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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Fannish Fandom Shiny: Basically, I'm having three hours straight of fandom-watching goodness. Bones, Veronica Mars, and The Evidence (in which I thank the lovely carlyinrome for reminding me to watch out for Carly Pope's appearance). Here are rather fannish thoughts on them:

Bones: Reaction Review

PIRATES! Oh, how much did I just love that part during the previews? The storyline was fun, especially with Brennan not really understanding the pirates excitement between the guys (though I was shocked that she wouldn't be either because, dude, pirates! I remembered being completely obsessed with pirates and treasure hunting after watching The Goonies when I was little over and over again driving my mother practically insane)

I really love the chemistry between Brennan and Booth. Her "FBI, you're all under arrest!" and his "You don't say that, I'm the one with the badge" reply was freaking genius. Hee.

I don't care what people say, David Boreanaz totally works in this show. He's having a lot of fun in this particular role and, he's handling a gun and wearing a snazzy suit to boot! And Brennan "Bones" (Emily Deschanel) is very very pretty.

Veronica Mars: Reaction Review

I love Weevil (yay, he's finally back!); and props to him for getting to the bottom of things and solving it his own way. Major props to going to Veronica first, because he knows she can whip up some wonderful magic. Hee, that scene in the beginning was very cute between them. Weevi/Veronica for life, like whoa.

Poor Mac. Beaver, don't leave her gorrammit! You two make a cute couple, and don't let Dick influence or embarrass you. Mac likes you, you like her. C'mon man!! This is me, wanting the Mac/Cassidy relationship to last a long, long time.

Veronica's hair looked cute this episode. And yay for Keith! That's all I'm saying for now because, wow. And next episode? Trippy, dude. Very trippy indeed.

+ California Weather Shiny: So apparently, according to the calender, it's springtime. However here, it still feels like winter (or late autumn). Yesterday it was downpouring almost all day, and today some showers but mostly cloudy and mild. Though supposedly, after tomorrow, it's going to be raining nonstop for ten days. Welcome to California, where the weather and climate is unpredictable, especially for Californians that have lived all their lives in the area. Still, it's shiny because I finally get to use this umbrella I've been meaning to show off (because it's so freaking cool!)

+ River Tam Shiny!: Summer Glau's new project, Mammoth, will be premiering on April 22nd on the SciFi Channel. Because I just adore Summer (and her ass-kicking ballet-fu skills), I found this shiny and this will be her second featured film since Serenity. Dude, just check out the gallery with her in it. She looks absolutely amazing and grown-up! Hee!
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