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Random Things of Today

Despire certain unpredictable and unfortunate things that happened today, everything else went surprisingly smoothly on this fine Tuesday. The basic shortened recap of today's events.

♣ It was a sunny day here today, living up to the Sunny California title. Not a single cloud in the sky. While slightly chilly outside, it was really nice and a change from the rainstorming weather we've been getting lately. The leaves are growing back on the trees, flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing. All is nice and shiny out here, oh yes.

♣ Brand new House this evening. Review to come later, however I must leave these praises and simplistic comments: Foreman totally owns and is love, House rocks the cashbah, Cuddy is awesome, Chase is a pretty puppy, and Cameron....just needs to go away. Oh, and yay for Mandarin fighting (there should be more Firefly/House crossovers).

TomKat spawns; the necessary random of the day. I thought Katie just got pregnant? Huh. Nine months go by so fast....

Grey's Anatomy? Yeah. Totally loving this show, and yet another brand new fandom to add to the list. My favorite characters are Izzie, Cristina, and George. I just love Cristina, she is freaking hilarious, and Izzie is just plain awesome. Both girls are kickass, like whoa. And George. Gotta love George. Um, yeah. Enough fawning (for now, anyway...)

♣ New Veronica Mars episode. Taped it, but didn't watch it --- as it conflicts with the same timeslot as House. Will view it as soon as I can (meaning sometime tomorrow), therefore I am avoiding all cases of spoilerificness of tonight's episode. That is all. I'll write a review after I watch it, as always.

♣ Fruit cups are love. The end.
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