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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Majorly Creepifying Shiny: Tonight is a brand new Supernatural. Padalecki, Jensen, ghosts and ghouls, spirits and haunting mythology and urban legends. All of this (and the wonderful use of classic 1980s metal and rock music with their Metallicar) is very shiny.

+ College Is Shiny: Finished with the second-half of my anthropology midterm exam, this time it was the essay portion. I'm hoping I did well, considering the essay question, while a subject I knew perfectly well of, organizing all the information into an essay-format within a limited time period wasn't computing through with my brain. Nevertheless, open-book and open-notes, so it was all good.

+ Mother Nature is Shiny: Hee, it's raining outside right now. Will be rainstorming later this evening. I'm loving it, and it's shiny.

ETA: Hee. The House fandom is so funny.

ETA2: Tonight's CSI? I was utterly fascinated. The ending though...not surprising, but chilling especially with the young child actress. I give that girl major props; her acting was superb.
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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