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Do you know what I miss? Leeches.

Tonight is yet another episode of Tru Calling, and I cannot wait. But I am still getting over last nights episode of Angel, which was quite humorous if not shocking near the end of it. If anyone watched the episode you know what I mean. I knew that Eve was an interesting character, and she definitely has a spunky attitude that I like. She's no Cordelia nor is she a Lilah, instead she's a different genre of a character. Definitely something new to spice up this season.

Right now I am recieving the silent treatment from a certain bitchy sister, because I don't agree with something that she wants to do, which is to fly over to visit our aunt and uncle for the holidays. Obviously I would go, but I don't want to skip school because, apparently, this is my last chance in graduating before they kick me or or I'll have to wait until I can go to Adult Education to receive my diploma. However, since my sister has a certain bitchiness about my choice, she's not speaking to me. I would go, but I believe that this is more important to me to finish and pass my classes.

Anyways, I was rewatching the second season of Buffy on DVD earlier today, and I happened to stumble across the episode, Halloween. It's too hilarious. My favorite part is when Buffy and Willow were trying to steal something from within Giles' office, and Buffy was trying to occupy Giles while Willow snuck into his office. Plus the part when Buffy says: "Jenny Calender said you were a babe!" to Giles rather quickly before he turned to his office (where Willow was sneaking into), Willow shook her head and gave a look to Buffy. That scene is just priceless!

Of course, nobody can resist the whole Spike and Drusilla obsession. Gotta love the insanity of the two immortal vampires.
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