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House M.D.: "Clueless" Episode Mini-Review

Wilson continuously waking House up (and his toenails of doom, and blow-drying his hair loudly for House to make a comment about it), Wilson having his maid help clean up House's home (and frustratingly getting it too neat for House's taste, until the very end of course), and House stealing Wilson's food. Dude, they are SUCH a married couple.

The medical mystery was quite twisted, and I liked it. A couple wanting to be together forever (and enjoying some kinky S&M during their marriage, too), while the wife was slowly getting off killing her lover? Twisted, and yet poetic.

House ruled in this episode. As usual, of course, but I loved his yelling. And snarking and more yelling. Hee.

I love Foreman.

CHASE!! Pretty, pretty Puppy Chase. More screentime this episode, yay!

I REALLY liked Chase, Foreman, and Cameron going into the Men's restroom as House is taking a leak. So freaking hilarious! Only with Greggory House, I tell you....

Wilson and House are TOTAL BFF. Awww! House totally wants Wilson to stay with him (aside from being annoyed at his habits, and another reason to steal some good cooking from his best friend --- which is House for you).

Cuddy looked very pretty tonight, oh and she ruled as well.

Loved the song montage in the end.

Next Weeks Episode: Michelle Tratchtenberg will be guest-starring!! Our little Dawnie will be the prime patient, and I'm already startled and curious from what the previews showed us. Eeep! Definitely watching that (as if I wouldn't anyway, but since it has Michelle I have yet another reason to watch the episode). Can next week come any faster, please?
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