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12 April 2006 @ 07:02 pm
VMars: "I Am God" Episode Review  
I finished watching the latest episode a little while ago, and boy-howdy was it ever a doozy. Slightly on the bizarre side, which I admit I like, with more eerieness adding to this seasons big mystery.

The Case: Veronica Mars Is The Ghost Whisperer, Technically

Interestingly enough, this wasn't quite the episode matching up to last week's hardcore-driven one. However, it had a supernatural element that I liked, and explained a little more about the bus crash and its victims and possible suspects. Riverting back to first season ghostly-visions (a la Veronica seeing Lilly in broad daylight or subconscious), every time Veronica closes her eyes or dreams at night she is on the bus and is communicating with the kids that had died. All of which are steering her into the direction of figuring out the truth of who could've possibly caused the bus crash. Somewhat creeping her out, Veronica is nevertheless wanting to solve this no matter what; she even tells Neptune High's counseler about her dreams (making pop culture referrences as well, Ghost Whisperer, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Citizen Kane), and Veronica even tries to use her dreams to find the answers to her questions. Something like what Buffy Summers would do, or Allison DuBois from Medium.

Unlike any other Veronica Mars episode this season, the dreamy visions with the bus crash victims was quite a turn from the ultra-seriousness from the last episode. Although Weevil wasn't present, there was plenty of clues of what the ghosts of the victims were trying to tell Veronica about who did the deed to sabotage the bus. In the end, Veronica finally discovers that the drawing behind one of the seats (which was coffins and the written words I AM GOD in black market) was actually a band that someone copied onto the seat. Nothing completely relevant to who actually was responsible in the bus crash....or does it....?

I liked the episode because of this little factor, being Veronica talking supernaturally with those no longer living; being haunted by the lost souls, if you will. Much like communicating with Lilly during the first season as she was investigating the truth of her murderer, Veronica is now trying to do the same with the bus crash victims.

The Relationships: Logan and Wallace Befriending and Papa Mars' Sleuthing Slyness

Logan and Wallace working together, now there's an unlikely and odd friendship. Although seeing the friendliness between them was quite refreshing, and a change of pace for once. Wallace seemed to have an indifference opinion about Logan before, and now with this newly found bonding with their project I'm guessing Wallace is actually starting to know Logan, or at least understand him in some ways. I like Logan, however am not an obscene Logan fangirl that 99.5% of fandom seems to be, so I understand Wallace having some respect for him. As I do, as well. And with him defending Logan to Veronica (and her look of confusion was great) really shows how much our little Wallace Fennel has grown while being in Neptune.

Keith Mars. Oh, Keith....the dating servicing round-tables was quite interesting to witness, and his fake smile through them was hilarious. I'm guessing that thing he was doing for Clemons had something to do with that, since he was at the school a few times to take with him.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The dream/vision sequences. Enjoyable, entertaining, and very bizarre which separates this show from any others out there. It's a shame that the ratings are higher than they are, because with the amount of praise it's getting you'd think there'd be at least more people tuning in.

+ Dick Casablancas. Again, don't much care for his character and I don't think he should be in the main credits, however from the amount of information given in this episode he probably should be vital to the mystery somehow. Sex-crazed and typical teenage horny boyish as he is.

+ Veronica's hair is still utterly adorable.

+ MEG!! Yay for Alona Tal guest-starring again, even though Meg is dead.

+ "Hey, is this your car?" "No, it's my rollarskate." HEE.

+ The Brokeback Mountain referrence between Dick and Logan.

+ YAY for more flashbacks.

+ "Have you been watching House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares." Hee! Another reason why I love Keith. This is, of course, was a comment to Paris Hilton's guest-star appearance which was the second episode of the first season. Oh, I love the irony.

+ Cassidy. Where's Mac gorrammit? Have they made up their stuff yet? Does Veronica know? Did Beaver mention anything to her about it? C'mon Rob!! Don't leave us hanging on their adorableness.

+ Logan and Wallace, the unlikely friendship taking off like a rocket ship. With eggs --- somehow, I got the "Bad Eggs" episode from BtVS inside my head while watching that scene.

+ Keith catching Veronica in the closet in Principal Clemons' office, and not saying a word. Hee, that scene was too cute. His expression was all fatherly-scolding, and yet he didn't give her away. :D

+ Veronica literally squeeing when she got accepted to Stanford. She actually squeed, all cute like and jumped into Keith's arms. OTP for life, yo. Awwww! Her excitement was too cute!!

+ And the mystery of the bus crash continues....

Overall: Enjoyable, though not topping last weeks but still, I liked it. However next weeks certainly looks interesting. No spoilers for that though, but I do have speculating thoughts as what we already know and what was shown for the next upcoming episodes. Believe me, this season is getting more complicated as the episodes keep arriving.
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Elise: hollowinsidexbehrbemine on April 14th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
One reason I can't wait for UPN and The WB to merge (the only reason, actually) is that I'll be able to tune in to VM! I'm watching the first season currently on DVD, but have been unable to tune in for the second season on TV. I'm hoping to get caught up some and then be able to watch next season. We can squee together!

Wallace and Logan, working with one another? Weird... I'm with you in that I don't automatically fall for Logan, though I do see his appeal.

I very much enjoy your episode reviews. I hope you will continue to do them.
Renée: Simon/River. Light it.rogueslayer452 on April 14th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)
This season is getting quite good, despite what others are saying in comparing it to first season. Still, it's still entertaining and Rob Thomas knows what he's doing. You'll enjoy it, trust me. And I am really crossing my fingers that CW picks it up! I want a third season.

But of course I will be continuing these reviews! I will also be doing speculations of what I think will happen (because I am spoiler-free for what's going to happen in the finale this season). :)
Elise: _taylerbehrbemine on April 21st, 2006 06:28 am (UTC)
This season is getting quite good, despite what others are saying in comparing it to first season.

Ah, well. Some people can be negative about anything.

And I am really crossing my fingers that CW picks it up! I want a third season.

Me too! I can't seem to get enough of it!

I will also be doing speculations of what I think will happen (because I am spoiler-free for what's going to happen in the finale this season).

I consider spoilers to be toxic. The only spoilers I have willingly read have been about S2 of VM, because I don't know if I'll ever get to see it. I sort of broke my own rule.

I'm glad you'll keep doing these episode reviews. They are very much a joy.