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Trapped in a Purple Haze

I finally got Britney Spears' new album, In The Zone, and I've just finished listening to the entire thing. It fucking rocks! Definitely one of my favorite out of all her previous albums and, unashamedly, this one is much better. I love her older stuff, don't get me wrong, because I've been there from the beginning ever since Baby One More Time first appeared on the radio and her music video, but over the years she definitely grown up; this album is the perfect example of that maturity. Britney is absolutely amazing and shines through in this one.

Apparently, I am mesmerized by this entire album; I can't stop listening to it. Britney sings beautifully, the rhythm is amazing and the lyrics are moving, intoxicating, sensual, and spellbinding. If anyone could just listen to one of her newer songs off of this album, they'll become addicted to the melody of her voice it'll be totally unbelievable. I am glad that I got the last one off the rack before I would go completely insane. I do not regret anything from buying the CD. It's amazing, bewildering and enchanting by the wild, crazy, sexy seductress named Britney Spears.

In other news, one of my friends ended up in the hospital this weekend after going to a rave and taking too much E, sniffed a line of coke and a spiked drink. Apparently she had a seizure and passed out in the middle of the parking lot. Her heart stopped beating and she was rushed into the hospital. Unfortunately, this isn't the worst she's been in, considering the circumstances. But, anyway, today we got news from the doctors that she's doing fine and she's able to talk. She'll be back at the school probably around the end of this week or Monday of next week. So, I am glad she's okay and alive.

Been watching the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer for the twenty millionth time, but at least it'll keep me entertained until we get something else; perhaps new pictures of Trelawney - where she's trying to convice Harry that he's going to die, or perhaps when Hermione storms out of the classroom - and of Lupin, a better and clearer picture of him than what we've been shown. I cannot believe I have to wait 7 fucking months for the actual movie! I'll go insane if I don't see something new.

I need Snape....more of Snape. More of the dark, maliciously snarky mysterious Severus Snape. ::sighs::
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