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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Spring Cleaning Shiny: This entire Saturday was focused aound my finishing of chores that absolutely needed to be done. The dishes, taking out the trash, vaccuming, and most of all laundry. I've been doing laundry almost all day (there's gazillions and piles of clothes to sort through, fold and put away, oy vey). Nevermind shopping for groceries. But, it's all shiny in the end of the day because I've gotten the chores done and over with (until probably the end of the week, because these are daily lather, rinse, and repeat kind of chores). All that's left is practicing my dance routine, and sleep.

+ SciFi Saturday Shiny: Mammoth is on right now, with Summer Glau. And it's freaking hilarious! Summer looks beautiful as always.

+ Mother Nature Shiny: Granted, our weather has been completely wonky over the last several days --- somewhat humid and sunny, though clouds are starting to roll in and reports keep saying a rainstorm is on its way. However, I have yet to see one. Nevertheless, it's still shiny; this is, after all, Californian weather. Anyway, I'm wishing all my lovely peeps a wonderful weekend! Stay shiny, all.
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