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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Easter Weekend Shiny: This is the Easter weekend of shiny; tomorrow will be Easter sunday and, while not particularly religious, I will be having breakfast with relatives after their sunrise service. I would normally be hunting down for wabbits and hidden plastic eggs with chocolate inside them, spending time with family and relatives seems like a better choice, especially since I don't get to see them very often. So, this is definitely a shiny event.

+ Mother Nature Is Shiny: Okay, while the weather is quite odd and Mother Nature is totally PMSing in the California right now, the clouds outside are really pretty. Despite the fact that it'll be storming tomorrow on Easter Sunday, shiny is still all around.

+ Daily Chores Shiny: Did laundry, and slept in later as I anticipated. All is shiny and well. Yay!

Also, I am utterly jealous to all those folks overseas viewing the brand new Doctor Who this evening, as I am still catching up as the SciFi Channel is airing the 2005 series. So I am avoiding spoilers at all costs; nevertheless, though, enjoy the new episode!
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