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I Live!

Finally! I've just returned from my brief spring break vacation traveling, which took approximately eight hours driving on the road from Los Angeles. Muscles ache, am slightly hungry even though I ate disgusting fast food along the way. Nevertheless, I am happily back home where I can lounge (and do some chores and housework, yays) for the duration of the Easter break week and weekend. Though I will be updating on my vacation excitement later, because Lord knows there's plenty of stories to tell about my sightings and such.

But for now, I am going to be catching up on what's been happening in fandom. I didn't die without the Internet, due to the fun and exhaustion I was having, but I felt deprived without my online fandom fix. Although I did see the House episode last night --- and it was so good, too --- I still have yet to see the latest Veronica Mars; will be watching that tape later this evening after I watch Bones and Criminal Minds.

Also, most of all, I missed you guys! Including my newest friends from the Firefly friending meme. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful and exciting spring break/Easter vacation!

ETA: I was just notified that Bones isn't on this evening. Boo, I was looking forward to seeing the creepifying episode with black magic and voodoo and the like. Oh well, at least Criminal Minds is still on! Yay.
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