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House M.D.: "Safe" Reaction Review

Yay, Michelle Tratchenberg is the main patient in this week's medical mystery! She looked very pretty; I adore her hair. Oh, and the lighting in this episode really elluminated her eyes --- yes, these are all shallow-based, your point? Loved her character's storyline.

Whoa, overprotective mother alert. However, I'm glad she reformed herself midway --- I really thought she was going to be an unforgiving bitch, but not so much. And yay, for Foreman screentime.

HEE. House and Wilson and their living arrangements. And, DUDE, the "faking I'm with a hooker when I'm really masterbating" ploy? Hysterical, and I was just laughing out loud with Wilson's reaction. The writers and creator must've been watching the latest wank in the fandom, or perhaps that's just plain coincidence. House/his left hand/brain = OT3, like whoa.

"Oh snap!" Hee! I love House.

Chase was pretty (as always). Cameron surprisingly didn't annoy me; in fact, her comments rather PWNED in this episode. Her comment towards Chase, a la their incredibly hot, stoned and sexy evening together, was perfect. Loved his expression.

Watching Cuddy in the beginning, all I could think was, "God, I want her necklace."

Mentioning of Steve McQueen!! YAY, they have not abandoned the rat after all!

House and Foreman with the Tug-O-War with the Cane of Doom!!

Michelle's character had a very gorgeous bedroom.

House and Wilson playing college-esque pranks on each other. Oh, they are such boys. And I love them for it. Hee! The saw-through-cane prank was excellent....and House smiled! The hand-in-water prank was good too, although I was waiting for the whipped cream-in-the-hand prank. That would've been freaking hilarious!

Did I mention that I adore this show? Because I really do.

Also, the preview for Bones? I am SO watching that. Pirates, baby.
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