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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Home Sweet Home Shiny: Am home after spring break vacation. While I was gone hardly a week, my exhaustion says otherwise. I may sleep in tomorrow due to this exhaustion (and being in my own bed, eating my own food and being with my lovely peeps via Internetland and fandom!...and those daily chores I do, yay.) Home sweet home, 'tis of the shiny, oh yes.

+ Fandom Is Shiny: While catching up on what I've missed during those days I was away, I watched Veronica Mars, House M.D., and Criminal Minds. Fandom is so good and shiny. There was no Bones this week, but I'm hoping it'll be on next week because I am pining to see the episode after the previews I've seen. Also, I cannot wait for Jon Stewart tonight!

+ Shiny and Blissful: Just hoping everyone else out there is having a shiny and happy Easter and spring break vacation! And hopefully none as exhausting as mine was.
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