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06 April 2006 @ 09:11 pm
VMars: "Plan B" Episode Review  

The Mystery Case: Weevil's Payback and the Woody Goodman Conspiracy

Finally, Weevil has returned! This episode is very Weevil-centric, focusing on his strong feelings of avanging the death of Felix and getting major payback upon Thumper. He wants to take immediate action of proving the involvement Thumper has with the Fitzpatricks and the plot against Felix (along with framing Logan Echolls in the process), though doesn't want to do anything he'd regret before realizing there might be an easier, and legal, way of revealing this murder mystery. Thus, he goes to Veronica for help. Their interaction in the beginning left me giggling and grinning because they are so darned cute; from the friendship chemistry to joining alliance together, they make a great partners in crime. I love them, really I do. So, Veronica agrees to help Weevil out --- even going to Logan for background information on the Mexican guy that actually saw him on the bridge, and relaying the lowdown with Molly Fitzpatrick and her relationship with Felix.

That scene with Molly and Weevil during lunchhour probably was one of the memorable scenes of this episode. Just from Weevil's outburst, filled with great amount of emotion and anger --- I just about jumped back from surprise and awe, and my heart breaking because dude, his voice was filled with so much hardcore emotion. If I didn't already love Weevil, this moment sure as hell would've won me over.

After dealing with a planted microphone in the yellow toy truck Weevil presented Molly (as a tribute to Felix), they finally have a slight-confession of the Fitzpatrick ring attached to the bus crash. Though Sheriff Lamb, however, isn't necessarily best at recieving such things unless with legitimate evidence. As I understand that fact, Lamb totally dismisses the recording and sends Veronica and Weevil on their merry way. While Veronica has more ideas, Weevil is done with the law-side of solving the case; instead, he takes matters in his own hands, using excellent stradegy and pre-planning without getting caught by Thumper of the Fitzpatricks in the process.

My only confusion is whether Weevil really did set Thumper up to be killed, or if Thumper is really dead or if that's a mislead. The confessional scene in the end was sweet and touching, nevertheless I am wondering on what actually happened with the building exploding, the motorcycle, and the tied-and-bound Thumper in the bathroom.

The Woody Goodman situation. I am still convinced that the Goodman's have something to hide, whether if they are responsible behind the bus crash, or if they are working with the Fitzpatricks, or vice versa, or perhaps the Fitzpatricks are having a deal with Woody Goodman or somesuch. Also, the digital video recording of inside the Goodman's home; because of Keith's suspicions and copying the disk, I'm thinking that Keith suspects something is definitely not right with Woody and his business at all. Plus, Woody's reaction to Logan winning the Neptune High 'Freedom Essay' contest was quite a simple gesture that he was both surprised and unaware that Logan Echolls would be inside his office.

Though, I am wondering what Logan has planned now (i.e. the signature stamp).

The Relationships: Sadie Hawkins Revolution

Man, this episode had relationship makers and breakers, didn't it? First up, Jackie and Wallace; granted, episodes ago I would've been yelling at Wallace to find someone else because Jackie wasn't worth his time or air. But now, I'm actually liking her character. Her decency is shining, especially when she brushed Wallace off when he spontaneously kissed her in the parking lot. "You're making me become the person I don't want to become. So, stop." That line was perfectly delivered, I thought.

Though the tradegy has to hit the floor: Cassidy and Mac. Understandably, Cassidy may have insecurities due to his nervousness about being in a relationship. The pressure his asshole of a brother places on him on getting with a girl, could be one problematic issue. Another could be because he doesn't want to have a competition between him and his brother, between getting intimate with a girl and having it ruined from something. Honestly, I don't blame Cassidy if these are true; with a brother like Dick you have to have precautions, especially with those you sincerely like. Though I feel horrible for Mac, because she kept thinking it was because she was doing something wrong. True, admitting she went to Veronica about their relationship was a uh-oh of a slip, though Cassidy did overreact just a tad. Le sigh, can't these two kids just resolve this and get back with their uber cuteness? Like, seriously.

Veronica and Logan. Yes, they danced. Yes, they worked and had more screentime together. Yes, it is all about the chemistry. Yes, I do like them together. No, I don't care about the rapid fangirls squeeing --- I like them together, that is true, but I am not insanely fanatic about it. Thank you very much. Moving onwards now....

The Shiny Pretties!

+ Dudes, this was the first episode ever without the VMVO (Veronica Mars Voiceover).

+ Veronica's hair. It was very pretty and adorable, particularly in the beginning of the episode. Me likes, lots.

+ Veronica and Weevil interaction. Weevil asking Veronica for help, Veronica's jump of anticipation, Weevil correcting her "gangster sign" mistake as it was "scout's honor" (hee!).

+ Weevil, looking fine as ever. YAY for returning, we missed you!

+ FLASHBACK, with Felix! Aww, I miss Felix.

+ Keith Mars is of the awesome. Me loves some Daddy Mars.

+ "Once I pick losers, you're the only one." HEE!! Oh, how I do enjoy the Veronica and Lamb snarkage.

+ The scene between Gia and Logan was funny.

+ "Golly Miss Molly" Hee.

+ Weevil totally OWNS, like whoa.

+ "This face? Right here? My 'over the moon' face." I love Veronica. Now if only Veronica and Weevil would finally hook it up.... ♥

Overall: Completely and totally enjoyed this episode. It was Weevil-centric, how could I not love it? I'm just hoping there's more of him in the future, and if (and when) we do get a third season he should be focused on a lot more. Seriously. I want more Weevil.

Next Week's Episode: Again, I say, trippy. Veronica is seeing dead people! I am looking forward to seeing this episode, but, alas, I will be out of town when it premieres on it returns to Tuesday nights (and competing against House, EEP!)
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Ariel: veronica mars-weevil necklodessa on April 7th, 2006 03:30 pm (UTC)
I seriously agree with everything you've said (although I am still a little peeved at Wallace for not handling the Jane situation better) and it's such a relief after reading so many people's responses I didn't like.

Mainly though, I realized that the real reason I am still into this show this season is Weevil, like if he wasn't in it I would have just waited till the fall for the dvds.
Renéerogueslayer452 on April 7th, 2006 06:12 pm (UTC)
Mainly though, I realized that the real reason I am still into this show this season is Weevil, like if he wasn't in it I would have just waited till the fall for the dvds.

It seems that there's a mixed bag of feelings towards this current season, because there's so much going on without a solid position. I admit it's not as season one was, dealing with one specific incident bit by bit each episode with private-eye action from Veronica. Though the storylines are intriguing, and plot-wise I'm really hoping it's something gigantically huge to be revealed of who is behind the bus crash and their motives for doing so. Not that it'll can top Aaron Echolls nearing burning Veronica alive, but anything's possible.
Ariel: veronica mars-place I belonglodessa on April 7th, 2006 06:20 pm (UTC)
As I said to a RL friend last night: I am waiting to see if there is a buttefly.I hope Rob Thomas and Co. will fill us with awe in the way they wrap up the series but I am nervous.

Also I genuinely don't like watching shows week to week so part of my desire to not watch until it's over is that.

I love VM... I do. I just am nervous that it will let me down.
nerdy2: kaylee shiny by eyesthatslaynerdy2 on April 9th, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)
Okay, I started reading your vm reviews and now I'm bummed that I seemingly can't read all of them, since you have em friends locked. Can I add you, pretty please? We seem to be sharing quite a few obsessions with the Potter, Buffy, Joss, VM and so on...
Renée: River. Dancing with glee.rogueslayer452 on April 9th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)
Oh, absolutely! Go right ahead, and I'll friend you back. *g*
nerdy2nerdy2 on April 10th, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC)
Hey there! I totally agree with your review. Best ep in a long time!
But do you really think his nervousness and so on are the only reasons for Cassidys behaviour? Because it seems to me that there must be more. There were definitely some points for future eps. The scene where Kendall asked whether her names were on the papers and he just smiled in this knowing manner? There must be something more, right? Also the scene with Mac. I also think he overreacted in a major way. But I am squeamish about attributing it solely to Dick. Couldn't it be something else? Like, somethinmg he wants to hide from mac? or has to hide?

*sigh* VM seriously got me spooked, I see a conspiracy behind every tree! :)
Renée: Cher. Thinking.rogueslayer452 on April 13th, 2006 07:37 am (UTC)
Glad you liked the review. :)

Honestly, in my opinion, I doubt Cassidy is hiding something completely huge other than he willingly hired Kendall into his own organization for whatever purpose (in which I believe he's trying to redo the business that his father didn't finish before he fled the country). I'm sticking with my theory that it's his insecurities with becoming another Dick Casablancas. Although, I wouldn't put it passed Cassidy into having a plan of action since he is smarter and more intelligent than Dick. Maybe, due to his father not thinking more highly of him and Dick picking on him all the time, Cassidy could have something else in mind to try and become a better man. However, it's all speculation for me because I do like Cassidy and the relationship between him and Mac (which I don't want it to end, damn it!)

The thing I love about VMars is the clues Rob Thomas gives throughout the season, so us as the audience can try to piece all the information together in hoping to solve the mystery before Veronica. The reward is having all these dark and twisted revelations come about that blows ones mind, and craving more.