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Thursday - Sunny California

Apparently, Mother Nature is messing with our minds. Yesterday when I returned from vacation road trip it was ghastly overcast and raining, and this morning I wake up and there's bright sunshine in my eyes! Not a single cloud in the sky. Odd, this weather is, however it's a great change from the rainy days we've been having here lately. Thankfully, it'll give our grass outside a chance to continue it's green shine instead of drowning it into a backyard lake.

Last night was a brand new Criminal Minds, and I am continuously awed at the impressive plotlines and twists this show has to offer.

Criminal Minds, "Machismo"

The BAU's case this time was of a Mexican murderer/rapist that had killed an elderly woman inside her own home in a Mexico town. Keeping in the authentic realism traditions of the Day of the Dead and the family values their culture has, this episode focused on the topic of serial killers in Mexico and the shaming of ones family; paralleling to Hotch's conflictions with his work and his family, as witnessed in the beginning. Called to, assumingly, prove the serial killings are false and a hoax, the BAU team try to profile the killing and possibly figure out when the next one might hit. Leading them into mysteries and frightening revelations.

My favorite part was, of course, the ending with the murderer's rape victims (the daughters of the elderly women he was killing) committed sweet cold revenge themselves. Another favorite moment was Elle Greenaway speaking Spanish, and Penelope Garcia explaining via telephone that she took French, not Spanish, and that her last name was in connection with her stepfather. Hee! Oh, and Reid attempting to speak Spanish yet doing it quite Americanly (without the proper accent or fluency).

I also read TVGuide's article of what is to be coming up for the season finale --- no spoilers as to the plot, but what they are doing in preparation for season two. It's going to be a doozy of a finale, as it'll leave the viewing audience to figure out the mystery until the second season premiere.

Oh, and GIP. Simon/River are love, like whoa.
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