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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BtVS), Nathan Fillion (Slither), Prison Break

Happy lovely Friday, March 31st! The end of the month. Almost nearing Easter break (although most people already had their spring break vacations early, so I've read). Thus springtime has officially arrived --- and around here the rainstorms are getting more and more unpredictable. Hopefully, weather conditions are at least decent elsewhere with other folks. Also, new Doctor Who this evening on the SciFi Channel!

-♠- Our Captain Gets Creepifying: Unless you haven't heard the news, watched television previews or seen it advertised online, Nathan Fillion's new Sci-Fi/Comedy/Horror film SLITHER officially hits theaters today. It's hysterically gross and disgusting, and yet Nathan wants all fans to view it at least once as his belated birthday present. And what better way to spend a Friday afternoon than appeasing our lovely Captain? Plus, there's already been a positive review for the film, including a nice praise towards Nathan.

-♠- "You know what I miss? Leeches.": Belated, however a lovely 41st birthday to Juliet Landau who played the fabulously crazy-insane vampire Drusilla.

-♠- Slayers and Slayerettes No More?: Is it the "Curse of Buffy"?, in which this article proclaims since after the cancellation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that the actors haven't found another home to successfully hold their acting careers, much like the Seinfield actors. My reaction: this article is far from the truth; mostly everyone seems to be doing perfectly fine where they are. David Boreanaz stars in Bones that will be getting a second season, Michelle Trachtenberg has had plenty of success including getting it on with Simon and will soon to be guest-starring in one of my favorite shows. Amber Benson has written, directed, produced, and starred in her own successful independent film and creating more as we speak, and Alyson Hannigan is now on How I Met Your Mother and both she and Charisma Carpenter are regular guest-stars on Veronica Mars. And while Sarah Michelle Gellar may have starred in less-than-great films they have been box office breakers, therefore her Hollywood career is flying high in that sense. From this, mostly everyone from the BtVS cast is holding their own nicely.

-♠- Wentworth Central: Prison Break gets renewed for a second season, so all Wentworth Miller and Prison Break fans should be extremely pleased about this news. So, apparently FOX is renewing both Bones and Prison Break, and hopefully House M.D. as well. Let's just hope this streak lasts....
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