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Bones: "The Man with the Bone" Episode Review

Dealing with my obsession over this show, I rewatched the last episode because this truly was an hour gem. Because really, if I were to introduce Bones to someone this would be the one; pirates all around, baby. Seriously, another new fandom I have high on my list as highly recommended series to watch. David Boreanaz totally owns in his role in this series, just saying. Plus, he's simply a dish in a suit, with a gun and sunglasses.

The Discovery: Shiver Me Timbers Mateys, Dead Men Tell No Tales (But Their Remains Surely Do)

Brennan and Bones are on an investigation when a freshly found corpse was found, holding a piece of human bone. Brennan, aggrivated that the bone was tampered with after its discovery, basically removing almost all evidence that may lead to the murderer, manages to lift off something that indicates how old the bone is. This leaves mainly all the boys in utter excitement (and Brennan in surprised confusion) that they could've unintentionally recovered an actural pirate. Brennan (a.k.a. "Bones", as I'll refer to her as from now on) and Booth then investiage the site where the man was found looking for the hidden treasure. Bones unenthusiastically expresses her opinion on that, while Booth is trying to convince her otherwise. Quite funnily, might I add. Recovering all the bones from the underwater site, which presumably holds hidden treasure, Bones wants to further examine the evidence for more answers....when the unfortunate thing happened: they were stolen from within the lab.

Needless to say, Bones is particuarly pissed about this and is going off asking people if they "found [her] bones", complaining about the lax of secure security and such. Eventually she cools off after Booth and Angela calm her down. Though while the bones are mysteriously gone, the one finger bone from the beginning is still with them. Looking closely at the bone itself, there seems to be something that used to be inserted from the middle, liked a metal wire used when museums places things on display. Booth and Bones realize that the stolen bones are now restolen. More complexity ensues when, back at the lab, they are trying to figure out who could've possibly stolen those bones inside their facility. Until it is revealed it was one of the security guards who is the perp. Hmmm, very sneaky and stupid buddy, not to mention senseless. He claims he was doing no harm because, hell, they were just bones right? *facepalm* Le sigh. Oh, and Bones gets away from slapping the incredibly wealthy man --- twice, without getting charged or having a restraining order. Hee.

In the end, it is revealed that it's one of the workers on the site who actually murdered the man from the beginning because his bitterness towards his own brother's death from attempting to find those bones before. And the man that actually found the bone was going to make a fortune from his findings, while his brother had to die --- so, a life for a life; a pirates greed for another. Quite an interesting twist too, I thought. Even though one of the scientists did find a piece of treasure hidden underwater, it was agreed that it was better to stay down there to fulfill the Blackbeard legacy.

This is probably my favorite episode so far. Though, I haven't watched all of Bones quite yet (missed some episodes due to shows colliding together on the same timeslots, which I hate when that happens). The next episode also seems like my style, as well. Thankfully FOX picked it up for a second season, which surprises me because FOX is known for cancelling series I happen to enjoy.

The Companionship: Forensic Anthropology Never Looked So Smokin' Hot

There's no doubt that there's amazing chemistry between Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). I love Booth and his popular culture referrences, while Bones, unfamiliar with what's happening in the pop culture --- hence constantly have that I-don't-know-what-that-means expression. Hilariously playing around each other and trying to cooperate with each other's ways of handling a situation really does keep me enwrapped in their relationship in the workplace.

I love Bones, I love Booth. It also doesn't hurt if both of them are incredibly pretty, but that's just the shallowness talking.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ Pirates. Pirates? Pirates! HEE. Plus, Bones' expression when the boys started giggling with their pirates obsession, and Angela saying that it's a "guy thing"; which is totally disrespecting the girlfolk that like the pirate legends, too! Hey, I watched The Goonies when I was little, and I wanted to discover treasure myself!

+ "FBI, you're all under arrest" says Bones, and Booth retorts: "You don't get to say that; I'm the one with the badge!" Another hee with their companionship in working together. *jumps on the Booth/Bones bandwagon, ahoy*

+ Bones slapping the incredibly wealthy man, Booth being surprised yet encourages her the second time.

+ The beginning sequence before the credits. Hilarious fun. Don't mess with Bones, dude. She'll tear you a new one, for sure.

+ Booth just being silly. Hee. I love David, as he's having so much fun in this role.

+ That creepy morgue guy.

+ The mayor and his wife, cosplaying in pirate costumes for the tourists. Hee, and Booth's total dismissal of them completely while making sarastic remarks. Oh, how I love Booth.

+ "I believe in greed. That's the real curse." So true Bones, so very true indeed.

+ Did I mention that I just adore the opening credits? How freaking cool are they? Much love.

Overall: Totally loved this episode. The pirate element basically was a grab-in for me, and thankfully it wasn't necessarily focused on that made it overkill; the treasure hunting greed premise was a definite twist. Of course, next episode deals with New Orleans and the voodoo black magic. From the previews, and how Bones seems convinced that she could've done a crime while underneath a voodoo spell --- I'll just break out my Skeleton Key soundtrack and wait for the creepifying factor to appear this week (which I'm hoping it's actually on this week).
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