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House M.D.: "Sleeping Dogs Lie" Episode Review

The Medical Case: The Nightmare on Elm Street Syndrom

After a young woman is diagnosed with a sleeping disorder as she hasn't slept in nearly ten days, House is immediately signed up for the case as his morbid intrigue with these sorts of situations. The entire beginning sequence has this young woman awake in bed, wide-eyed and looking as though she's about to have a mental breakdown. Her girlfriend, who had been sleeping soundly in their bed, awakes the next morning to find the restless young woman collapsed on the floor in the kitchen. She had apparently taken an entire bottle of sleeping pills....and yet is still awake, and banging her head against the wall. Frantically, the girlfriend calls for help. This is where House and the Ducklings come into play.

Unfortunately there's some bickering drama between Cameron and Foreman, which I will get to shortly, so the screentime on them is somewhat distracting (of course, wanting Foreman to PWN Cameron totally is worth it). Anywho, the Ducklings try many testings to figure out the causes of the patient's illness. This time, however, they are unsure of what the actual diagnosis is for this particular case. And then House makes a profile of their young patient, suggesting that she is going to leave her girlfriend. Cameron disagrees, but is of course proven wrong; then there goes the neighborhood. While House tries to manipulate the patient's girlfriend into saving her dying girlfriend's life depsite the fact that she'll be leaving her soon, Cameron is worried about the ethical issues and generally wants the truth to come out for whatever purpose (or just to prove a point to Foreman, or something). House prevents this from happening, naturally, and the liver-transplant from the girlfriend to the patient was successful. In the end, House figures it out that the patient actually had to bubonic plaque caused by fleas from her cat. House mentions that they have a cure for it, but unforunately "being a bitch" they don't have one for that. Hee.

This case was very interesting; the bizarre yet nearly realistic medical treatment and cases are frightening and fascinating at the same time.

Clinic Duty: House With The Mandarin Speak

One of the greatest things about House is in nearly all the episodes our lovely Snarky McSnark has to deal with the most unusual, disturbing and sometimes hilarious medical calls in the hospital's clinic. This one in particular was no objection in my eyes. A mother and a daughter are waiting for House in the medical checkup room. The mother is speaking Mandarin Chinese while the daughter is translating for him. Apparently, the daughter just wants some birth control pills and brought her mother in who actually just has a cold, and unable to speak a word of English, to fool House into thinking the birth control was for her mother and not for her. Catching on pretty quick, and in the end shocks both of them by revealing about the daughter might be pregnant in Mandarin to her mother ---- and the Mandarin-fighting continues with them as House leaves.

See people, this is why there should be more Firefly/House crossovers. Even though there are people who say that Hugh Laurie wasn't pronouncing some of the Mandarin correctly, I wasn't necessarily bothered by that (as it does take a long time to just pronounce a single word or phrase, let alone an entire sentence in Mandarin). And hey, House can speak Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin Chinese. My love knows no bounds for this man; for both House and Hugh.

The Relationships: Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics

Foreman Versus Cameron: First of all, Foreman totally wins in this episode. I understand how Cameron can be upset, however I think Cuddy gave the best advice to her: write another paper! Just move on, Cameron. The bickering and passive-aggressive whiny attitue Cameron was giving just gave me the urge to stick a pen through her eyeballs --- and Foreman, just a spanking because he was being a little bad himself. However, in the end, I applauded Foreman giving her the smackdown. They are not friends, just people who work together.

Although I wanted the bickering to cease, as they were scaring away poor Puppy Chase!

The Patient and her girlfriend: I really liked how their relationship was handled. Normally on television, gay and lesbian couples are commercialized in a certain manner and, thankfully, on House it's quite the opposite. Instead of saying out loud, "Hey look! It's a lesbian couple, everyone!", it was undertoned very nicely and treated just like a regular relationship; they had love, and they had loss and disappointment and hurt. Normal complications, just like a straight couple. No jokes, no blatant humor or any kind. Just House and his Ducklings trying to figure out the puzzle of whatever was making this girl sick, and her concerned girlfriend being a part of that.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The beginning scene. I loved the camera angles and zooms.

+ House being a night owl. Hee!

+ Cuddy. Cuddy. Cuddy. Just her being completely awesome in this episode, listening to House and dealing with the girlfriend of the patient, and giving Cameron the best advice ever.

+ Foreman being a total badass. Naughty as he was, he so PWNED Cameron, like whoa.

+ The Mandarin speaking showdown. Holy shit, that was great.

+ Poor Chase. Pretty, as usual, but ascared from the bitching and bickering between Cameron and Foreman that he had to shrink away. Aww, I want more Chase screentime.

+ House's new pimpin' cane. Surely, I loved the Old School cane better, but this is certainly the Pimpin' House Cane of Doom. Hee.

Overall: Another enjoyable episode; the slightly stretched bubonic plague was very interesting. House was great as usual, the Foreman and Cameron showdown was amusing to watch --- and just made me realize how much I should just repeatedly stab Cameron in the eyes, and stick a firecracker in her ass and watch her fly! --- and poor Chase has to sit through and choose sides when all he really wants to do is be on House's side because after all, he is his bitch, and the awesomeness with the clinic duty situation.

Oh, and I finished watching the latest Veronica Mars, and am now going to be watching the latest Bones and last night's Supernatural. Thank goodness for videotaping capabilities.
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