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Random Shiny Things About Today

♣ New episode of Doctor Who is on right now. Not only that, but I've been seeing the preview for Summer Glau's new movie, Mammoth, on the Sci-Fi Channel. People, it premieres tomorrow on SciFi, so don't miss it!

"That's hot!" says Cameron. Okay, I may not like the character of Cameron too much, however Jennifer Morrison is the cutest thing ever; definitely like her much more than Cameron, for sure. This is an EXTRA clip featuring Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein goofing off in front of the cameras from the latest House episode, speaking very Valley Girl. Believe me, this is too adorable to pass up. Oh, and these will be featured in the outtakes of the season two DVD set.

New Ayumi Hamasaki Panasonic 'D-Dock' commercial, featuring and promoting her brand new single, "Beautiful Fighters"!

♣ Rainstorm possibly tonight, continuing into the rest of the weekend. The weather reports are predicting, anyway.

♣ The song I'm listening to, "Diplo Rhythm" by Diplo, is possibly the most awesomest song ever. Seriously. Of course, courtesy of Grey's Anatomy for introducing me to this song and artist, because Cristina was listening to it in this cute scene with her dancing and brushing her teeth. Hee! For those that are curious with this scene, you can view it here. It's seriously adorable and hilarious, though not as funny as this particular gem --- or the infamous hot dog eating contest scene. Ah hell, just watched Grey's Anatomy, gorrammit! It's addictive, trust me.
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