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House M.D.: "Clueless" Episode Review

This is my full-length episodic review of last night's House episode, "Clueless". This does contain spoilers.

The Medical Case: Everlasting True Love Is Poisonous

The beginning of the episode really was quite interesting, as we seen a distressed woman getting physically assaulted inside her own home by a stranger who is wearing a stocking over his head, dragging her to the bed attempting to have intercourse....when we actually find out it's this woman's loving husband after he starts choking and reacting in some unexplainable way. I'm guessing this isn't part of the sexcapades game of theirs....time to be admitted to Dr. Greggory House! He loves these kinds of cases; kinky S&M and weird situations that may squirk his lovely Ducklings.

This is where things start getting interesting --- House says that they are having an unhappy marriage (soon blaming the wife of slipping her husband drugs in order to keep him sick, but that's a little later in the explanation of the episopde), however Cameron thinks otherwise. She claims that they are probably having a healthy sexual relationship, and makes a notable comment about the healthiness of a threesome every seven years or so. This perks up House's morbid interest of making a bet, which Cameron surprisingly takes. This comes into an important factor in this episode, and not just about the bet itself.

This episode really focuses on the Sherlock Holmes element to this show, because House is continuously figuring things out --- for example, in the bathroom he is making sense of words and then everything clicks together when his eyes set on a metal pipe connected to the men's toilet. Also when he frantically returns to his home, rumaging through his "wood, shaped like a box" to test if his theory of the wife was right. It turns out that House was, in fact, right. The wife had been poisoning her husband and getting off doing so. Though we'll never understand or know the specific 'why' of what she did, Cameron seemed quite shocked that someone could do something like that to their spouse and continue living life as though nothing had happened.

I really enjoyed this medical mystery of a case because, while it wasn't sickening it was increasingly suspenseful and I was wondering whether it was the wife or something else that wasn't explainable by medical terms. Luckily, House figured it out even when things were starting to look as though he was off track with the assumptions.

The Relationships: House Versus Cameron --- Betting Against All Bets

I have my theory about why Cameron took House's bet, which is something Cameron never does unless it's to prove a point. She wants to prove that not all relationships are miserable or dysfunctional as House proclaims the majority are; in other words, she wants to prove House wrong. However, Cameron gets the shock to discover that even the healthiest relationship in the world (and the most open relationship, at that) can have its severe dysfunctions. Thus, losing the bet.

Her "ignorance is bliss" line confused me at first, however I'm having my speculations on what she meant by that. Either she is admitting that it is better to be ignorant and happy, or that it's a horrible thing to be ignorant and happy, and either that's directed towards House or towards herself.

Another relationship I'd like to point out is, well, quite obvious: House and Wilson living together. Hilarity ensued, at least for the viewers while House gets annoyed with Wilson's tidiness habits and eats his well-prepared food. Two dysfunctional people actually getting along in such a situation. Perfection. Hee.

The Shiny Pretties!

House juggling, and the Ducklings' expressions were priceless!! Especially Chase, with his eyes watching whatever House is juggling in the air....and when House says, "What, no applause" after he finished with a bang, Chase moved as though he was about to applaud, but stopped himself (probably fearing the embarrassment of being House's bitch. Hee!!)

Chase, Foreman, and Cameron entering the Men's Bathroom together while House was taking a leak. Although I'm curious as though why Cameron was anxious to leave the Men's Room, yet was so content entering the shower room with high!House in that one episode. Hmm....

Chase was pretty. The end. Me wants more pretty, pretty Aussie Chase.

House stealing Wilson's food. Such a BFF, and the signs left on the containers! Oh man, I love Wilson.

Wilson's "loud toenails". Hee!

The clinic case. Oh goodness, that was funny. Cuddy was impressed with House tricking the man into unintentionally admitting he was cheating....that was awesome, like whoa.

The beginning of the episode was amazing. Misleading with a twist in the end. I like, lots.

Hee, the maid and House wanting the things where they were....only to discover that Wilson's maid might be in the right al along. I loved his conversation with her ("it's wooden, and it's boxed shaped!").

The montage in the end, and House wanting to have his BFF staying around. Awww. MUCH LOVE! :D

Overall: Much love for this episode; somewhat out-of-the-norm kinky S&M between married couple with one slowly killing the other, Cameron getting PWNed (again), House and Wilson togetherness. Just wonderfully paced and I really enjoyed it.

Next episode, Michelle Tratchtenberg guest-stars! OMGYAY! :D :D
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