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More Answers, Yay

Answers to beauty_awake's questions:

1. If you could have something to do with either a Joss Whedon show or VMars, what would you do (act, direct, gopher) and what show would you pick and why?
Oh, this is a tough decision because I love all Joss Whedon series and Veronica Mars. Ultimately though, I'd pick Firefly. If I were to be a part of the now-cancelled series, first off all I'd have it be resurrected again on television. That would be my first obligation. Secondly, I would perhaps contribute to either a.) collaborating in writing a script for an episode, trading ideas and theories and such (or perhaps pass on the wonderfully written virtual season two episodes to Joss and see what he thinks), or b.) be a supporting character in an episode or two.

2. If Joss Whedon asked you for sex would you sleep with him?
Surely. Of course, that depends on what he's offering, or if I could convince him for more Fireflyverse stuffs, and if his wife doesn't come wanting to beat the living crap out of me....

3. What do you fear the most?
Going through life, making successes, accomplishments and decisions to get to my career dreams and further into my future, and not getting rewarded or acknowledged for them.

4. What is your favourite snack food?
I have very healthsome snacks: yogart, fruit cups, and anything involving strawberries.

5. What is your full name?
I decline to reveal this information.
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