think I've connected the dots quite yet on some things (in order to make speculations about the Big Mystery, that is). Ah, the beauty of this show is all the twists and plotholes that not even an avid viewer can possibly gsther all in one evening....unless they're a genius or super-duper skilled with the observant eyes.

The Case: Runaway Brides and the Terrance Cook Investigation

Veronica's individual case consisted with a Neptune High student's older sister who had been on a bachlorette party and disappeared without a trace just before her wedding date. Cold feet? Possibly, although the clues left behind were suspiciously not suggesting so. Veronica then goes onto a wild goose chase for this missing bride-to-be, when finding out that actually she fled due to her old flame having family issues and she wanted to be there for support (giving Veronica that "you're twelve" speech, expecting that to differ from scaring your relatives half to death). Turning out that a faux fax message was from the lovely Vinny VanLowe, hired to track her down and such. The bride-to-be wasn't going to be anything, because her fiance thought she was just a band groupie and, judging from his tone of voice when she popped up at the last minute, he'd been thinking about breaking off the marriage for quite a while.

I must say, this was one of the easiest (if not interesting, getting past the phallic innuendos and balchorette gigglefits) jobs Veronica has yet to encounter. The bride-to-be was loud and obnoxious, though in the end I liked how she handled the wedding. Natural party girl, I and loved how Veronica looked fascinatingly horrified. Again with the "I never want to do this whenever I get married" expression.

Terrance Cook. Last we heard, Veronica accidentally found detinators inside his garage. Keith looked crushed, as one would when you find out your client you're defending is assumingly guilty of a heinous crime. Keith brings this issue to Sheriff Lamb, despite hard feelings towards the lazy-ass, although while Keith is witnessing the retrieving of the explosive he sees something. Er, rather someone that can confirm that the detinator was not there some time ago. Leading everything to believe that Terrance Cook is, in fact, being framed for killing all those kids in the bus crash. Suspiciously, as lodessa and I are highly speculating at this point, that the Goodman family definitely are behind this. This goes back to the flashbacks shown at the beginning of this episode --- Woody talking with Keith, Gia talking about how her father told her not to return to the bus....and Woody also had invited them for the field trip, and thus creating a very highly suspicious scene that he probably was partaking (if not the mastermind) behind the whole thing.

Still processing all the information to make a legit speculation, but that's what I firmly believe now. Plus, are the two cases --- the Fitzpatricks and the bus crash --- related at all? This is something to ponder about, because while there's one mystery there's another that has me puzzled.

The Fitzpatrick Situation and the Logan/Hannah Relationship

Fandom has really got to understand that Logan is totally using Hannah, and sleeping with her was probably in order to gain his control over the father who'd supposedly witnessed him killing Felix on the bridge. Everyone is getting on their high horses because they feel disgusted with Logan now --- and yet, Logan had repeated sexual play with Kendall Casablancas since the beginning of the season. Both Kendall and Hannah are his scapegoats; Kendall was the release of loneliness (the sex was real, everything else was emotionless in terms of romance), Hannah is his way to get underneath the skin of her father, the Fitzpatrick puppet (basically using her, and sweet-talking his way into her life). Logan isn't necessarily being the good person here, as witnessed in the very last scene of last night's episode. He may have good intentions for trying to find out the truth, however he's going about them in the wrong way.

Although I have admitted before that Logan and Hannah do make an adorable couple, I feel horrible for Hannah because she'll be heartbroken once learning what Logan is really up to. Hannah is an innocent girl, as that confrontation with her mother suggests, and Logan knows he is taking advantage of her. Perhaps he does feel guilty of that, hence going to Veronica in the end confessing that he might've done something horrible. In the final thought I have on this, is that while Hannah is innocent she isn't stupid. She'll learn the truth one way or another, and Logan definitely has something up his sleeve that will lead him to the truth of why the Fitzpatricks are blaming him (other than just being a regular spoiled-rich boy in Neptune, California).

The Shiny Pretties!

Vinny VanLowe returning! Along with Aaron Echolls (via television, that is). Hee!

Veronica's expression while the bride-to-be is singing (rather hoarsely, and embarrassingly) karaoke.

The phallic descriptions. Over and over again.

Kendall's boobs Kendall Casablancas working with Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas (yay, Beaver's back!!) Speaking of which....

"What did I tell you about thinking?" "That it makes my boobs smaller?" HEEEE! :D :D

Logan looking heartbroken during the television segment about the Echolls family, especially the mentionings of his mother. Dick, of course, not being very sympathetic but rather hey-it's-your-dead!hot-mother-of-yours-I-wanted-(andstillwant)-to-bang!

Keith looking hearbroken whilst learning of Terrance Cook and the explosives.

Vinny and his bowling league. And his "quacking". Hee. Much love.

More shiny, with Veronica commenting on Vinny being a "decent private investigator". Ah, the Vinny/Veronica "private eyes" love. :D

The entire "your twelve" said from the bride-to-be to Veronica, making a real-life reference to Kristen Bell known for going places and people thinking she's younger than she really is.


Despite the long introduction, it was a great way to catch folks up. Especially those unfamiliar with last season.

Kendall flirting with Aaron. Oh, how that was brilliantly done. But, what was Kendall doing while at Logan's place? Hmmm.

Overall: I really enjoyed the episode. Sex jokes, boobies and penises aside, it was quite an entertaining if not information-filled hour. Cannot wait for next week --- to which I was unintentionally spoiled through a VMars community of a guest star. Boo to whomever that was. Didn't need to know that.
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