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Doctor Who: "The Unquiet Dead" Reactions

Still squeeing over the new Doctor Who, which is my brand new fandom. Seriously, I have become completely obsessed with it. The series had me engrossed from the pilot episode last week and, quite frankly, I've been hooked since. Also, it doesn't hurt that the two main characters are such eye-candy.

Thoughts on tonight's episode: Might I just say, that Rose looked particularly gorgeous this evening, Of course, she's always a sight however that dress....I want that dress. And the style of her hair, and those earrings. Ah hell, I want the entire wardrobe. So she and the Doctor traveled back in time to 1869 and met up with Charles Dickens. That is indeed nifty, and the dealing with alien spirit-forces wanting to take over the human race, one corpse at a time --- sounds very Dawn of the Dead, or like Reavers but without the cannibalism.

Goodness, I just love this show. Rose's reactions are what I like, particularly when placing a modern girl in such a time period; her conversation with the servant girl, for instance. Asking such questions aren't necessarily proper during that era, however that is what any modern person would be thinking of if they'd set themselves in such a place and scene. I did like how the Doctor corrected Rose before leaving the Blue Box, about placing on the correct clothing. Take heed, amatuer fanfiction writers, of this little tip!

The ending was cute, Rose and the Doctor hold hands in the "fighting and dying together" mode, before Charles Dickens saved their lives. Go figure, eh?

Plus, I just love the Doctor as he smiles in glee or amusement on whatever he witnesses whenever they travel. Hee! Hilariously adorable, he is.
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