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VMars: "The Rapes of Graff" Episode Review

Finally got around to watching this episode, via videotape. This episode? Probably one of my favorites so far this season. The Veronica snark is shining through, and I was loving every second of every moment of it. This show completely and totally rocks, and it keeps getting better and better.

The Case: Converted Icetwin and the College Accusation Mystery

It's college-checking-out time, and while Wallace is completely psyched about visiting the college he's thinking about attending Veronica is, well, less than enthusiastic. Of course, Wallace persuades her into joining him on the three-day tour around the campus and, quite reluctantly, she gives in. The Hearst campus does resemble the college atmosphere, however it's in Neptune so there's some bitter-feeling that Veronica has. During the tour beginnings of the first day of the tour, Veronica incidentally meets the newly improved Troy Vandergraff (remembered from first season as Veronica's small flame who was dealing with drugs, in which she totally owned him in that department). Troy swears to her he's changed since those times, though Veronica has bitter feelings about his words. The college tour thereafter seems to be going well (and by well, Veronica has made some impressions by the drunken frat asshole, but she totally owned him by throwing beer in his face twice), however not so much for poor little reformed Troy Vandergraff.

Apparently, Troy has been accused of drugging, raping, and shaving the hair off one of the girls he was getting friendly with at one of the college parties they were attending the night before. Veronica comes to his beckon call, however doesn't necessarily believe his story --- but decides to investigate nevertheless. Stacy, played by Alia Shawkat who was Maeby from Arrested Development, is the main victim along with another girl who had the same thing done almost a month before. Veronica digs deeper, revealing the sick and twisted games frat college guys do by scoring girls based on certain levels and such (something I am unnerved, though not surprised by), and finding out that Troy had absolutely nothing to do with the travesty that happened to Stacy.

This is the kind of episode I love seeing, not only for the different locations but for witnessing Veronica snark it up and interacting with different characters that may be relevant for future episodes or another season. Also, did anyone else notice while Veronica was presenting the photo of th Girl Score Board from the frat house, that the administration woman was giving Veronica this pensive expression, as if she was impressed with her work of finding out the truth. This may be a hunch, but perhaps Hearst may just be a place for Veronica after all. She may be reluctant about staying in Neptune, but from the direction this episode was going she may just have a change of heart....especially if she has people on her side.

In the end, Troy was not the perp and no longer Bad Boy Troy. Veronica doesn't really apologize or let her guard down in letting bygones be bygones, but she does leave the aquaintance window open for some possibilities in the future. I admit, after what Troy did last season I wouldn't completely trust him either. But it's nice that Veronica isn't holding a gigantic grudge against him, as from her last statement.

Though, we still don't know who actually committed the rape of the two girls (and possibly more victims). But hey, you can't win every case or solve every mystery; not even Veronica Mars. Perhaps this may lead to another open possibility in season three....

Cliff McCormack's Big Mistake: The Escort Mystery

Oh my God, perhaps the hilarious and funniest moment in this entire episode. Keith Mars finds Cliff at a Neptune Grand hotel room, handcuffed to the bed. Completely, if not almost nearly, naked and only covered with the bedsheets around that specific area. When asked how he managed to phone Keith, Cliff answers quite hilariously, "aecrobatically". HEE. The downside to the escapades is that the hooker, or escort, stole Cliff's briefcase which had the Logan Echolls paperwork in them. Smooth move, Cliff. But I love you anyway.

Finding security camera footage from the elevator, Keith and Cliff find the woman in question --- along with Sheriff Lamb getting extremely (and secretly, I imagine) passionate with Madison Sinclair. Yet another thing to squee about in this episode. Revealing all the goodies that will leave all of us smiling and giddy over. Totally cornering and blackmailing Lamb with screencaptured photographs (and a little catchy slogan to boot), Lamb gives them the information about the escort. Nearing the end, the escourt arrives at the Mars household --- Veronica is bemused with this surprise --- and Keith, with Cliff, corner her into revealing her source of why she stole the briefcase. My guess is going to the Fitzpatricks, or another puppet of the Fitzpatricks that are desperately wanting information on Logan.

The Relationships: Logan and Hannah

Since I've already said what I needed to say in terms of the Hannah Griffith situation, I am just going to keep it simple. Hannah may be a little naive when trusting people, but I do believe she and Logan genuinely like each other. I also think that Logan still likes Veronica, however they are both on completely different sides of the spectrum right now. Logan did use Hannah at first, however he started to really like Hannah --- and now it's Cat and Mouse between Tom Griffith and Logan Echolls, and the threat with his growing relationship with Hannah.

It was depressing hearing that Tom Griffith would do anything to keep Logan away from Hannah, which means he is still threatened by him from revealing his participation with the Fitzpatricks. From Logan's tone of voice, and his expression when Hannah was leaving, anyone can tell he does sincerely care about her. That, in itself, is incredibly sweet which is why I find them adorable.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ Veronica throwing beer in the drunken doofus' face. Twice, with a snarky comeback. Hee. I love Veronica, like whoa.

+ Daddy Mars! And Daddy Mars finding Cliff.....handcuffed to the bed. Oh, and his smug look was totally worth it.

+ "Yoink!" I may not be a fan of Dick Casablancas, but his lines this episode made me laugh.

+ Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development guest-starring!! :D :D

+ The faux campaign poster with "18-IT'S LEGAL" written nicely where Lamb is making out with Madison. PRICELESS. Hee. Lamb, Keith, and Cliff. How awesome was it seeing them together in a scene. Again, with smirking!Keith.

+ Speaking of which, Lamb and Madison? HOLY SHIT, that's awesome. Crack!pairing alert, but this way it's completely canon. God, I love this show.

+ Wallace and Veronica. Totally cute. He is so the Watson to her Holmes, like whoa.

+ The Frat house inituation thing, with the scoring of girls. Honestly, I have no idea if this really does happen inside universities with dorms. But it's frightening if this does still happen, of is it considered harrassment in this day and age? It wouldn't be surprising if it wasn't, since guys are considered manly for getting with many girls when dared to be accepted --- if a girl did the same, she would be considered, by definition, a "slut" or "whore". Unfair, yes. Though I am glad that Rob Thomas focused on this subject like he did with the gay/lesbian theme in a previous episode.

+ The "Iceman" was a shoutout to Aaron Ashmore's (Troy Vandergraff) twin brother, Shawn Ashmore, who plays Iceman in the X-Men movies.

+ The TWoP shoutout at the party.

+ "Dad, your hooker's here." HEE.

+ Veronica's "Oh. My. God." reminded me of Janis from FRIENDS, only less exaggerated.

+ Have I mentioned that Rob Thomas rocks the cashbah? Because, dude, this episode is my absolute favorite so far.

Overall: This is exactly the kind of episode I love. Complete with hilarity, snarkage left and right, good old-fashioned detective work that is accomplished within a three-day period which recieves Veronica friends, enemies, and a possible respectable opening for attending Hearst even if she wants to move far away elsewhere. Nice to see Troy again, and my feelings about him before have averted. Has he truly changed for the better? This episode proved so. However, things aren't always what they appear to be, especially in Neptune. The Logan and Hannah situation is getting heartbreaking, because while fandom dislikes her I have grown a fondness for her character, and with Logan heartbroken over her unexpected departure it's saddening. That aside, I fell in love with this episode. AWESOME. Cannot wait until next episode, which finally has some Weevil, so yay!

Daylight savings time is completely screwing with my schedule. Gorram switching the hours forward, now I have to adjust to it when everything going perfectly well the way it was. Poopie. I was restless last night, and didn't go the bed until I think four or five in the morning. Yeah, that's how messed my schedule is now. I say again, gorrammit.
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