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Bones: "The Man in the Morgue" Episode Review

Answering that age-old question: was Jesus really a zombie?

The Mystery Case: Murder and the Curse of the Voodoo Amnesia

Temperance "Bones" Brennan is visiting New Orleans as her vacation time, however not partying it Marti Gras style. Instead of taking a relaxing normal vacation, Bones is investigating the bodies recovered from Hurricane Katrina; giving them a proper diagnosis and, being a forensic anthropologist, that is definitely needed after all the vicitms from that hurricane. Apparently she is working with a sexually-craved man who, ultimately, asks her out for dinner later. Bones resents the idea at first, after discovering a body with an oddity that she soons sends the X-rays to her team back home. But after a small convincing matter, she agrees after her shift and work is over with, she is free for dinner....

Abruptly we cut from that scene to where Bones is lying the bathroom floor, nearly jerking herself awake. Blood is covering her face, hands, and soaked into her clothes. Flashes of quick and frightening images appear before the audience, seemingly like a possible ritual of some sort but it's hard to tell at this point (unless one had read spoilers). As it appears, Bones cannot remember what had happened to her, and additionally she has no recollection after leaving the work she was finishing.

Eerie stuff, eh?

Booth arrives as a concerned partner and friend, and they are told that the examination on the blood would take approximately 24-hours so they cannot leave until the results are back. Bones is perplexed, yet determined to find out exactly what went on. While searching for that mystery, her team back at the lab had recieved the X-rays and are perplexed themselves of some anomlies they find. Telling them to keep investigating, Booth and Bones follow the trail of voodoo curses and magic, possible framing of Bones for the murder of the sex-craved maniac from the beginning of the episode, and why she still cannot remember what had happened. Although respecting the religion, Bones doesn't accept that she was placed under a voodoo spell. After the revealed perp was revealed, the voodoo shop owner they thirdly went to during their investigation trail, who killed his own daughter to ultimately bring her back to life --- Bones and Booth return home. The others are fascinated, if not creeped the hell out, by what had happened. However, Bones still cannot accept the fact that she probably was underneath a spell; convincing her that she might believe, even just a little, Booth gains a faithful bonding of trust, and vice versa as well.

This episode had the perfect storyline, since after the events of Hurricane Katrina there were plenty of people giving religious explanations of how and why the hurricane happened the way it happened; different story depending on the religion, and concerning this episode the focusing on voodoo was the disruptance of balance in the forces. Henceforth, the nature of things taking place. In the end it was revealed that the store owner actually killed the man in the morgue by running him over with his car, and used the hurricane as a scapegoat. And since bones was about to discover the secret, the voodoo spell and amnesia was placed on her so she wouldn't interfere.

Creepifying, definitely. Reminded me a lot of the Skeleton Key, which I very much enjoyed thoroughly.

The Relationship: Special Agent Booth and Forensic Anthropologist "Bones"

Matter of attraction between these two are unbelievably adorable and apparent towards anyone besides themselves, at least for now that is. I loved the argument between Bones and Booth over if Jesus Christ from Christianity legend and mythology was actually a zombie, since they were dealing with voodoo curses and magic. Revealing that Booth is Catholic, it's quite humorous with his dedication to saying "no, Jesus was not a zombie!" Hee. Although, this would be debateable but seeing as though this isn't a religion or debate class, we'll just ignore that statement and move right along....

The chemsitry between Booth and Bones is undeniable, even though they have their social differences --- Booth being the wise-cracking, popular culture education and sarcastic socialist, whereas Bones remains hazy on popular references and is too helpful and literal for her own good, however has a spunky personality. Still, they have such a great companionship, and it surely shows during this episode. Booth wants to protect Bones, however she resists because she believes she's doing to right thing (turing herself in, trying to be helpful when it was destorying her credibility, etc.), not to mention is downright concern on her injuries and just wants to return her back home. I'd say they should just hook up already because, damn, everyone else has noticed other than them!

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The entire "Jesus was not a zombie!" conversation. Hee.

+ "Graham?" calls Bones, whilst Booth replies sarcastically, "...Cracker." The light-hearted humor is very much needed in this show, especially this one. I love every second of it.

+ Bones with the snake, Booth dragging her away from the snake. "Bye snakey," he says. HEE! Booth, you are too funny. That is why I love you.

+ Moreso, the jean jacket on Booth. He should wear those kinds of clothes more often. Not that he doesn't look dashing in his fine suits, but casual!Booth is just as great. Hee.

+ Having the second-flashbacks of remembrance without really retelling the events the time Bones cannot remember. Nicely done.

+ The entire storyline was awesome, the end.

+ The spike. Horrific, yet amazing storytelling right there with the right amount of grotesque imagery. This includes the skulls and bodies.

Overall: This was an episode I definitely loved, because of the storytelling withut giving away all the information; the chemistry between our two main characters as well as the supporting cast, the voodoo magic being treated as another religion in Bones eyes even though she doesn't have a specific religion. Much love for her also trying to explain to Booth their religious beliefs not being different from the Christian beliefs. Bravo, girl. This show keeps getting better and better, and I cannot mention enough how much glee I have that FOX has decided to pick it up for another season.
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