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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Lookit The Pretties! Shiny: Firefly Character Meme, because I my curiosity may one day kill me for giving into temptation: Which Firefly character do I most resemble? Hee! I am far too easily amused. Shiny!

+ Monday Boredom-Jitters of Shiny: Because of having no classes today, boredom ensued. Normally one would lounge about, however whenever I am bored, or on the verge of being bored, I feel as though I need to be productive in some form. I started doing chores: taking out the trash, dealing with the dishes, and enjoying the outside weather as it was raining like freaking crazy this afternoon. I also had a chance to practice some of my dance routine in between these out-of-boredom deeds, which is always shiny.

+ College Is Shiny: Fortunately, these little boredom-jitters could be my nerves talking because tomorrow I have an anthropology midterm. Gah! That means it has come to to middle of the semester already. I have confidence I'll do a good job, although that luck may be jinx some how. I don't know. But I do hope I pass with a decent grade.

ETA: Teddy received his gift! Shiny, adorable, shiny, sweet....this is just wonderful news! *is all in glee*
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